The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation (CTEI) was opened at Salem College as part of the 2008 - 2013 Strategic Plan. 

The director of the center is Paula Grafton Young, associate professor of mathematics. She says her role is to “assist faculty in innovative teaching by offering workshops, panels, discussions, guest speakers, information about conferences and general resources.” 


The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning at Salem College through pedagogical development for faculty. 


    * To initiate programs and implement services that support all members of the faculty in their teaching roles.
    * To introduce innovative teaching techniques, including the use of instructional technology.
    * To foster campus-wide conversations about enhancing student learning.
    * To provide web-based resources for faculty understanding and application of innovative teaching practices.
    * To engage in inquiry and reflection that address Salem College’s evolving teaching and learning needs.
    * To strengthen faculty advising as part of the teaching process at Salem College.

2014 - 2015 Theme

Along with advisor training, new faculty orientation and mentoring, and regular teaching-and-learning workshops and discussions, we will focus a significant portion of CTEI events this year on the topic of assessment. The CTEI calendar below is searchable in order to keep faculty informed about events sponsored by the Center. 

A Google discussion group is available for faculty, both full- and part-time, to discuss and ask questions about their roles as advisors, about technology use in the classroom, and the overall teaching and learning environment at Salem. Faculty and staff can either view the topics and discussions posted or join the discussion group in order to post, ask questions, or start a discussion. To view the topics, click here, Full-time faculty are already members of the group and can join the discussion any time. If you are a part-time faculty member or a staff member and want to join the group, send an e-mail to or click here. (You must use your Salem College e-mail address in order to join the group and participate in discussions.)

Searchable Calendar of Events

Demonstration Videos for Faculty

Short videos that will help faculty use available technology to enhance their professional lives and responsibilities are available on YouTube. You can access the channel here to see what is available. More videos will be added over time. If you have suggestions for new videos, contact the CTEI director at

Location and Contact Information

The Center is located in Room 205 of the Single Sisters House. For more information, contact or 336-721-2747.