The Physical Plant Department consists of three divisions: maintenance, custodial, and grounds. The director of physical plant oversees the department and special projects, manages contract labor, and provides support for larger capital projects. The department consists of approximately thirty-eight employees, who work collectively to support the physical plant and the College mission statement.

The Physical Plant Office is staffed from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Support staff is available to answer questions, direct work orders, and route calls.

Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department is responsible for general building and equipment maintenance. Workers perform routine repairs and maintenance as well as preventative maintenance. Such activities include building upkeep, light carpentry work, installation of desks and furniture, glass replacement, vehicle maintenance, ceiling tiles, and minor hardware. These employees also provide critical support in special event preparation, lighting, repairs to HVAC systems, and electrical and plumbing repairs. 

Custodial Department

Custodial services is responsible for general cleaning of all facilities. The following duties are generally performed by the department on a daily basis:

  • Empty trash in classrooms, offices, academic, administrative, and residence hall common areas
  • Dust furniture
  • Sweep floors; mop as necessary
  • Clean white board and chalk boards
  • Clean doors
  • Clean restrooms and restock paper supplies
  • Vacuum carpets

Project work, which consists of stripping and waxing of tile floors and shampooing carpets are scheduled as necessary. The department also provides setups of special events and is instrumental in Salem’s recycling effort. 

Grounds Crew

The grounds crew is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep on the campus grounds and athletic fields. Groundskeepers prune, transplant, and plant as necessary to maintain the gardens and grounds. In addition, the crew mows grass, picks up debris, and provides support for special events. In the event of inclement weather, the grounds crew clears the campus of snow and ice. The grounds crew is also key to Salem’s recycling effort as they, in conjunction with the custodial staff, transport recycled materials to a collection point on campus. 

Request for Service Procedures

The Physical Plant Department receives routine requests for services through the Salem work order system by emailing or by calling 336-721-2711 during normal business hours Monday through Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. After-hour emergencies should be directed to the Public Safety Department at 336-917-5555.

Routine Work Order Procedure

Email or send a memo through campus mail.

Include the following information:

  • Facility name, room name, and room number
  • Detailed description of request for service
  • Setup work orders should include a diagram and specific information related to the event. The event planning sheet is available for larger events.
  • Name and contact information

Once a work order is received you will receive a confirmation email. After the work order is complete you will receive a completed work order notification.



Trash Collection
Individual office trash will be collected on a weekly basis, generally each Friday morning. Trash collection in high traffic areas will be collected several times per week depending on volume. Restroom trash collection will continue on a daily basis, and recycled materials will be collected each Friday.

Individuals needing their office trash emptied more than once per week should place their trash in the nearest large trash receptacle. These are generally located in restrooms and are emptied daily. For your convenience, extra liners are located in your trash receptacle.

Paper and Supply Delivery
Paper and supply deliveries will be made twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday. For Tuesday afternoon delivery, requests should be made no later than 4 pm on Monday. For Thursday afternoon delivery, requests should be made by 4 pm on Wednesday. Email requests to Materials for special events will continue to be made with appropriate notification. Submit requests no later than two business days prior to the event.

Furniture Moves
Furniture moves within the same general area are scheduled weekly on Wednesday. Email requests to no later than 4:00 pm on Monday for a Wednesday move. Larger furniture moves and office relocation procedures are on the physical plant webpage under special projects.

Facilities Emergency Procedure

Any facility situation which poses a threat to personal health or safety, or major damage to buildings, equipment or other personal property should be addressed immediately. To obtain assistance during regular business hours contact the Physical Plant Department at 336-721-2711.

For other emergencies such as odor of gas, electrical burning, or elevator entrapment, the Public Safety Department should be called first at 336-917-5555. They will contact the Physical Plant Department for assistance.

Physical plant emergencies after regular business hours should be directed the Public Safety Department at 336-917-5555. They will contact the Physical Plant Department.

Special Projects Procedure

Special projects are an essential service to the community. These projects include renewal, replacement, and alteration projects that range from carpet replacement to small renovations. Office moves as well as furniture and fixture purchases are also included under special projects.

To ensure the efficient delivery of services and use of resources, all special projects must be coordinated and implemented through the director of administration. The requesting department/office must first secure approval from the senior administrator overseeing the requesting department. The director of administration is available for guidance on the allocation of available resources as well as determining the scope of work.