Courses in finance are offered as part of the Business Administration Program. Although there is no major or minor in finance, finance may be chosen as a concentration area within the business administration major.

Finance Courses (FINC)

FINC 101. Personal Finance (3 hrs)

This course is designed to bring students who have little knowledge of personal finance to the point at which they are knowledgeable consumers in the areas of money management, credit management, tax planning, investment management, housing, insurance planning, retirement and estate planning.

FINC 302. Corporate Finance (4 hrs)

A course of study concerned primarily with the management of capital sources and uses and factors influencing the financial structure, capital budgeting administration, and analysis methods. Prerequisites: MATH 070 or MATH 100; ACCT 120.

FINC 303. Investment Analysis (3 hrs)

The study of domestic and global portfolio management, investment alternatives, investment markets, expected return and risk evaluation, investment mix selection, and optimizing behavior of the individual investor.

FINC 310. International Finance (3 hrs)

The purpose of this course is to focus on value-maximization and risk management in firms with emphasis on multinational corporations. Concepts from finance are used to analyze capital budgeting, the cost hedging, international cash management, the debt denomination decisions, and international capital budgeting. Emphasis is on applying economic and financial theory to management decisions through a series of quantitative assignments and case studies. Prerequisite: FINC 302.

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