Salem College’s January Term gives you the opportunity to concentrate on one subject area of particular interest. During January Term, you may enroll in courses on campus, in a faculty-sponsored travel program, or in an independent study – or you can gain valuable experiential knowledge through an internship. You also have the option of enrolling in January Term courses or programs at other 4-1-4 academic calendar institutions. In addition, Salem-sponsored programs are open to students from other colleges.

January Term is an ideal time for you to investigate new areas of study, to refine your independent learning skills, to integrate your theoretical knowledge with practical experience, to explore career options, and/or to pursue your research interests.

Recent on-campus courses have been offered in art, film, literature, meditation, music technology, and self-defense. Recent travel courses have included “Conservation and Ecotourism in Costa Rica,” “Exploring Art and Culture in Spain,” and “Milan, Turin, and Venice: the Economics and Marketing of High Italian Fashion.”