Your Program

A minor in Visual Arts Entrepreneurship provides students an opportunity to assess options and prepare for pursuing a life in the arts. Students completing the minors will study contemporary “arts delivery systems” and established freelance opportunities for artists. In addition, they will be introduced to emerging non-traditional roles of the arts and professional artists along with structural options through which creative enterprise can be carried out.

Your Experience

You will be among a group of motivated young women who—through fieldwork, group work, and individual presentations—find their own voice. You may travel to New York, Washington D.C., Boston, even Germany, to apply what you learn in real-world settings. And you will gain a deep understanding of the field you may one day manage through required courses in visual or performing arts, as well as involvement in theatre, dance, music, and studio arts events and activities both on and off campus.

Your Faculty

Professors in the program are interdisciplinary thinkers who care deeply for their students and seek to make the arts a vital part of every person’s life. They are widely recognized experts in the field, and have helped distinguish Salem’s program through a collective belief that arts management is a discipline unto itself, as opposed to other schools that fail to truly integrate arts courses and business courses.