Tamara Sharee Fowler

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology
PhD, - Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations - UNC-Greensboro (2010)

Dr. Sharee Fowler joined United Way of Forsyth County in February 2010 as the Director of the Empowering Effective Teachers Initiative and currently serves as the Senior Director of Education Strategies & Engagement. Dr. Fowler began her professional career at Family Services, Inc. in 1997 after interning at the agency during a January Term. During her nearly eight year tenure at Family Services she was a victim advocate and community educator, as well as the Coordinator for the Domestic Violence Community Council. Following her time at Family Services, Dr.  Fowler briefly worked as the Associate Organizer for CHANGE, a nonpartisan, multi-racial, multi-faith community organizing group in Winston-Salem, NC. Her experiences as a founding member of CHANGE and later as a professional community organizer for the group have significantly impacted her understanding of being an active citizen and educator. As a result, she is involved in public life in a variety of ways including current service as the Strategy Team Co-Chair for CHANGE and as President of the Holly Avenue Neighborhood Association. She recently completed a term on the Board of Directors for The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem and as Chair of its Research, Education, & Advocacy Committee. 

Dr. Fowler is a proud Salemite and is grateful for the opportunity to teach at her alma mater. She actively seeks to create connections between Salem’s students and the broader Winston-Salem community through the course she teaches. She is committed to helping Salem students strengthen their leadership skills, engage their imaginations, and develop their unique voices.  

When not teaching or rabble-rousing, Dr. Fowler loves reading, watching movies, discovering new additions to her vintage hat collection, and digging in her yard. She is married to John Wilson, a local jazz musician, and they live in downtown Winston-Salem with their dog, Henry, and two cats, Scout and Aslan.