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Computing & Audio-Visual Resources

Computer Equipment Wireless Access Library Laptops A/V Equipment Printing SEE ALSO: FAX/COPY/PRINT/SCAN Computer Equipment and Locations: 16 Computer Workstations: 1st (Main) Floor Reading Room 4 Computer Workstations: 1st (Main) Floor Research Area 2 Computer Workstations: Ground Floor and Second Floor 3 Computer Workstations: Third Floor 2 Collaboratories: Second Floor 1...

Off Campus Access:

To access electronic resources (e.g. databases, eBooks, etc.) while off campus, go through the library website and use your MySalem username and password to authenticate when prompted. For off-campus help, please call the Information Technology Department at (336) 917-5899.  The IT Department is available Monday - Friday, from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Wireless Access:

ALL floors of Gramley Library are wireless-enabled.

Computer Equipment and Locations:

Student at Computer 

16 Computer Workstations: 1st (Main) Floor Reading Room 


4 Computer Workstations: 1st (Main) Floor Research Area 


2 Computer Workstations: Ground Floor and Second Floor


3 Computer Workstations: Third Floor


2 Collaboratories: Second Floor


1 Laser Printer: 1st (Main) Floor Research Area


1 Document Scanner: 1st (Main) Floor Research Area

    General Information:

    • Log in to computers with your MySalem username and password  Log-in information is available for on-campus students from technology support. For off-campus help, please call (336) 917-5899.
    • All workstations are connected to the laser printer.  Printing is deducted from the student's allocation of "free" copies (more information here).  
    • Academic uses of the library's computer resources always take priority over personal use.  Students are bound by the College's Computer Usage Policy when making use of library computing resources and work areas.
    • Computer hard drives are wiped clean when logged off, shut down, or restarted.  Please save your work to your Salem network accounts.  The library is not responsible for lost documents or other work.

    Personal Laptop Users: 

    To access Salem's wireless network, go to the Current Student Intranet to get the SSID (Network Name). All computers using Salem's wireless network must be registered using a valid Salem username and password.  The Information Technology Dept. (3rd Floor of the Science Bldg.) is available from 9am-5pm to assist you with the registration process.  You may also contact them by using the online support form or calling their HELP line if you are on campus: H-E-L-P (4357).


    Library Laptops:

    Library laptop borrowing privileges are restricted to current Salem students, staff, and faculty.  You must present a valid Salem ID to borrow a laptop.

    MOST of our lending laptops are wireless enabled.  They are installed with Microsoft Office and other standard software. 

    You will be provided with the first laptop that is available.  We cannot accommodate requests for specific laptops.  Exceptions for disability needs or special presentations may be made by contacting the circulation desk at (336) 721-2649.



    Ten (10) laptops are available for use in the library only.  Your Salem ID will be retained by the circulation attendant until the laptop is returned.  These laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  No reservations will be taken.  The checkout period for in-house laptops is 3 hours.  The overdue fee for in-house laptops is $1 per hour (or part thereof).

    *Students who do not return their in-house laptop on time are subject to borrowing restrictions or other disciplinary measures as determined by the Library Director.



    Five (5) laptops are available for a checkout period of three (3) days.  Each laptop comes in a carrying case, along with a power cord, ethernet cord, and external mouse. 

    If no laptops are available at the time of your request, you may place your name on the waiting list for a laptop.  You may not place your name on the waiting list if you already have a laptop checked out.  To place your name on the waiting list:

    • Visit the circulation desk or call us at (336) 721-2649.
    • Leave your name and email address.
    • You will receive an email when a laptop becomes available.
    • Once notified, you will need to pick up your laptop within 24 hours. Otherwise, your reservation will be given to the next person on the waiting list.


    One (1) of the circulating laptops is available exclusively for faculty use and student class presentations.  The checkout period for this laptop is three (3) days.  You may reserve it for a specific date, with a minimum of four (4) business days notice, by contacting the circulation desk at (336) 721-2649.

    Overdue laptop fine = $25.00 per day

    Replacement fees:

    • $10.00 - Ethernet Cord
    • $20.00 - Mouse
    • $15.00 - Power Cord
    • For items not listed - assessed on an individual basis


    The circulation attendant checks that each laptop bag contains a laptop. mouse, power cord, and ethernet cord.  The borrower should also check that these items are present before accepting a laptop.   Any discrepancies must be identified during the checkout process as the borrower is liable for missing items upon the laptop's return. 

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    Audio-Visual Equipment:

    Headphones may be checked out from the circulation desk, 1st (Main) Floor. 

    DVD / VCR / Television: 2nd Floor - South Wall 

    VCR / Laser Disc / Television: Basement - East Wall 

    DVD / VCR / Television: 3rd Floor - Assembly Room (by reservation or as available) 

    Cassette Player: Basement - North Wall

    To play compact discs, you may use the headphones with the computer workstations or use the playback equipment in the Fine Arts Center Library. 


    Printing in the Library:

    Salem students are provided with printing accounts through the information technology (I.T.) department. Students can print the amount allocated to their accounts when they are on campus for "free."  

    Questions about your printing accounts must be directed to I.T. staff.


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