The Five Winston-Salem Printmakers joined forces during the 1960s to promote their work, share ideas, and establish a core of professional support. In addition to their commitment as artists, they led busy, demanding lives raising families and holding down jobs. These women were peers despite great differences in styles and techniques of their work. They lived in the twentieth century and shared existential problems that troubled the human soul. Over the years, the women allowed the pace of life to determine the amount of activity and interaction of the group. Its longevity attests to the women’s wisdom in choosing a loosely formed organization that allowed each artist to follow her own direction. Their intention was to exhibit together as printmakers, but eventually, they exhibited work in a variety of media.
The permanent exhibition is a tribute to the impact these five printmakers had on the arts in the Winston-Salem community and beyond. It ensures that their lives and work will continue to inspire us for the future.