The College Council on Diversity and Inclusion is charged with helping Salem achieve its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness as these relate to our core values of learning grounded in community and learning grounded in responsibility to self and the world. Serving in an advisory capacity, the Council monitors the campus climate with respect to diversity and inclusiveness and reports its findings and recommendations to the College President. The Council is responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing an institution-wide action plan that is aligned with the College Strategic Plan and is designed to celebrate diversity, to protect against bias and discrimination, and to promote inclusiveness. The Council meets once or twice per month during the academic year. Along with fostering and enhancing an inclusive campus environment, the Council aims to prepare students to live as culturally competent citizens in a diverse society.  

The Council membership includes students, administrators, staff, and faculty who have a known commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Members are appointed by the College president. Students must be in at least their second year and faculty members must have served at least two years at Salem in order to be appointed, and administrators and staff include those whose offices provide services or leadership related to diversity and inclusion. The Council is jointly chaired by three members: a student, a faculty member, and an administrator.

2018-19 Membership

To be announced.


    Once the action plan has been developed, it will be posted and updated on this web page.

    Any questions about the College Council on Diversity and Inclusion should be directed to one of the Council tri-chairs.