Waste Reduction

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle  (recycle reports-including upstream reports)

Did you know that …

Lighting is one of the largest users of energy.

  Salem can reduce energy costs by turning off lights when a classroom, residence hall room or office is unoccupied. Another way to reduce energy consumption is to utilize natural light.  In areas that are well lit during certain hours, turn off the lights.  For example, library staff is now monitoring lights in the Reading Room when daylight is sufficient.  

… Recycling one aluminum beverage can creates enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours

The incandescent lights in the refectory have been replaced with compact fluorescent lamps. This change represents an annual energy savings of 4406 kWh and $233.

… Delamping vending machines saves energy and money. Twenty drink machines on campus results in a savings of 17,520 kWh and $925!

 What to Recycle

Types of Bins on CampusWhat to RecycleWhat to TRASH or TAKE AWAY
Cans and Plastic Bottles

Plastic marked #1 or #2

Plastic bottles with necks:
water bottles, shampoo bottles, milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles

Grocery bags - recycle at grocery store

Solo cups (unless marked #1 or #2)

Plastic marked #5 (like yogurt or butter containers)

Paper Bins



Junk mail

Printer paper

Notebook paper

Paper towels and napkins


Soft-cover books

Phone Books

Cardboard Bins
(Break down and bundle into manageable sizes; place bundles by paper recycling containers for pickup)

Cardboard boxes

Cereal and shoe boxes

Pizza boxes contaminated with grease

Beverage cups with waxy coatings

Styrofoam containers or cups