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Council Members

Honor CouncilHC2012-13.jpeg

Elis Herman (Chair)

Layne Poplin (Secretary)

Christina Johnson (SGA President)

Katie McMahon (Judicial Council Chair)

Katie Edwards (Senior Class Representative)

Rosa Thao (Junior Class Representative)

Virginia Sparkes (Sophomore Class Representative)

Amber Lee (First Year Class Representative) 

Dean Barr (Honor Council Advisor) 

Judicial Council JC2012-13.jpg

Katie McMahon (Judicial Council Chair)

April Eaker (Judicial Council Secretary)

Christina Johnson (SGA President)

Elis Herman (Honor Council Chair)

Megan McMullen (Senior Class Representative)

LaSashia Connelly (Junior Class Representative) 

Paloma Pozos (Sophomore Class Representative)

Emily Gilmore (First Year Class Representative)

Dean Rogers (Judicial Council Advisor)

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