2018 Summer Term I

May 21MondayClasses begin
May 28MondayMemorial Day (classes suspended)
June 1FridayClasses meet (make-up for Memorial Day)
June 21ThursdayLast day of classes
June 22FridayExaminations begin
June 23SaturdayExaminations end

2018 Summer Term II

July 2MondayClasses begin
July 4WednesdayJuly Fourth Holiday (classes suspended)
July 6FridayClasses meet (make-up day for July 4th)
August 2ThursdayLast day of classes
August 3FridayExaminations begin
August 4SaturdayExaminations end


2018-2019 Academic Calendar

2018 Fall Term

August 18SaturdayNew Student Orientation begins
August 20MondayOrientation
August 21TuesdayOpening Convocation (3:00 pm)
August 22WednesdayClasses begin (8:00 am)
August 29WednesdayDeadline to drop or add courses without a grade (5:00 pm)
September 19WednesdayFall Fest Day (classes suspended)
October 5FridayFall Break begins (5:15 pm)
October 10WednesdayClasses resume (8:00 am)
November 21WednesdayThanksgiving Recess begins (8:00 am)
November 26MondayClasses resume (8:00 am)
December 4TuesdayLast day of classes
December 5WednesdayReading Day
December 6ThursdayExaminations begin (8:30 am)
December 10MondayExaminations end (5:15 pm)

2019 January Term

January 7MondayJanuary Term begins (8:00 am)
January 21MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day (classes suspended)
January 31ThursdayJanuary Term ends (10:00 pm)

2019 Spring Term

February 4MondayClasses begin (8:00 am)
February 11MondayDeadline to drop or add courses without a grade (5:00 pm)
March 15FridaySpring Break begins (5:15 pm)
March 25MondayClasses resume (8:00 am)
April 19FridayGood Friday (classes meet)
April 21SundayEaster
April 22MondayEaster Monday (classes suspended)
April 23TuesdayClasses resume (8:00 am)
April 23TuesdayCelebration of Academic Excellence (classes suspended)
April 26FridayFounders Day Convocation (4:15 pm)
May 14TuesdayHonors Convocation (4:45 pm)
May 15WednesdayLast day of classes
May 16ThursdayReading Day
May 17FridayExaminations begin (8:30 am)
May 21TuesdayExaminations end (5:15 pm)
May 25SaturdayCommencement

2019 Summer Term I

May 28TuesdayClasses begin
May 31FridayClasses meet (make-up for Memorial Day)
June 27ThursdayLast day of classes
June 28FridayExaminations begin
June 29SaturdayExaminations end

2019 Summer Term II

July 8MondayClasses begin
August 8ThursdayLast day of classes
August 9FridayExaminations begin
August 10SaturdayExaminations end