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Faculty Services

DIRECTORY: Instructional Services Reserves: Course Reserves Tests on Reserve Ordering Library Materials Faculty Borrowing Technology Resources for Faculty Copyright Resources LIBRARYINSTRUCTION SERVICES Contact Elizabeth Novicki for more information or to schedule a session: (336) 917-5420 or If you are a music or art faculty member, contact Dr. Donna Rothrock...





Contact Elizabeth Novicki for more information or to schedule a session: (336) 917-5420 or

If you are a music or art faculty member, contact Dr. Donna Rothrock for more information or to schedule a session: (336) 917-5475 or (336) 721-2738 or



Faculty Evaluation of Library Instruction FORM  (For the classroom instructor to complete following a library instruction session)  OR
Student Evaluation of Library Instruction FORM (For the classroom instructor to provide to students following a library instruction session)

Also, for "101" classes (not intended for higher level courses in a major):

  • Student PRE-Test (instructor to require students to complete the form before librarian visits)
  • Student POST-Test (instructor to require students to complete the form after librarian visits)


Why incorporate library instruction into your tight class schedules?

1.  Your students do not learn the essential resources in your discipline during first year English library orientations (if they received a first year English orientation - not all do). 

2.  Many students fail to seek assistance from the reference librarians independently.

3.  Once students meet the librarians in the classroom, they often feel more comfortable asking for their help.  (The "approachability" factor...)

Library instruction sessions are most useful when (a) students are given an assignment that requires them to conduct research; and (b) the library instruction session coincides with the start of the research process for that assignment.

Guidelines and considerations:

  • Faculty participation reinforces the session's connection to a course and the assignment.  Your presence is essential. 
  • The librarian will need to receive a copy of the research assignment.

Library instruction sessions may be taught in the following locations per your preference:

Recommended - The Library's Assembly Room (reservations through the Public Services Librarian, Elizabeth Novicki - or 336.917.5417

Video Conference Center (VCC) located in the Fine Arts Center or

the Learning Center Computer Lab located in the History wing (subject to availability, reservations through the Registrar's Office)

These locations provide students with online access and support "active learning"

    Overview of library instruction assistance available from the library

    Bibliographic instruction is available for individuals or as a component for faculty to include in their courses. Subjects can include general familiarization with library resources, aspects of the research process and subject specific research instruction.

    Time Considerations! We can talk through these topics faster, but will your students learn them faster? 
    Please note that some topics require more time than others. Please refer to the following guidelines and be prepared to allow enough class time to cover the topics you would like to be addressed by the librarian.

    # General library services and policies - interlibrary loan, borrowing, etc. (5-10 minutes)

    # How to find journal articles on a topic - using online databases (20-25 minutes)

    # How to find books on a topic – using NC-PALS online catalog (5-10 minutes)

    # Intermediate search strategies using Boolean operators and proximity operators (10 minutes)

    # Hands-on practice time -- requires special arrangements & is subject to computer availability (25 minutes)

    # Tour of Gramley Library (15 minutes)  Note: Contact Donna Rothrock for the time frame for an FAC Library tour.

    # Searching one specific database OR one “other” resource such as SFX (to search specific journal titles)(10-15 minutes)

    # Citation tools & formats (15 minutes+)




    • You care to offer your students a more comprehensive research skills experience, one in which the students' are given tasks to develop their information fluency (aka information literacy)
    • AND are willing to commit the time and energy to add/alter your course content or assignments in consultation with the Public Services Librarian, THEN...
    • Please contact the Public Services Librarian, (336) 917-5420, ~ 1 month prior to the start of the semester to discuss goals and to make appropriate arrangements



    • Materials (e.g., books, journals, sound and/or video recordings) that belong to the Salem Academy and College library system.
    • Personal copies that belong to the faculty member
    • Photocopied materials that meet “fair use” criteria, including written permission of the copyright holder when, for example, (1) a journal article is placed on reserve more than once ; OR (2) the photocopied material exceeds 10% of the whole work.
    • Tests, class notes, syllabi, and other materials created by the faculty member (who thus holds the copyright)

    Examples of materials that will NOT be placed on Library Reserve include:

    • Materials that belong to other libraries.
    • Personal photocopies that do not meet “fair use” criteria, including brevity
    • Photocopied material that has been placed on Library Reserve previously —unless accompanied by a copy of written permission from the copyright holder.
    • Copies of audio or video recordings of broadcast programs that do not meet fair use criteria for such recordings OR personal copies of commercially manufactured audio or video tapes, discs, and cassettes.
    • Course packs.
    • Consumable materials (e.g., commercially produced standardized tests, workbooks)

    The library staff is willing to help any faculty member who wishes to explore the best possibilities for identifying and obtaining materials for Library Reserve that meet the established standards for copyright compliance. The easiest method of all is to recommend for addition to the library collections commercially produced copies. Some journal articles are available online in full text. Permission from copyright holders may be sought directly or through the Copyright Clearance Center, usually for a fee.

    Questions? Consult the Faculty Guide; call or e-mail Dr. Rose Simon.



    This library service is designed to make non-final tests available to Salem students outside of class hours. It is meant to serve as a backup for the regular distribution and collection of course tests. The library is open over 90 hours each week during the academic year, and the Closed Reserve section is reasonably secure. The library staff will provide a test only to a student who provides a photo ID ascertaining that she is the person whose name is written on the test envelope.

    The Library staff does not proctor these tests, or any other, and does not guarantee that students will follow the instructions for taking the test. The success of "Tests on Reserve" depends upon each student's observance of the Salem Honor Code.

    The continuation of this service depends upon the Salem academic community’s willingness to abide by two points of understanding:

    (1) Students will surrender a test no later than fifteen minutes before the posted closing time for that day. The library will not be kept open late for students who fail to note variations in the library schedule posted near the front door.

    (2) A faculty member’s failure to follow through on the terms of the system outlined below can result in the immediate return of the tests. Repeated failure to follow through on these terms can result in the suspension of the faculty member’s access to the service.

    The System (for course instructors)

    ** Use this service for non-final tests only. **

    1.  For each student, place a copy of the test in an envelope. On the outside of the envelope write:

     - the student's name
     - the course name and number
     - your name
     - any special instructions for taking the test

    2.  Include at least one extra test in case someone was overlooked in the test preparation process.

    3.  Provide a student sign-in / sign-out sheet to show that the test was received and returned to the Circulation Desk.

    4.  Instruct students to notify you promptly after taking any test that does NOT have a specific completion deadline.

    5.  Bring the test envelopes to the Circulation Desk of Gramley Library before sending students to take the test.  Please do not send tests through the campus mail.

    6.  Please make sure your students know that they must bring a current photo ID (Salem ID, driver's license, or passport) to take the test.

    7.  Pick up the tests from the Circulation Desk within 48 hours of the test completion deadline, specified or unspecified.  Abandoned completed tests will be forwarded to the Office of the Dean of the College. 


    Each member of the faculty is encouraged to help develop the library's collections according to the anticipated needs of the students. Each year the library committee determines an allocation for each curricular discipline, and the status of that library budget is reported monthly from October to May. So, too, is a disciplinary listing of the titles recently received or on order. Frequently cited as the "Book Budget," the disciplinary materials allocation may be used for books, new periodical subscriptions, audiovisual materials, and other educational formats.  (Software needed for personal or class use is not covered by the library materials budget.) 

    Materials purchased with library funds are cataloged and housed as part of the college library collections, available to all Salem borrowers.  First priority is given to purchases for student use in completing course-related research.

    All requests for library purchases are forwarded to the Library Director.  Items ordered become evident in the NC-PALS online catalog along with a status report (e.g., on order, received, available).  Requests for titles already in the collections are returned with notation of the call number. 

    Because Salem does not have a large library budget, we do not usually order more than one copy of a given title.

    In order to have the money spent by the end of the fiscal year (June 30), it is recommended that faculty members try to have their book budgets committed by February 15. This allows enough time for the order to be completed, and the invoices paid within the fiscal year. Orders received after June 30 are charged against the next fiscal year.

    You can send the library a materials request using the Book Request Form .


    Direct Borrowing from Selected Libraries

    • Triad Academic Library Association's ("TALA") agreement allows faculty to borrow items directly from the participating libraries. Click here for details.
    • NC-PALS College Libraries--Bennett, Greensboro, Guilford
      Faculty members may borrow circulating materials directly from any of these libraries. 

    NC-PALS Requests - Mailed to Salem
    You can use your Salem barcode number to place a request for a book you find listed in the NC-PALS online catalog. The material will be sent to Gramley Library through the U.S. mail; allow about four business days for delivery. Watch this video for guidance.

    Traditional Interlibrary Borrowing
    Use our online ILL request form. Salem does not charge faculty, staff, or students for Interlibrary Loan items if the item is picked up within ten days after notification of its availability is sent ~and~ it is returned on time. However, all borrowers are subject to fines for late return ($1.00 per day), loss (replacement costs), or failure to pick up a requested item ($5.00 fee).


    See the Public Services Librarian, Elizabeth Novicki ( OR 336.917.5417) or the IT staff

    for assistance with the following...


    Google Docs, Sites and Groups - through your Salem Gmail account, create collaborative documents, sites and groups for your classes and students.

    Jing (*Highly Recommended*) and Wink are free downloads that allow you to make short video screen casts or still screen captures. (An example, using Jing: renew books)

    RSS in Plain English from "The Common Craft Show"

    Wikis in Plain English from "The Common Craft Show"

    Social Bookmarking in Plain English from "The Common Craft Show"

    Educational Uses of Blogs, Wikis, RSS Feeds, Podcasts, etc. from "TLT Group"

    MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching

    WiZiQ is a completely Web-based education platform which lets teachers present to up to 25 students from within a virtual classroom through live video, audio, and text chat. WiZiQ allows content sharing, provides a whiteboard and records sessions. They have a module which integrates with the Moodle LMS

    Horizon Report 2008 - identifies the top emerging technologies being adopted by educators, with lots of examples 


    Note to Faculty: Salem College's FACULTY GUIDE provides institutional policies on copyright.   [Internet location: MySalem -- Documents & Forms.]   Guidelines for copyright compliance are available through the following links:     

    Fair Use Guidelines (Circular FL 102) - from the U.S. Copyright Office

    Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education



    Checklist for Fair Use & Checklist for Compliance with the TEACH Act (from the Copyright Management Center at IUPUI) 

    Stanford Copyright & Fair Use (from Stanford University Libraries) 

    Copyright Information Center (from Cornell)

    The TEACH Toolkit (from NCSU Libraries) -- copyright and distance education

    Also from NCSU (Provost's Office): links to additional resources 

    Available from Salem's EBSCO eBookCollection: Crews, Kenneth D. Copyright law for librarians and educators : creative strategies and practical solutions / Kenneth D. Crews ; with contributions from Dwayne K. Buttler ... [et al.]. Chicago : American Library Association, 2006.

    Copyright Clearance Center (Academic section)

    Salem College's Copyright Permission Request Form [.doc]

    Contact Dr. Rose Simon, Director of Libraries, with questions about copyright: or (336) 917-5421.