The curriculum for a student interested in a law career is not prescribed. Any undergraduate major in the liberal arts will provide the necessary background to meet the expectations of law schools. Law schools seek students with well-developed analytic, communication, and interpretive skills. Courses in history, sociology, economics, political science, logic, English, mathematics, and philosophy are particularly helpful in providing such a background. 

Professor Joanne Black is a professor within the Criminal Studies and Sociology Department at Salem College. She received her undergraduate B.A degree with the University of Wisconsin, Madison, her M.S degree with the University of New Haven, and last but not least, she received her J.D law degree from Gonzaga University School of Law. She is very dedicated to her students and has a sincere passion for the law. She provides knowledgeable answers to questions regarding law schools as well as advice for the pursuance of a career within the law or criminal justice field. Professor Black is a firm believer in hard work and networking in order to give a student the necessary tools in order for them to succeed in the best way possible. 


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