Certificate Program in Accounting

Students in the Martha H. Fleer Center for Adult Education who successfully complete a six-course curriculum in accounting may earn a Certificate in Accounting. The earned certificate provides an academic credential for those wishing to begin or transition to careers in accounting.

Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be able to a) analyze business transactions within the framework of a balanced accounting system; b) prepare journal entries to record business transactions using generally accepted accounting principles; c) prepare and analyze financial statements, including a balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in shareholders’ (or owners’) equity and statement of cash flows; d) prepare budgets and cost variance reports for measuring operating performance; and e) use software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Four of the six courses must be completed at Salem College. A maximum of two transferred courses

may be accepted toward the certificate. Only courses with grades of “C” or higher are transferable.

Degree-seeking students may pursue the certificate in accounting or the minor in accounting, but not both.

A. Core Requirements (12 hrs)

  • ACCT 120. Principles of Financial Accounting (3 hrs)
  • ACCT 140. Intermediate Accounting I (3 hrs)
  • ACCT 150. Intermediate Accounting II (3 hrs)
  • ACCT 160. Cost Accounting (3 hrs)

B. Two electives from the following: (6 hrs)

  • ACCT 155. Intermediate Accounting III (3 hrs)
  • ACCT 165. Principles of Fraud Examination (3 hrs)
  • ACCT 170/NFPM 170. Financial Management for Not-for-Profit Organizations (3 hrs)
  • ACCT 301. Auditing (3 hrs)
  • ACCT 303. Income Taxation I (3 hrs)
  • ACCT 304. Income Taxation II (4 hrs)
  • ACCT 350. Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations (3 hrs)

Upon completion of requirements for the Certificate, students are required to successfully complete an accounting assessment exam.