Most medical schools recommend a liberal-arts background with specific training in certain areas of the natural sciences as the best preparation for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and, subsequently, for the demands of medical school. In concurrence with this philosophy, Salem has no set curriculum designated as a “pre-medical major.” Rather, each student interested in a career in medicine is encouraged to pursue a major in her own area of special interests and abilities, and, if this area lies outside the sciences, she is advised to add the appropriate coursework in biology, chemistry, math and physics. Anatomy and physiology, genetics, microbiology, organic and biochemistry, all math courses through calculus and general physics are recommended to provide the fundamental prerequisites and background for success in the medical school curriculum. 

The pre-medical advisor and the faculty assist the student in planning her program of study, in the medical school application process and in her preparation for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Additionally, seminars on admissions, visits by medical school admissions personnel and arranged tours of area medical schools occur throughout the school year. Many different aids, including books, tutorials, study sessions and practice examinations, are available to the student for her study and review for the MCAT. The January Term program offers pre-medical students an opportunity to obtain first-hand exposure to the practice of medicine through clinic, hospital, emergency room and medical school internships, research and independent study in medically-related fields. 

Students interested in preparing for dental school, a physician assistant program, veterinary school, a physical therapy program or other allied health or health-related program will find that the statements above apply to them as well. Among these areas, Salem College maintains an affiliation with the Physician Assistant Program of Wake Forest University School of Medicine. This provides a close working relationship between the two institutions for the purposes of communication, advertising and admissions.

Students interested in preparing for medical school should contact the pre-medical advisor early in their academic programs to ensure that they may take full advantage of the opportunities which Salem provides.