Herb Garden

In August 2009 Salem College dining services began using fresh herbs from the garden beside Corrin Hall.  The organic garden consists of sixteen varieties of herbs, including sage, mint, parsley, basil, chives, fennel, oregano and others.  Dining hall staff utilizes the herbs in food preparation and as garnishes.  Another herb garden has recently been installed at Salem Academy.  Students, faculty and staff enjoy the fresh flavors.


Before implementing a reusable to-go container plan, dining services used more than 20,000 Styrofoam containers annually.

Salem dining services was one of the first academic communities in the country to use a reusable to-go container.  The Eco-Clamshell, which was developed by an Eckerd College student using a grant from the Environmental Research and Education Foundation, is a teal-blue plastic container that can be reused and sanitized, thereby eliminating plastic and Styrofoam to-go containers.  For information on how the reusable to-go plan works click on the link.

The reusable to-go program complements the trayless dining environment.   Research indicates food waste and water consumption are reduced when trays are eliminated from college campuses.

Additionally dining services offers fair trade coffee at the grille, purchase local produce through Fresh Point, use sustainable seafood recommended by Monterey Bay Aquarium, recycle used fryer oil and provide napkin dispensers on all dining room tables instead of baskets.