Salem College's design major replaces the former interior design major and offers three concentrations: architectural studies, graphic design, and interior design. Graphic design and interior design have both been offered for a number of years. The architectural studies concentration was added in 2013. 

Salem's architectural studies concentration prepares students for the continued study of architecture and the history of architecture as well as careers in related areas. Here are the courses offered wihin the concentration:

  • ARTD 102. Introduction to Design (4 hrs)
  • ARTD 204. Architectural Details (4 hrs)
  • ARTD 205. Computer-Assisted Drafting/Design (4 hrs)
  • ARTD 206. Historic Preservation or PRSV 240. Preservation-Sensitive Sustainable Design (3 hrs)
  • ARTD 211. Advanced CAD and BIM (4 hrs)
  • ARTD 380. Advanced Design Studio (4 hrs)
  • ARTD 391. Senior Seminar in Design (2 hrs)
  • ARTS 030. Three-Dimensional Design (4 hrs)