The faculty of Salem College is nationally recognized in their fields. They are knowledgeable on topics that are relevant in today’s media and to contemporary culture. 

Heidi Echols

Professor of Dance, Chair of the Department of Dance Studies
Topics: Dance, Salem’s general education program, interdisciplinary seminars

Alyson Francisco

Kimbrough Professor of Business and Economics; Director of the Center for Women in Business
Topics: Women in business, business issues, professional skills development

Dr. Karen Hixson

Professor of Exercise Science
Topics: Wellness, exercise

Dr. Mary Jacobsen

Professor/Chair of the Department of Psychology
Topics: High intelligence, giftedness (children and adults), leadership effectiveness, predicting effective leadership, successful parenting, identifying top talent in global organizations, career planning to match interests and personality traits, clinical psychology issues

Dr. Ana León-Tavora

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
Topics: European literature and art, Spanish, Spain

Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink

Professor of Piano; Director of the School of Music
Topics: Injury-preventative keyboard technique, classical piano, arts and music administration and education

Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris

Adjunct Professor of Education
Topics: School counseling and related topics, women pursuing non-traditional programs of study, programs encouraging students to pursue STEM careers, career and technical education—students pursuing nontraditional career pathways, career and educational development

Rev. Dr. Amy Rio

Chaplain and Professor of Religion
Topics: Religion and spirituality, women and religion/spirituality, women in the church