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New Books

List of new books purchased by the library.

Selected new books are displayed beside the circulation desk on the main floor of the library.

All other new books are shelved in the main stacks.


Most recently received - Sept/Oct 2010

Title                                                               Call #
Knowledge & the Transcendent: An Inquiry into the Mind's Relationship to God B 765 .T54 M215 2009
The Invisible Gorilla BF 321 .C43 2010
The Origins of Concepts BF 443 .C37 2009
Fooling Ourselves BF 697.5 .S426 T75 2009
Black: The History of a Color BF 789 .C7 P381 2009
What intelligence tests miss BF431 .S687 2009
Emotion Science BF531 .F69 2008
Statistical Panic BF531 .W66 2009
Heaven BL 540 .M56 2010
Beyond Sacred and Secular: Politics and Religion in Israel  and Turkey BL 65 .P7 T46 2008
God of Justice BL1225 .B494 G378 2009
Christ at the Center BR166 .D75 2009
Jesus Wars: How Four Patriarchs, Three Queens, and Two Emperors Decided What Christians Would Believe for the Next 1,500 Years BT 25 .J46 2010
Gaia & God  BT 695.5 .R83 1992
Catholic Germany From the Reformation to the Enlightenment BX 1535 .F677 2007
What Happened  at Vatican II BX 830 1962 .O46 2008
Dead End Gene Pool CT 275 .B785 A3 2010
China Witness: Voices from a Silent Generation CT1826 .X57 2009
A Shared Authority D 16.14 .F75 1990
Public History: Essays from the Field D 16.163 .P84 2004
The Atlantic World: Europeans, Africans, Indians and Their Shared History, 1400-1900 D 210 .B46 2009
Alexander the Great: A New History DF 234 .A485 2009
The Romanovs: Ruling Russia 1613-1917 DK 37.8 .R6 H84 2009
La Espana Islamica DVD DP 102 .E87 2004
La Espana Romana DVD DP 94 .R66 2009
The Life and Times of the Shah DS 318 .A653 2009
A History of Bangladesh DS 394.5 .S34 2009
A History of Modern Burma DS 530.4 .C45 2009
China: A History DS 735 .K39 2009
China's Rise and the Two Koreas: Politics, Economics, Security DS 740.5 .K6 S63 2009
China's Ascent DS 779.47.C45 2008
Yoruba Women, Work and Social Change DT 515.45 .Y67 M35 2009
Historic Preservation E 159 .T95 2009
Enlightenment in America V.1 E 162 .E55 2008 V.1
Enlightenment in America V.2 E 162 .E55 2008 V.2
Enlightenment in America V.3 E 162 .E55 2008 V.3
Enlightenment in America V.4 E 162 .E55 2008 V.4
Empire of Liberty E 164 .W63 2009
Presenting the Past: Essays on History and the Public E 175.8 .P83 1986
Who Owns History?: Rethinking the Past in a Changing World E 175.9 .F66 2003
A Place to Remember: Using History to Build Community E 180.5 .A73 1999
If We Must Die E 181 .I26 2008
Black Protest and the Great Migration: A Brief History with Documents E 185.6 .A76 2003
Hellhound on his Trail E 185.97 .K5 S534 2010
Party Over Section: The Rough and Ready Presidential of 1848 E 420 .S55 2009
Cotton and Race in the Making of America: The Human Costs of Economic Power E 441 .D237 2009
Lincoln and Mcclellan E 457.2 .W34 2010
The War Lovers E 721 .T47 2010
Dead Last : The Public Memory  Warren G. Harding's Scandalous Legacy E 786 .P39 2009 2009
The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr E 886.2 .G67 2010
Laura Bush: Spoken from the Heart  E 904 .B87 A3 2010
Restoring the Balance: First Nations Women, Community, and Culture E 98 .W8 R47 2009
From Islam to America E184 .S67 H57 2010
Freedom is not enough E185.86 .P33 2010
Slavery in White and Black E449 .F77 2008
True Compass E840.8 .K35 A3 2009
The Massacre At El Mozote F 1488.3 .D36 1994
A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballaro, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812 F 29 .H15 U471991
The Rise & Fall of Repression in Chile  F 3100 .P646 2009
Cuzco DVD F 3611 .C9 C9 2007
Making Haste from Babylon: The Mayflower Pilgrims and Their World A New History F 68 .B936 2010
Cuba in Revolution F1788 .K35 2008
Professional Practice for Interior Designers Folio NK 2116.2 .P57 2008
History of Interior Design FOLIO NK1710 .P55 2009
Residential Lighting Folio TH 7975 .D8 W49 2009
The Human Career: Human Biological and Cultural Origins GN 281 .K55 2009
Darwin's Legacy GN281 .P339 2008
Hijab & The Republic: Uncovering the French Headscarf Debate GT 2112 .W56 2008
Bravura!: Lucia Chase and the American Ballet Theatra GV 1785 .C49 E95 2009
Martha Hill and the Making of American Dance  GV 1785 .H54 S63 2009
Playing Unfair DVD GV 709 .P55 2002
Stolen Bases GV 880.7 .R56 2009
Full-Court Quest GV 886 .P43 2008
A Colossal Failure of Common Sense HB 3722 .M34 2009
On the Brink HB 3722 .P42 2010
Too Big to Fail HB 3722 .S659 2009
The End of Wall Street HB 3743 .L677 2010
Good to Great HB 57.7 .C645 2001
The Skeptical Economist HB 72 .A345 2009
Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy HB3722 .S842 2010
Reducing Global Poverty Patterns of Potential Human Progress HC 79 .P6 R43 2008
The Nonprofit Career Guide: How to Land a Job that Makes a Difference HD 2769.15 .C79 2008
Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice HD 57.7 .H356 2010
The Search for Social Entrepreneurship HD 60 .L544 2008
Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow: Black Women, Work and the Family from Slavery to the Present HD 6057.5 .U5 J66 2010
Oil: Money, Politics, and Power in the 21st . . . HD 9560.5 .B568 2010
The facebook Story HD 9696.82 .U63 C353 2009
Business Management & Environmental Stewardship HD30.255 .B878
Called to Account: Fourteen Financial Fraudsthat Shaped the American Accounting Profession HF 5616 .U5 C575 2009
Between Power and Plenty HF1411 .B464 1978
Accounting Super Pack Disk 1 Basics (DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 1
Accounting Super Pack Disk 2 Ledger (DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 2
Accounting Super Pack Disk 3 Acc Tool (DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 3
Accounting Super Pack Disk 4 Income (DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 4
Accounting Super Pack Disk 5 Prep. S (DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 5
Accounting Super Pack Disk 6 Applic. (DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 6
Accounting Super Pack Disk 7 Bus App (DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 7
Accounting Super Pack Disk 8 Acc Mang (DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 8
Accounting Super Pack Disk 9 Supp Mat.(DVD) HF5635 .E94 2008 DISK 9
The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less HG 179 .R544 2010
Collateral Damage: The Marketing of Consumer Debt to America HG 3756 .U54 G45 2009
Financial Management for Nonprofit Organ. . .  HG 4027.65 .Z54 2007
The Euro HG 930.5 .M269 2009
Global Research: Transitional Perspectives  HQ 1075 .G57 2009
The Feminist History Reader HQ 1121 .F437 2006
Feminist Theory Reader; Local and Global Perspectives HQ 1190 .F463 2010
Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction HQ 1206 .T65 2009
Seneca Falls and the Origins of Women's Rights Movement HQ 1418 .M55 2009
When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women From 1960 to Present HQ 1421 .C64 2009
Feminist Coalitions: Historical Perspectives on Second-Wave Feminism in the United States HQ 1421 .F47 2008
An Introduction to Childhood: Anthropological Perspectives on Children's Lives HQ 767.87 .M66 2009
Southern Women at the Seven Sister Colleges: Feminist Values amd Social Activism 1875-1915 HQ1438 .S63 J64 2008
Youth and Subculture as Creative Force HQ796 .S49 2008
West Indian Slavery and British Abolition, 1783-1807 HT 1091 .R93 2009
Disability Theory HV 1568.2 .S54 2008
Cyber War HV 6773.2 .C53 2010
The Perils of Federalism: Race, Poverty, and the Politics of Crime Control HV 7431 .M552 2008
This Mob Will Surely Take My Life HV6465 .N67 B35 2008
Green Chemistry IP 155.2 .E58 A35 2008
The Lesser Evil JA 79 .I36 2994
The Libertarian Illusion: Ideology, Public, Policy and the Assauly on the Common Good JC 599 .U5 H72 2008
The American Voter Revisited Jk 1967 .A834 2008
The Polotocs of Presidential Appointments JK731 .L49 2008
Peripheral Visions: Public Power, and Performance in Yemen JQ 1842 .A58 W43 2008
Written in Bone Juv 614.17 WAL
Black Potatoes: The Great Irish Famine JUV 941.50 BAR c.2
Love That Dog JUV CRE
Monster JUV MYE
Pirates! JUV REE
The Wednesday Wars JUV SCH
Stargirl JUV SPI
Geographies of Empire: European Empires and Colonies c.1880-1960 JV 105 .B88 2009
Twenty-First Century Gateways: Immigrant Incorporation in Suburban America JV 6475 .T87 2008
The Politics of Immigration in France, Britain, and United States JV 7933 .S34 2008
The Rise and Fall of the Spanish Empire JV4011 .M356 2009
Neorealism and Its Critics JX 1391 .N46 1986
When China Rules the World JZ 1734 .J33 2009
Fallen Kate
Stories of Scottsboro KF 224 .S34 G66 1994
Defiant Dads: Fathers' Rights Activists in America KF 547 .C76 2008
The ADA Companion Guide: Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) KF 5709.3 .H35 R48 2010
The Supreme Court KF 8742 .S895 2010
The Death of the American Trial KF8910 .B869 2009
The Use of Instructiuonal Technology in Schools: Lessons to be Learned LB 1028.3 .L44 2009
Decide Better! : For College LB 2350.5 .M42 2009
Tammy Wynette Ml 420 .W9 M34 2010
Music, Thought, and Feeling ML3830 .T496 2009
Music Advocacy and Student Leadership: Key Components of Every Successful Music Program MT 1 .L393 M8 2005
61 Hours Mystery Child
The Black Cat Mystery Grimes
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Mystery Larsson
The Girl With the Dragin Tattoo Mystery Larsson
American Art to 1900 N 6505 .B87 2009
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness N 6505 .T35 2008
Building Up and Tearing Down NA 27 .G58 2009
The Abrams Guide to American House NA 2705 .M679 2008
USA NA 712.5 .M63W75 2008
Architectural Graphics NA2700 .C46 2009
Residential Interior Design NA2850 .M56 2007
Interior Design Visual Presentation NK 2113.5 .M58 2008
CAD for Interiors Basics NK 2114 .F56 2009
Autocad 2010 for Interior Design NK 2114 .K57 2010
Interiors an introduction Nk 2115 .N45 2007
Samplers & Samplermakers NK9112 .E3 1991
Always On P 107 .B37 2010
Edited Clean Version: Technology and the Culture of Control P 96 .C42 U555 2009
Always On: Language in an Online and Mobile World P107 .B37 2010
La Lengua PC 4.75 .L26
House Rules Picoult
The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam PL 4378.9 .B37 N651 1996
Writer's Market PN 161 .W83 2010
The Francophone Film: A Struggle for Identity PN 1993.5 .F7 S63 2000
Film Noir, American Workers, and Postwar . . . PN 1995.9 .F54 B76 2009
Some Liked it Hot: Jazz Women in Film and Television 1928-1959 PN 1995.9 .J38 M34 2009
Children of Men (DVD) PN 1995.9 .S87 C455 2007
Full Metal Jacket (DVD) PN 1995.9 .W3 F855 2007
Memento (DVD) PN 1997 .A12 M444 2000
Mon Oncle Antoine (DVD) PN 1997 .A2 C75 2008
Abouna DVD PN 1997 .A257 2005
Graves of the Fireflies (DVD) PN 1997 .G73 2009
Jesus of Montreal PN 1997 .J44 2004
Lumumba (DVD) PN 1997 .L848 2002
Miyazaki's Spirited Away (DVD) PN 1997 .S657 2003
Tableau Ferraille (DVD) PN 1997 .T33 1997
When A Woman Ascends the Stairs (DVD) PN 1997 .W446 2007
Disney Discourse: Producing the Magic King... PN 1999 .W27 D57 1994
The Complete Persepolis PN 6747 .S245 P471 2007
Sounds of Change: A History of FM Broadcasting in America PN1991.3 .U6 S78 2008
Everything is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard PN1998.3 .G63 B76 2008
Pupils as Playwrights: Drama, Literacy and Playwriting PN3171 .W66 2008
Rosario Castellanos PQ 7297 .C259 C5 2008
Juletane PQ3989.2 .W35 1987
The Book of Lamentations PQ7297 .C259 0313 1998
A History of Victorian Literature PR 461 .A33 2009
Pillars of Salt PR 9570 .J653 F356 1997
The Mark Twain Anthology PS 1331 .M37 2010
The Typewriter is Holy PS 228 .B6 M58 2010
Mencken: Prejudices Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Series PS 3525 .E43 P84 2010
Grapes of Wrath (DVD)  PS 3537 .T323 .G72 2004
Flannery A life of Flannery Conners PS 3565 .C57 Z679 2009
Philip Roth: Novels 1993-1995 Operation Shylock Sabbath's Theater PS 3568 .O855 A6 2010
The Lovely Bones PS 3619 .E26 L68 2002
Hard Boiled Sentimentality PS 374 .D4 C38 2009
The New Kings of Nonfiction PS 659.2 .N49
Selected Letters of Thornton Wilder PS3545 .I345 Z48 2008
The Bridge of San Louis Ray and Other Novels PS3545. I345 B7 2009
Every Man Dies Alone PT 2607 .I6 J413 2010
The Science Book Q 162 .S397 2008
What Science Knows Q 175 .F785 2009
Linear Algebra: Challenging Problems for Students QA 184.5 .Z48 2009
Digital Diaspora: A Race for Cyberspace QA 76.9 .C66 E95 2009
Head First Algebra QA155 .P54 2009
Three Steps to the Universe: from the Sun to Black Holes to the Mystery of Dark Matter QB 521 .G29 2008
How It Ends QB991 .E53 I47 2010
From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory pf Timre QC 173.59 .S65 C37 2010
Why We Disagree About Climate Change: Understanding Controversy, Inaction and Opportunity QC 981.8 .C5 H825 2009 C.2
Ecology of Insects: Concepts and Applications QL 496.4 .S66 2008
Hyping the Health Risks RA 556.27 .K33 2008
It Takes a Genome: How a Clash Between Our Genes and Modern Life Is Making Us Sick RB 155 .G53 2009
Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks RC265.6 .L24 S55 2010
How Wikipedia Works REF AE 1.5 .A98 2008
How Wikipedia Works REF AE 1.5 .A98 2008 c.2
Strauss's Handbook of Business Information REF HF3035 .S779 2004
Learning Through Serving: A Student Guidebook for Service-Learning Across Disciplines REF LC 220.5 .C72 2005 C.3
Writer's Market REF PN 161 .W83 2011
Weeds of the South SB 612 .S85 W44 2009
The Story of Measurement T 50 .R58 2007
Materials and Components of Interior TA 403 .R525 2008
Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors TH 2031 .K54 2009
The Ethics of Protocells: Moral and Social Implications of Creating Life in the Laboratory TP 248.23 .E82 2009
Teach Yourself Visually: iPhoto '09 TR 267.5 .T43 2009
Food in the United States, 1890-1945 TX 355 .E44 2009
Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously TX 649 .P66 A3 2006
Gourmet Today TX 725 .A1 G68 2009
Makers of Modern Strategy U 162 .M25 1986
Maneuvers U 21.75 .E552 2000
Paying the Human Costs of War UA 23 .G545 2009
The Cold War U.S. Army: Building Deterrence for Limited War UA 26 .E9 T73 2008
The Long Shadow: Nuclear Weapons and Security in the 21st Century Asia UA830 .L66 2008
Military Culture in Imperial China UA835 .M55 2009



July/August 2010

  Call #                                        Title
BC177 .W317 2008 Argumentaion Schemes
BD418.3 T353 2008 Kingdom of Infinite Space
BJ1469 .G84 2008 Morality of Embryo Use
BL595 .S9 M55 2008 Peculiar Life of Sundays
BP63 .S33 R45 2009 Religion and Politics in Saudi Arabia
BR854 .E448 2008 Eleventh-Century Germany
BX1406.3 H46 2008 Catholic and Feminist
BX1492 .D83 2009 Fires of Faith
DA209 .E6 T87 2009 Eleanor of Aquitaine
DS63.2 .E8 M38 2009 Europe Through Arab Eyes
DS79.757 .H33 2009 War of Necessity War of Choice
E 159 .T95 2009 Historic Preservation
E101 .A28 2008 Discovery of Mankind
E183.7 .H44 2008 From Colony To Superpower
E183.8 .S65 D385 2009 Distorted Mirrors
E184 .S75 V38 2009 Latinola Thought: Culture, Politics & Society
E185.97 .T8 W37 2009 Sojourner Truth's America
E445 .V8 I76 2008 Origins of Proslavery Christianity
E473.7 .C69 2008 Shenandoah: 1862
E487 .M63 2008 Weary of War
FOLIO DS558 .E77 2005 Estimative Products On Vietnam
FOLIO NK4025 .N8 N67 2004 North Carolina Pottery: The Collection of the
FOLIO QL645.3 .C37 2009 Rise of Amphibians
FOLIO S944.5 .P78 W695 2008 World's Portected Areas
FOLIO SB419.5 .C36 2008 Green Roofs In Sustainable Landscape Dsgn
FOLIO TR681 .W6 R65 2008 Role Models: Feminine Identity In Contemp…
GN281.4 .C632 2009 10,000 Year Explosion
HC79 .F3 O57 2009 Famine
HD30.28 .F747 2009 Guide To Business Planning
HD58.8 .O723 2009 Organization of the Future2
HD70 .U5 B84 2009 Death of Management
HD87 .S23 2008 Common Wealth Economics For A Crowded…
HD9710 .U52 H39 2009 Automobile and American Life
HF1411 .B464 1978 Between Power and Plenty
HF5382.55 .R67 2009 Nice Work If You Can Get It
HF5414 .K67 2002 Social Marketing
HF5813 .U6 S54 2009 Ad Women
HG 4027.65 .Z54 2007 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organ. . . 
HG171 .F47 2008 Ascent Of Money
HN79 .A13 G54 2008 Defying Dixie: The Radical Roots of Civil…
HQ1410 .A44 2008 American New Woman Revisited
HQ1438 .A55 D85 2008 Women, Work, And Family in the Antebellum
HQ1587 .A46 2008 Women in Twentieth-Century Europe
HQ799.2 .V56 L365 2009 Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School…
HV5840 .P4 G66 2008 Andean Cocaine: The Making of a Global Drug
HV6401 .W45 2008 Crimes Against Nature
HV6457 .W66 2009 Lynching And Spectacle
HV6626 .V36 2009 Death By Domestic Violence
JK516 .E324 2009 Strategic President
JP7577 .H26 2007 Quest For Identities
JZ1616 .M36 2009 Russian Foreign Policy
LB1060 .P448 2009 Making Learning Whole
LB1060 .W543 2009 Why Don't Students Like School?
LB3012.2 .T56 2008 What Schools Ban and Why
LD3779 .N43 S87 2009 Sustainable Learning Community
ML1255 .T39 2009 Great American Symphony
MT1 .C835 2010 Critical Issues in Music Education
NK9112 .E3 1991 Samplers & Samplermakers
PA6395 .K35 2008 Odes of Horace
PE1083 .E44 2009 Romanticism: The Rise of English
PG2997 .S88 2009 Prose of Life
PK6561 .D263 2001 Savushun
PN 1999 .W27 D57 1994 Disney Discourse: Producing the Magic King...
PN1590 .B5 B33 2008 Unfriendly Witnesses: Gender, Theater…
PN1993.5 .A35 D68 2009 African Film and Literature
PN1995.9 .C55 W67 2001 (DVD) Working Girl 
PN1997 .D573 2009 (DVD) Disclosure
PN1998.2 .P27 2005 Francophone Women Film Directors
PN2286 .B76 2008 Babylon Girls
PR3001 .B48 2008 Shakespeare's Ideas
PR6003 .U45 S8 1985 Swastika Night
PR6025 .I86 S57 1995 Solution Three
PR888 .F27 C66 2008 Contemporary Fiction and the Fairy Tale
PS152 .L34 2009 Uncommon Women
PS2199 .L54 M58 2000 Mizora: An 1880s Radical Feminist Utopia
PS228 .P68 H64 2009 PostModern American Literature
PS351 .D877 American Dramatists
PS351 .E4 1971 God On Broadway
PS3545 .I345 Z48 2008 Selected Letters of Thornton Wilder
PS3566 .I4 W6 1983 Woman On The Edge Of Time
PS3573 .O526 Z77 2009 Tom Wolfe's America: Heroes, Pranksters…
PT8951.12 .R34 E313 2004 Egalia's Daughters: A Satire Of The Sexes
QA276.12 W73 2009 First and Second Steps in Statistics
QB15 .N67 2008 Cosmos
QC24.5 .S33 2009 Questioning the Universe
QC981.8 .C5 H825 2009 Why We Disagree About Climate Change
QE712.3 E85 F67 2009 For The Rock Record
QH353 .A44 2009 Pandora's Locks
QK641 .M33 2009 Structure of Function of Plants
RC443 .T67 2008 Insanity Offense
RJ482 .G76 C63 2009 Normal At Any Cost
RJ506 .A9 O34 2008 Autism's False Prophet
RR535 .N35 2008 Evangelizing The South
TX360 .V6 M83 2009 Measured Meals
TX531 .W688 2008 Swindled
U 21.75 .E552 2000 Maneuvers
UA23.15 B87 2009 Honest Broker

May/June 2010

Title:                                                              Call #

Coming Down from Above E98 .R3 I79 2008
Origins and Specious PE1574 .O36 2009
Medical Miracles BT732.5 .D84 2009
Reliable Funraising in Unreliable Times HV41.2 .K54 2009
Christianity in the Making BR162.3 .D86 2008
Look at the Birdie PS3572 .O5 2009
I.O.U. HB3722 .L35 2010
Aliens and Sojourners BT713 .D86 2009
Nonprofit Gonvernance KF1388 .H64 2009
txtng TK5105.73 .C79 2008
A Genealogy of Literary Multiculturalism PS153 .M56 D68 2009
Current Biography Yearbook 2009 REF CT100 .C8 2009
On the Surface Folio NK1403.7 .P47 2001
The Corporeal Imagination BT741.3 .M56 2009
The Future of Money HG3881 .C585 2004
The Meaning of the Nuclear Revolution U263 .J47 1989
Maybberley's Plant-Book QK11 .M29 2008
The National Museum of the American Indian E56 .N36 2008
The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Devepment HC125 .F682 2007
The Meaning of the Nuclear Revolution U263 .J47 1989
Margery Kempe PR2007 .K4 1985
The Age of Reagan E 839.5 .W535
British women Poets and the Romantic. . . PR585 .W6 B47 2009
Naming Infinity QA 27.R8 G73 2009
Maus Ds 135 .P63 S68 1997
Race and the Cherokee Nation  E 99 .C5 Y37 2008
Speaking to history DS 774.5 .C8 2009
Superorganism QL 496 .H65 2009
The Arts of China N7340 .S92 2008
American Elegy PS309 .E4 C38 2007
Watch This! BV656.3 .W35 2009
Resisting Protection HF1713 .M56 1988
Elijah Muhammad and Islam BP223 .Z8 E414 2009
The Life of Teresa of Jesus BX4700 .T4 A151 2004
Jesus: a Brief History BT203 .T38 2009
An Introduction to Feng Shui BF1779 .F4 B79 2008
The Surrender Tree PS3555 .N425 S87 2008
Stowe in Her Own Time PS2956 .S86 2009
African Pentecostalism BR1644.5 .A35 K34 2008
African Cherokees in Indian Terrirtory E99 .C5 N39 2008
Antony Hopkins Understanding Music MT6 .H582 U5 1993
Redeeming the Southern Family BV4527 .S732 2008
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates E457.4 .L775 2008
John Brown's War Against Slavery E451 .M37 2009
Is God a Mathmatician? QA8.4 .L586 2009
Be Always Converting Be Always Converted BV4930 .W55 2009
Josph Cornell and Astronomy N6537 .C66 H68 2009
The Return of Ulysses PA4167 .A2 H35 2008
The Patron's Payoff N5273 .N45 2008
Guyland HQ799.6 .K56 2008
Arthur Miller PS3525 .I515 Z544 2009
Depth: An Account of Scientific Explanation BD541 .S77 2008
Realities Of Witchcraft and Popular Magic BF1584 .E9 B48 2008
Computing The Mind BF311 .E328 2008
The Art Instinct BH39 .D84 2009
Transfigurements BH39 .S251 2008
Cruelty: Human Evil And The Human Brain BJ1535 .C7 T38 2009
Latin American Religions BL2540 .L38 2008
Imagining The Fetus BL256 .I43 2009
Dance of the Spirit BL625.7 .H37 1989
Mourning the Unborn Dead BQ5030 .F47 W55 2009
Redeemed Bodies BR1604.23 .S76 2009
Second Church: Popular Christianity BR165 .M14 2009
Religion of Fear BR516 .B58 2008
Elusive Dream BR563 .N4 E39 2008
Introduction to the New Testament BS1904.5 .P37 2008
Putting On Virtue BV4633 .H47 2008
Vietnam War In American History DS559.73 .U6 H34 2009
Saviors And Survivors DT159.6 .D27 M36 2009
That Infernal Little Cuban Republic E183.8 .C9 S375 2009
Old World, New World E183.8 .G7 B87 2008
Scrapbooks E740.5 .H43 2008
The Real Making of a President E837.7 .R67 2009
U.S.-Mexican Border Into The 21st Century F787 .G36 2008
Salon To Bienniel Folio N6447 .S325 2008
Merchants, Princes and Painters Folio ND1460 .T49 2008
Forest Ecosystems Folio QK938 .F6 P46 2008
Why Photography Matters As Art Folio TR642 .F75 2008
Fruit, Tree and Serpent GN281.4 .I82 2009
Capital Power and Inequality in Latin America HC125 .C32 2008
America's Food HD9005 .B628 2008
Elsewhere, U.S.A. HM831 .C654 2009
Yeomen, Sharecroppers, And Socialists HN79 .T42 W55 2008
Colombian Women HQ1552 .G37 2008
Urban Transformation HT110 .B67 2008
And Justice For All JC599 .U5 B45 2009
The Vice Presidency In Foreign Policy JK609.5 .L43 2009
Geographies of Globalization JZ1318 .H477 2009
Selling Sounds ML3790 .S88 2009
Sound of Freedom ML420 .A6 A77 2009
Enchanted Live, Enchanted Objects N5215 .M33 2008
Slavery, Sugar and the Culture of Refinement N8214.5 .W38 K75 2008
Like Breath On Glass ND210 .L55 2008
Quiet Spirit, Skilled Hand NE1112 .L43 A4 2008
Cold War Modern Design NK789 .C65 2008
Other Worlds PN1993.5 .A7 A581 2008
Contemporary Latin American Cinema PN1993.5 .L3 C66 2007
Frankly My Dear PN1997 .G59 H37 2009
American Stage PN2221 .A44 2010
Shakespeare's Opposites PN2599.5 .T54 G87 2009
Key of Green PR428 .C633 S65 2009
Portable Property PR878 .M38 P58 2008
Notes On Sontag PS3569 .O654 Z76 2009
What America Read PS379 .H86 2009
Mathematics of the Heavens and the Earth QA24 .V36 2009
Pioneering Women in American Math QA28 .G74 2009
Concrete Approach to Classical Analysis QA300 .M974 2009
Prairie Dogs QL737 .R68 S56 2009
Human: The Science Behind What Makes Us QP360.5 .G395 2008
Political Handbook of the World REF JF37 .P6 2010
Medicating Children RJ506 .H9 M423 2009
Assembling Flowers And Cultivating Homes SB443.4 .C7 F75 2009
From Yard To Garden SB451.3 .G73 2008
Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Indus TP155.2 .E58 G74 2010


 Call #
BL98.7 .Z55 2007 Modes Of Faith
BP190.5 .W35 K434 2007 Arguing The Just War In Islam
Browsing Faulks Devil May Care
Browsing Leighton Books Enough And Time
Browsing Nesser Return
Browsing Posey Playing With Trains
Browsing Rendell Thirteen Steps Down
Browsing Rendell Not In The Flesh
Browsing Thompson How To Discover America's Eden
Browsing Whitehead Sag Harbor
Browsing Williams Masquerade
BS511.3 .R44 2007 Recovering Nineteenth Century Woman Inter...
BS680 .V56 F37 1995 In Praise Of Virtue
CB204 .E938 2007 Half Century Of Greatness
DA462 .M3 B24 1999 Marlborough
DG737.97 .M3 2006 Fire In The City
DT2638 .E43 2007 Power In Colonial Africa
E169.12 .V464 1996 El Planeta Americano
E175.5 .S38 A3 2000 A Life in the 20th Century
E178.1 .T55 2010 America: A Narrative History
E185.6 .L519 2006 Massive Resistance
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E98 .M6 E84 2008 Ethnographies and Exchanges
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E99 .S8 W54 2008 To Live Upon Hope
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HD62.6 .P36 2004 Outcome Frameworks
HD62.6 .P36 2004 Outcome Frameworks
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JUV 811 SIL A Light in the Attic
JUV 811 SIL Where the Sidewalk Ends
LB1028 .R43 V.32 Review of Research in Education
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PQ1705 .S5 D4 1966 Maurice Sceve Delie
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PR9609.6 .C63 2007 Companion To Australian Literature
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PS3511 .A86 Z78425 2008 Faulkner's Imperialism
PS3545 .I345 Z645 1996 Thornton Wilder Critical Essays
PS3545 .I345 Z913 1971 Thornton Wilder
PS3570 .R359 R6 1993 Robber In The House
PS3606 .L533 I2 2004 I Call This Flirting
PS374 .S7 A45 2008 American Fiction Of The 1990s
PS508 .I45 B43 2009 Becoming American
PS648 .S5 B463 2007 Best New American Voices 2007
PS648 .S5 F577 2006 Flash Fiction Forward
PS668 .B31 2008 Representative American Speeches 2007-08
PS668 .B31 2009 Representative American Speeches 2008-09
QD24 .W56 W66 2010 Prospero's America
QH390 .F35 2007 Relics Of Eden
QK669 .L44 2007 Nature's Palette
QL683 .W4 P4 1961 Field Guide To Western Birds
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TJ808 .U82 2008 Alternative Energy
TK5105.888 .R427 Letting Go Of Words
TT194 .M36 1979 Book Of Furniture Making
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BF 76.5 .E941 2007 Your Psychology Project
BF1031 .P325 2009 The Paranormal
BF412 .D49 2009 The Development of Giftedness and Talent. . . 
BF431 .N57 2009 Intelligence and How to Get It
BF511 .S345 2007 The Self-conscious Emotions
BF575 .G7 B477 2009 When a Brother or a Sister Dies
BF575 .S4 R63 2009 Others in Mind
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BS 2485 .B753 2008 Beloved Disciple
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E 178.1 .T55 2010 America: A Narrative History
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E185.61 .F485 2008 Delaying the Dream
Folio ND 237 .C7 A4 1995 John Singleton Copley in England
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HV95 .U25 2009 U.S. National Debate Topic 2009-2010
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JK468 .C7 W45 2009 The Completion of Idea
JK552 .P368 2008 To Serve the President
JV6465 .I475 2009 Immigration In The United States
JZ1616 .B45 2009 Russia and the challengers
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LB1573 .W544 2008 Teaching the Brain to Read
LC4802 .C73 2008 Reaching and Teaching Children who Hurt
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PS 351  .B7  1962 American Drama
PS 3545  .I345  Z645 1996 Critical Essays on Thornton Wilder
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PS3545 .I345 O9 2003 Our Town
PS3545.I345 A65 2007 Thornton Wilder Collected plays . . . 
PS3568 .U763 Z83 2009 On Joanna Russ
PS3570 .E670 G38 1988 The Gate to the Women's Country
PS668 .B2 2009 Representative American Speeches 2008-2009
Q 183.3 .A1 S352 2008 Science as Inquiry in the Secondary. . .
QH 581.2 .B736 2009 Wetware A computer in every living cell
RC443 .E54 2008 American Therapy
RC553 .A88 B457 2008 Autism
Ref AY 64 .I552 2010 Time almanac 2010
Ref HA 12.5 .U63 2008 52nd ED Statistical Yearbook Fifty-second issue
TX837 .H38 2001 Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies
Mystery George A Place of Hiding
PM4068.6 .R65 2009 Ballads of the Lords of Spain
QP 376 .L96 2008 Big Brain
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BX 8623 2009 The Book of Mormon
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Mystery Peters The Golden One
Mystery Peters He shall Thuder in the Sky
Mystery Peters He shall Thuder in the Sky
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Mystery Peters The Last Camel Died at Noon
Mystery Peters The Lord of the Silent
Mystery Peters Lion in the Valley
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Mystery Peters The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog
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Ref HA 202 .A3 2010 Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2010
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Mystery George With No One as Witness
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Folio NK 2195 .C65 P56 2007 Designing Commercial Interiors
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F1418 .C893 2008 The United States and Lation America
PS 3545 .I345 H4 2004 Heaven's My Destination
PS 3545 .I345 Z64 1992 Conversations with Thornton Wilder
PS3551 .D399 T45 2000 Tell Me
QD 461 .W5985- 2009 Molecular Chemistry


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January 2010

Call # Title/Author
B832 .R38 2008  Reconstructing democracy, recontextualizing dewey : pragmatism and interactive constructivism in the twenty-first century / edited by Jim Garrison
BL2525 .S725 2008  What Americans really believe : new findings from the Baylor surveys of religion / Rodney Stark 
BL65 .B47 M68 2008  Mourning religion / edited by William B. Parsons, Diane Jonte-Pace, and Susan E. Henking
BR516 .F88 2009  The future of religion in American politics / edited by Charles W. Dunn.
BS657 .Y679 2008 The Bible, rocks, and time : geological evidence for the age of the earth / Davis A. Young & Ralph F. Stearley.
COLLIER  Pilgrimage : a tale of old Natchez / Louise Wilbourn Collier
DG445 .P6 1961  Plumb, J. H. 1911-2001. The Italian Renaissance; a concise survey of its history and culture [by] J.H. Plumb. New York, Harper & Row [1965]
DS63.2 .I68 M35 2008 Iran's long reach : Iran as a pivotal state in the Muslim world / Suzanne Maloney.
DS896.64 .S44 1983  Low city, high city : Tokyo from Edo to the earthquake / Edward Seidensticker
DT157.3 .C65 2008 A history of modern Sudan / Robert O. Collins
DT38.9 .C5 T394 2009  China's new role in Africa / Ian Taylor
E183.7 .K343 2008  Between virtue and power : the persistent moral dilemma of U.S. foreign policy / John Kane.
E767 .C695 2009  Cooper, John Milton. Woodrow Wilson : a biography / John Milton Cooper, Jr. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2009.
E881 .M29 2008  Maynard, Christopher, 1973- Out of the shadow : George H.W. Bush and the end of the Cold War / Christopher Maynard. College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2008.
EHRENREICH  Nickel and dimed : on (not) getting by in America / Barbara Ehrenreich
F910.7 .P35 A3 2009  Going rogue : an American life / Sarah Palin.
FOLIO UB433 .C64 2006  Collier, Peter, 1939- Medal of Honor : portraits of valor beyond the call of duty / text, Peter Collier ; photographs, Nick Del Calzo ; foreword, President George H.W. Bush ; essays, Senator John McCain, Victor Davis Hanson, and Tom Brokaw ; [published in collaboration with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation]. New York : Artisan, 2006.
HD62.6 .H47 2006  Pillars of accountability : a risk management guide for nonprofit boards / by Melanie L. Herman
HD62.6 .T43 2008 Chief executive transitions : how to hire and support a nonprofit CEO / Don Tebbe.
HQ771 .M47 2010  Mercer, Jean. Child development : myths and misunderstandings / Jean Mercer. Los Angeles : SAGE, c2010.
HV1431 .R65 2003  Hearts and hands : creating community in violent times / Luis Rodríguez
HV6433 .M513 K46 2008  Beyond terror and martyrdom : the future of the Middle East / Gilles Kepel ; translated by Pascale Ghazaleh.
HV97 .A3 R64 2003  Foundations and public policy : the mask of pluralism / Joan Roelofs.
JK1967 .B49 2009  Beyond red state, blue state : electoral gaps in the twenty-first century American electorate / edited by Laura R. Olson, John C. Green.
JK421 .B75 2008  The private abuse of the public interest : market myths and policy muddles / Lawrence D. Brown and Lawrence R. Jacobs
JK524 .D778 2008 Counting every vote : the most contentious elections in American history / Robert Dudley and Eric Shiraev.
JUV 328.73/092 MAR  Marx, Trish. Jeannette Rankin : First Lady of Congress / Trish Marx ; illustrated by Dan Andreasen. New York : Margaret K. McElderry Books, c2006.
JUV 362.4/1092 SUL  Helen Keller : her life in pictures / George Sullivan ; foreword by Keller Johnson Thompson.
JUV 811.52 BRY  A river of words : the story of William Carlos Williams / written by Jen Bryant ; illustrated by Melissa Sweet.
JUV E  Hubbell, Patricia. Boats : speeding! sailing! cruising! / by Patricia Hubbell ; illustrated by Megan Halsey and Sean Addy. New York : Marshall Cavendish Children, c2009.
JUV E  Garmann's summer / Stian Hole ; [translation by Don Bartlett].
JUV E  A couple of boys have the best week ever / Marla Frazee.
JZ1405 .L44 2009 The dynamics of diplomacy / Jean-Robert Leguey-Feilleux
JZ1616 .A57 C45 2008  Axis of convenience : Moscow, Beijing, and the new geopolitics / Bobo Lo
KF1296 .S428 2009 Experimenting with the consumer : the mass testing of risky products on the American public / Marshall S. Shapo.
KF224 .B83 L66 2008 Three generations, no imbeciles : eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell / Paul A. Lombardo.
KF4755 .G76 2008 What blood won't tell : a history of race on trial in America / Ariela J. Gross.
LC196.5 .U6 C68 2008  Controversies in the classroom : a radical teacher reader / edited by Joseph Entin, Robert C. Rosen, Leonard Vogt ; foreword by Deborah Meir.
ML3506 .B53 2008  Big ears : listening for gender in jazz studies / edited by Nichole T. Rustin and Sherrie Tucker.
ML417 .M846 K46 2009  Kelley, Robin D. G. Thelonious Monk : the life and times of an American original / Robin D.G. Kelley. New York : Free Press, 2009.
ML420 .S47 O93 1978  A recollection of Marcella Sembrich / H. Goddard Owen ; new introduction by Philip Lieson Miller.
NA5551 .C5 H34 1968  Henderson, George, 1931- Chartres, by George Henderson. Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1968.
PJ7525.2 .A733 2008  Arab women writers : a critical reference guide, 1873-1999 / edited by Radwa Ashour, Ferial J. Ghazoul, Hasna Reda-Mekdashi ; translated by Mandy McClure. Cairo ; New York : The American University in Cairo Press, c2008.
PR9540.8 .A53 2008 And the world changed : contemporary stories by Pakistani women / edited and with an introduction by Muneeza Shamsie.
PS1334 .C67 2008  Cosmopolitan Twain / edited by Ann M. Ryan and Joseph B. McCullough.
PS217 .N38 L49 2008  Dislocating race & nation : episodes in nineteenth-century American literary nationalism / Robert S. Levine
PS323.5 .S23 2009  Sadoff, Ira. History matters : contemporary poetry on the margins of American culture / Ira Sadoff. Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, c2009.
PS3511 .A86 Z96647 2009  Faulkner and love : the women who shaped his art / Judith L. Sensibar.
PS374 .M535 B475 2009  Translating modernism : Fitzgerald and Hemingway / Ronald Berman.
PS648 .S5 B463 2007  Best new American voices 2007 / guest editor, Sue Miller ; series editors, John Kulka and Natalie Danford.
QE28.3 .Z35 2008  The Earth after us : what legacy will humans leave in the rocks? / Jan Zalasiewicz
QH366.2 .S35 2008  Science, evolution, and creationism / National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine.
QH431 .S34 2008  A short guide to the human genome / Stewart Scherer
RC455.2 .F35 S33 2009 Remembering our childhood : how memory betrays us / by Karl Sabbagh.
Ref. G1046 .E1 S4 2003  The Penguin atlas of women in the world / Joni Seager
SF538.3 .U6 J33 2008  Fruitless fall : the collapse of the honey bee and the coming agricultural crisis / Rowan Jacobsen.
TR140 .L3 G67 2009 Dorothea Lange : a life beyond limits / Linda Gordon.
Z465.3 .C87 2008  Africa writes back : the African writers series & the launch of African literature / James Currey ; portraits and other photographs by George Hallett.

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November 2009

Call #                                  Title/Author

BF1765 .J64 2008  Ancient Greek divination / Sarah Iles Johnston.
BS680 .V56 F37 1995  In praise of virtue : an exploration of the biblical virtues in a Christian context / Benjamin W. Farley.
DALEY  In the kitchen with Rosie : Oprah's favorite recipes / by Rosie Daley.
E185.615 .I34 2009  The breakthrough : politics and race in the age of Obama / Gwen Ifill.
F128.5 .I85 2001  It happened in Manhattan : an oral history of life in the city during the mid-twentieth century / [compiled by] Myrna Katz Frommer and Harvey Frommer.
FOLIO DA590 .L43 1977  Silver Jubilee Year : a complete pictorial record / by Serge Lemoine ; produced by Ted Smart & David Gibbon.
FOLIO E263 .N8 R48 2007  Revolutionary War gravesites of soldiers, patriots, and ancestors buried in North Carolina / the North Carolina Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Inc. ; Doris Lancaster Thompson, state regent, 1991-1994 ; [sketches by Morgan Harris]
FOLIO F106 .S63 1980  Appalachian mountains / by Clyde H. Smith ; text by Wilma Dykeman and Dykeman Stokely.
FOLIO F1219.3 .G3 S66 2001  The sport of life and death : the Mesoamerican ballgame / edited by E. Michael Whittington ; with essays by Douglas E. Bradley ... [et al.].
FOLIO G587 .S65 2009  Smithsonian at the poles : contributions to International Polar Year science / Igor Krupnik, Michael A. Lang, and Scott E. Miller, editors.
FOLIO LA226 .T44 2006  Meeting the challenge : America's independent colleges and universities since 1956 : essays / by John R. Thelin, Alvin P. Sanoff, and Welch Suggs.
FOLIO SB405 .B246 1985  Lee Bailey's Country flowers : gardening and bouquets from spring to fall / by Lee Bailey
GR203.17 .A58 2009  An anthology of Russian folktales / translated and edited by Jack V. Haney.
GV1469.25 .S425 R95 2008 Second Life : the official guide / Michael Rymaszewski ... [et al.].
HD62.6 .F57 2009  The 21st century nonprofit : managing in the age of governance / Paul B. Firstenberg, Rick Schoff.
HD62.6 .M391 2008  Moving beyond founder's syndrome to nonprofit success / Thomas A. McLaughlin, Addie Nelson Backlund.
HD9710 .U52 L49 1987 The public image of Henry Ford : an American folk hero and his company / by David L. Lewis.
HG9397.5.N8 N48 2007 Crossing the centuries, committed to care: Blue Cross and Blue Shield in North Carolina 1933-2008 / Diana J. Newton.
HQ803.5 .U66 2007 Unmarried Couples With Children./ Edited by Paula England and Kathryn Edin
JUV 594.38 CAM  Wolfsnail : a backyard predator / Sarah C. Campbell ; photographs by Sarah C. Campbell and Richard P. Campbell.
JUV 730 RAC  3-D ABC : a sculptural alphabet / by Bob Raczka.
JUV 741.5 STU  Adventures in cartooning / James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis Frederick-Frost.
JUV 796.357 NEL  We are the ship : the story of Negro League baseball / words and paintings by Kadir Nelson ; forward by Hank Aaron.
JUV 808.06692  How to write your life story / Ralph Fletcher.
JUV 863.7 GON  The storyteller's candle / story, Lucía González ; illustrations, Lulu Delacre = La velita de los cuentos / Cuento, Lucía González ; ilustraciones, Lulu Delacre.
JUV 973.9092 KER  What to do about Alice? : how Alice Roosevelt broke the rules, charmed the world, and drove her father Teddy crazy! / by Barbara Kerley ; illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham.
JUV E  Just in case / Yuyi Morales.
JUV E  What can you do with a rebozo? / by Carmen Tafolla ; illustrations by Amy Córdova.
JUV E  Papá and me / Arthur Dorros ; pictures by Rudy Gutierrez.
JUV E  Christmas maus: another small tale of Sisters House in Salem / by John Hutton.
JUV E  One boy / Laura Vaccaro Seeger.
JUV E  Are you ready to play outside? / by Mo Willems.
LB1060.2 .K34 2009  Challenging behavior in elementary and middle school / Barbara Kaiser and Judy Sklar Rasminsky.
ML338.L39 2006 The dawn of Indian music in the West : Bhairavi / Peter Lavezzoli.
ML3479 .T56 2008  Don't deny my name : words and music and the black intellectual tradition / by Lorenzo Thomas ; edited and with an Introduction by Aldon Lynn Nielsen.
ML3800 .K72 2008  Why classical music still matters / Lawrence Kramer.
ML410 .A233 A3 2008 Hallelujah junction : composing an American life / John Adams.
MYSTERY EVANOVICH  Fearless fourteen / Janet Evanovich.
MYSTERY RENDELL Not in the flesh : a Wexford novel / Ruth Rendell.
MYSTERY RENDELL Thirteen steps down : a novel / Ruth Rendell.
N5020 .N365 1967  Masters of the loaded brush; oil sketches from Rubens to Tiepolo.
N6310 .W671 1964 Form in Gothic. Authorized translation edited with an introd. by Sir Herbert Read.
N6915 .W6 1963  The art of the Italian Renaissance; a handbook for students and travellers./ Heinrich Wolfflin
N6922 .V451 1957  Lives of the artists. Selected and translated by E.L. Seeley, introd. by Alfred Werner.
NA737 .P64 L36 1998 George B. Post, architect : picturesque designer and determined realist / Sarah Bradford Landau.
NC225 .R6 1986 Master drawings in the Royal Collection : from Leonardo da Vinci to the present day / Jane Roberts.
ND646 .L64 1971  Dutch pictures from the Royal Collection [catalogue of an exhibition held at] the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace.
PQ1603 .A7 1966  Les tragiques / Agrippa d'Aubigné ; préface d'Albert-Marie Schmidt.
PQ1808 .A1 1962  Fables choisies mises en vers. [Introd., notes et relevé de variantes par Georges Couton]
PR115 .P72 2004  Popular Victorian women writers / edited by Kay Boardman and Shirley Jones.
PS153 .N5 C643 2009  Contemporary African American fiction : new critical essays / edited by Dana A. Williams
PS3048.A2 C73 2004  Walden : a fully annotated edition / Henry D. Thoreau ; edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer.
PS3501 .N4 W574 2009  Such a rare thing : the art of Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio / Clarence Lindsay.
PS3511 .A86 Z78425 2008  Faulkner's Imperialism
PS3569 .C593 H64 2008 2008  The Hope Chest / Karen Schwabach.
PS374 .S7 A45 2008 American fiction of the 1990s : reflections of history and culture / edited by Jay Prosser.
PS508 .I45 B43 2009  Becoming Americans : four centuries of immigrant writing / edited by Ilan Stavans ; foreword by Pete Hamill.
QA63 .E74 2009  Aha! Solutions / Martin Erickson.
QL653.S67 R45 2008  Reptiles and amphibians of the southern pine woods / Steven B. Reichling.
QL683.W4 P4 1961  A field guide to western birds; field marks of all species found in North America west of the 100th meridian, with a section on the birds of the Hawaiian Islands. Text and illus. by Roger Tory Peterson.
R154 .W47 A3 2007  This common secret : my journey as an abortion doctor / Susan Wicklund ; with Alan Kesselheim.
RC533 .D38 2008  Obsession : a history / Lennard J. Davis.
THOMPSON  Santa Barbara : how to discover America's Eden / by Pauline J. Thompson.
TT194 .M36 1979  The book of furniture making / Alf Martensson.
TX715 .B485 1990  Best of the best from North Carolina : selected recipes from North Carolina's favorite cookbooks / edited by Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley ; illustrated by Tupper Davidson.
TX719 .D64 1959  The classic French cuisine./ Joseph Donon
WILLIAMS  Masquerade / Kit Williams.
Z473 .G696 1998  Personal history / Katharine Graham.

October 2009

  Call #                  Title/Author 

BF109 .H346 B58 2004  Love at Goon Park / Deborah Blum.
CAGE F264 .W8 B69 2007  Winston & Salem : tales of murder, mystery, and mayhem / Jennifer Bean Bower.
CAGE G670 1913.K37 N58 2000  The ice master : the doomed 1913 voyage of the Karluk / Jennifer Niven.
cage PN4874.J24 R83 2008  Queen of the oil club : the intrepid Wanda Jablonski and the power of information / Anna Rubino.
CAGE PS3564.Y44 A83 2005 A maze me : poems for girls / by Naomi Shihab Nye ; pictures by Terre Maher.
CAGE PS3568 .O34879 M9 2005  My nature is hunger : new & selected poems, 1989-2004 / by Luis J. Rodríguez.
CB204 .E938 2007  A half-century of greatness : the creative imagination of Europe, 1848-1884 / Frederic Ewen ; edited by Jeffrey Wollock ; foreword by Aaron Kramer.
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September 2009 

Call # Title/Author
BF204.6 .F74 2009  Positivity : groundbreaking research reveals how to embrace the hidden strength of positive emotions, overcome negativity, and thrive / Barbara Fredrickson.
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E/840.8/.R68/K36/2005 Karl Rove, the architect [electronic resource] / produced & directed by Michael Kirk ; co-produced & reported by Jim Gilmore ; written by Michael Kirk ; a Frontline coproduction with the Washington Post and Kirk Documentary Group ; WGBH Boston.
E175.8.N335 2006 A new introduction to American studies / edited by Howard Temperley and Christopher Bigsby.
E184.M5 H385 2008 The world of Mexican migrants : the rock and the hard place / Judith Adler Hellman.
E185.61.L519 2006 Massive resistance : the white response to the civil rights movement / George Lewis.
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E765 .G68 2008  Four hats in the ring : the 1912 election and the birth of modern American politics / Lewis L. Gould.
F/1408.3/.E874/2006/D.1 El espejo enterrado [videorecording] : reflexiones sobre españa y el neuvo mundo / escrita y presentada por Carlos Fuentes ; editor: Hugh Newsam ; producción: Annie Dodds ; productor de la serie: Michael Gill.
F/1408.3/.E874/2006/D.2 El espejo enterrado [videorecording] : reflexiones sobre españa y el neuvo mundo / escrita y presentada por Carlos Fuentes ; editor: Hugh Newsam ; producción: Annie Dodds ; productor de la serie: Michael Gill.
F/1408.3/.E874/2006/D.3 El espejo enterrado [videorecording] : reflexiones sobre españa y el neuvo mundo / escrita y presentada por Carlos Fuentes ; editor: Hugh Newsam ; producción: Annie Dodds ; productor de la serie: Michael Gill.
F/1408.3/.E874/2006/D.4 El espejo enterrado [videorecording] : reflexiones sobre españa y el neuvo mundo / escrita y presentada por Carlos Fuentes ; editor: Hugh Newsam ; producción: Annie Dodds ; productor de la serie: Michael Gill.
F/1408.3/.E874/2006/D.5 El espejo enterrado [videorecording] : reflexiones sobre españa y el neuvo mundo / escrita y presentada por Carlos Fuentes ; editor: Hugh Newsam ; producción: Annie Dodds ; productor de la serie: Michael Gill.
F/264/.G8/F73/2004 February one [videorecording]
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FOLIO N7352 .J362 2007 Japan envisions the West : 16th-19th century Japanese art from Kobe City Museum / edited by Yukiko Shirahara.
folio NA737.S9 S9  The idea of Louis Sullivan.
FOLIO ND553 .C33 A4 1988  Cezanne, the early years, 1859-1872 / catalogue by Lawrence Gowing ; with contributions by Götz Adriani ... [et al.] ; edited by Mary Anne Stevens.
FOLIO ND553 .G45 T5 1987  Theodore Gericault, 1791-1824 : an exhibition paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints and sculpture / essays Lorenz Eitner, Hans Lüthy.
GC21 .D398 2008  How the ocean works : an introduction to oceanography / Mark Denny.
GV1469.25 .S425 A9 2008 C.2  The making of Second Life : notes from the new world / Wagner James Au. Edition : 1st ed.
GV1785 .B32 G65 2008  Balanchine variations / Nancy Goldner.
HB76 .B83 2007  New ideas from dead economists : an introduction to modern economic thought / by Todd G. Buchholz ; with a foreword by Martin Feldstein.
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HN29 .S334 2008  Method and meaning in polls and surveys / Howard Schuman.
HN49 .V64 R54 2008  Mobilizing generation 2.0 : a practical guide to using Web 2.0 technologies to recruit, organize, and engage youth / Ben Rigby ; foreword by Rock the Vote.
HN90 .V64 H47 2006 No surprises : harmonizing risk and reward in volunteer management / by Melanie L. Herman, Peggy M. Jackson and Barbara B. Oliver.
HQ1147.G7 H36 2007  The wealth of wives : women, law, and economy in late medieval London / Barbara A. Hanawalt.
HQ1413.S675 G56 1995 Gloria Steinem [videorecording] : Ms. America / produced by ABC News Productions in association with A&E Network.
HQ1421 .E65 2007 Finding the movement : sexuality, contested space, and feminist activism / Anne Enke.
HQ77.8 .J67 D63 2008 Becoming a woman : a biography of Christine Jorgensen / Richard F. Docter.
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JUV 793.7 ANN Anno's math games / Mitsumasa Anno.
JUV ROW The tales of Beedle the Bard / translated from the ancient runes by Hermione Granger ; commentary by Albus Dumbledore ; introduction, notes, and illustrations by J.K. Rowling.
JUV STR The Friskative Dog / Susan Straight.
JUV/028.5081/BUR Spaghetti and meatballs for all! : a mathematical story / written by Marilyn Burns ; illustrated by Debbie Tilley.
JUV/513.2/LEE Fraction action / written and illustrated by Loreen Leedy.
JUV/522.92/LAS The librarian who measured the earth / Kathryn Lasky ; illustrated by Kevin Hawkes.
JUV/793.7/TAN The grapes of math : mind stretching math riddles / by Greg Tang ; illustrated by Harry Briggs.
JUV/811.540/HOP Marvelous math : a book of poems / selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins ; illustrated by Karen Barbour.
JUV/E The greedy triangle / written by Marilyn Burns ; illustrated by Gordon Silveria.
JZ1318 .H427 2009 Globalization : debunking the myths / Lui Hebron, John F. Stack, Jr.
JZ1480 .S93 2008 Test by fire : the war presidency of George W. Bush / Robert Swansbrough.
KF2979 .G64 2007 Intellectual property : the tough new realities that could make or break your business / Paul Goldstein.
KF5060 .B35 2007 Bush, the detainees, and the Constitution : the battle over presidential power in the War on Terror / Howard Ball.
LB1027 .D553 2007  Child-centred education : reviving the creative tradition / Christine Doddington and Mary Hilton.
LB1028 .R43 v.32  Review of research in education.
LB3013 .K55 2007  Teaching discipline & self-respect : effective strategies, anecdotes, and lessons for successful classroom management / SiriNam S. Khalsa ; foreword by Jeffrey R. Ryan.
LC/4031/.N49/2005 A new I.D.E.A for special education [videorecording] : understanding the system and the new law : a guide for parents, a tool for educators / written & directed by Callie Lasch.
ML3521 .R29 2008 Ramblin' on my mind : new perspectives on the blues / edited by David Evans.
ML420 .S667 S36 2008 Blues empress in black Chattanooga : Bessie Smith and the emerging urban South / Michelle R. Scott.
ML700 .H26 2008  After the golden age : romantic pianism and modern performance / Kenneth Hamilton.
MYSTERY CHRISTIE A pocket full of rye / Agatha Christie.
MYSTERY SMITH Tea time for the traditionally built / Alexander McCall Smith.
N6512.5 .A25 A28 2007  Abstract expressionism and other modern works : the Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art / edited by Gary Tinterow, Lisa Mintz Messinger, and Nan Rosenthal.
NA7206 .F34 2007  Remodeling the nation : the architecture of American identity, 1776-1858 / Duncan Faherty.
ND1839 .H6 A4 2008  Watercolors by Winslow Homer : the color of light / Martha Tedeschi with Kristi Dahm ; contributions by Judith Walsh and Karen Huang.
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NX663 .U6 G58 2007  People of paradox : a history of Mormon culture / Terryl L. Givens.
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PN/1997/I455/2008 Imitation of life [videorecording].
RA/784/.F66/2007 Food and obesity [videorecording] : what we eat / a production of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
T21 .P83 2007  Technology in postwar America : a history / Carroll Pursell.

July 2009                                                                                            

Call Number Title and Author Information
BV652.23 .E56 2008 Brands of faith : marketing religion in a commercial age / Mara Einstein.
DA142 .J57 2008 Solving Stonehenge : the new key to an ancient enigma / Anthony Johnson.
E78 .E2 N38 2007 Native women's history in eastern North America before 1900 : a guide to research and writing /edited by Rebecca Kugel and Lucy Eldersveld Murphy.
E185.86 .R537 2007 Black masculinity and the U.S. South : from Uncle Tom to gangsta / Riché Richardson.
E185.97 .W55 D385 2007 They say : Ida B. Wells and the reconstruction of race / James West Davidson.
F209.B38 2007 Southern culture : an introduction / John Beck, Wendy Frandsen, Aaron Randall.
E743 .L59 2008 From the New Deal to the New Right : race and the southern origins of modern conservatism /Joseph E. Lowndes.
F379 .N553 A212 2009 Nine lives : death and life in New Orleans / Dan Baum.
GB460 .A2 S27 2007 Just seconds from the ocean : coastal living in the wake of Katrina / William Sargent.
GE180 .K59 2008 American environmental policy, 1990-2006 : beyond gridlock /              Christopher McGrory Klyza, David J. Sousa.
GN450.8 .S86 2007 Doing anthropology in consumer research / Patricia L. Sunderland and Rita M. Denny.
GV706.5 .M46 2007 Out of play : critical essays on gender and sport / Michael A. Messner ; foreword by Raewyn Connell.
HF2045 .T74 2009 Free trade nation : commerce, consumption, and civil society in modern Britain / Frank Trentmann.
HJ1208 .M36 2009 History's greatest heist : the looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks / Sean McMeekin.
HQ799.7 .W55 2008 Wannabes, goths, and Christians : the boundaries of sex, style, and status / Amy C. Wilkins.
HQ1075 .B73 2007 Gender / Harriet Bradley.
HQ1121 .E24 2008 From freedom fighters to terrorists : women and political violence / Paige Whaley Eager.
HQ1410 .P73 2007 The practice of U.S. women's history : narratives, intersections, and dialogues /edited by S. Jay Kleinberg, Eileen Boris, Vicki L. Ruiz.
HV40.35 .H69 2008 The emotionally intelligent social worker / David Howe.
HV41.9 .U5 M373 2008 The grantseeker's guide to winning proposals / Judith Margolin, editor ; Elan K. DiMaio, assistant editor.
HV98 .T5 L44 2007 Life after welfare : reform and the persistence of poverty /Laura Lein and Deanna T. Schexnayder ; with Karen Nanges Douglas and Daniel G. Schroeder.
JC355 .F3985 2008 Federalism : political identity and tragic compromise / Malcolm M. Feeley and Edward Rubin.
JF1525 .P67 K68 2007 Marketing in the public sector : a roadmap for improved performance / Philip Kotler, Nancy Lee.
JK275 .R45 2008 Supercapitalism : the transformation of business, democracy, and everyday life / Robert B. Reich.
JZ 1305 .I565 2007 International relations theory for the twenty-first century : an introduction / Martin Griffiths, editor
  KF4552 .B366 2007 Constitutional interpretation : the basic questions / Sotirios A. Barber and James E. Fleming.
LB1028.68 .C65 2005 Using Moodle : teaching with the popular open source course management system / Jason Cole.
LC212.2 .L49 2003 Race in the schoolyard : negotiating the color line in classrooms and communities / Amanda E. Lewis.
LC212.52 .L39 2009 Law touched our hearts : a generation remembers Brown v. Board of Education / Mildred Wigfall Robinson and Richard J. Bonnie, editors.
ML410 .S855 S64 2008 William Grant Still / Catherine Parsons Smith.
MYSTERY GRAFTON Three complete novels / Grafton, Sue.                                         (contains "A" is for Alloi, "B" is for Burglar, "C" is for Corpse)

Three complete novels /Grafton, Sue.                                              (contains "D" is for Deadbeat, "E" is for Evidence, and "F" is for Fugitive)


Three complete novels / Grafton,Sue.                                                                                        (contains "G" is for Gumshoe, "H" is for Homicide, and "I" is for Innocent)

MYSTERY GRAFTON Three complete novels / Grafton, Sue.                                                (contains "G" is for Gumshoe, "H" is for Homicide, and "I" is for Innocent)
PJ5054 .O9 A2 2009  The Amos Oz reader / Amos Oz ; selected and edited by Nitza Ben-Dov.
PL8703.5 .M25 2007 Swahili beyond the boundaries : literature, language, and identity / Mazrui, Alamin M.
PN3331 .Z86 2006 Why we read fiction : theory of mind and the novel / Lisa Zunshine.
PQ4335.H384 2007 Dante / Havely, N. R.
PQ7798.23 .E719 Y6 2005 Yo nunca te prometí la eternidad / Mercado, Tununa, 1939-
PR2848 .M33 2008 The world of Shakespeare's sonnets : an introduction / Matz, Robert.
PR3072 .C79 2008 Think on my words' : exploring Shakespeare's language / Crystal, David, 1941-
PR3562 .T47 2007 Milton's Paradise lost : moral education / Thickstun, Margaret Olofson, 1956-
PS228 .H57 P37 2008 From the Civil War to the apocalypse : postmodern history and American fiction / Parrish, Timothy, 1964-
PS615 .B474 2007 The Best American poetry
PS688 .B47 1997 The Best American essays
PS688 .B47 2007 The Best American essays
PS3505 .H642 A6 2009 Collected stories and other writings / Cheever, John.
PS3562 .I586 L54 2009 Life sentences / Lippman, Laura, 1959-
PS3569 .P363 A89 2005 At first sight / Sparks, Nicholas.
PS3607 .O592 R45 2009 A reliable wife : a novel / Goolrick, Robert, 1948-
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RG51 .B76 2008 The control of childbirth : women versus medicine through the ages / Brodsky, Phyllis L., 1936-
SB443 .Z54 2007 Favored flowers : culture and economy in a global system / Ziegler, Catherine.
TK5105.88 .N67 2008 Joomla! : a user's guide : building a successful Joomla! powered Website / North, Barrie M.
TX531 .V33 2008 Essentials of food science / Vaclavik, Vickie.
TX749.5 .B43 O94 2008 The hamburger : a history / Ozersky, Josh.

June 2009

Call # Title/Author
BF575 .H27 F74 2008  Happiness : a revolution in economics / Bruno S. Frey, in collaboration with Alois Stutzer ... [et al.].
BL221 .S33 2007  Sacred : books of the three faiths : Judaism, Christianity, Islam / edited by John Reeve ; essays by Karen Armstrong, Everett Fox, F.E. Peters ; catalogue contributions by Colin F. Baker ... [et al.].
BT612 .T48 2007  Chosen among women : Mary and Fatima in medieval Christianity and Shíite Islam / Mary F. Thurlkill.
DS558.H47 2008  Vietnam : explaining America's lost war / Gary R. Hess.
DT159.6 .D27 D35 2007  Darfur's sorrow : a history of destruction and genocide / M.W. Daly.
DT2638 .E43 2007  Power in colonial Africa : conflict and discourse in Lesotho, 1870-1960 / Elizabeth A. Eldredge.
DT450.435 .K769 2008  The French betrayal of Rwanda / Daniela Kroslak.
E322.G456 2009  Abigail & John : portrait of a marriage / Edith B. Gelles.
GE42 .L364 2002  Hope's edge : the next diet for a small planet / Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé.
GV1785 .B3 J85 2007  Josephine Baker in art and life : the icon and the image / Bennetta Jules-Rosette.
HB139.P345 2006  Palgrave handbook of econometrics / edited by Kerry Patterson and Terence C. Mills. Vol. 1, Econometric theory.
HC107.A13 B85 2000  Dumping in Dixie : race, class, and environmental quality / Robert D. Bullard.
HC79 .C6 D42 2008  The industrious revolution : consumer behavior and the household economy, 1650 to the present / Jan de Vries.
HD6080 .J36 2008  The gender impact of social security reform / Estelle James, Alejandra Cox Edwards, and Rebeca Wong.
HD62.6 .B738 2007  Generations : the challenge of a lifetime for your nonprofit / Peter C. Brinckerhoff ; [edited by Vincent Hyman].
HD6280 .M86 2008  Working longer : the solution to the retirement income challenge / Alicia H. Munnell, Steven A. Sass.
HD87 .S65 2007  Solutions for the world's biggest problems : costs and benefits / edited by Bjørn Lomborg.
HD9710.3 .U52 K55 2008 Who really made your car? : restructuring and geographic change in the auto industry / Thomas Klier, James Rubenstein.
HF5414 .K67 2008  Social marketing : influencing behaviors for good / Philip Kotler, Nancy R. Lee.
HG2040.5 .U5 Z36 2009  Financial shock : a 360À look at the subprime mortgage implosion, and how to avoid the next financial crisis / Mark Zandi.
HN113.5 .L49 2008  Good intentions, bad outcomes : social policy, informality, and economic growth in Mexico / Santiago Levy.
HV41.9 .U5 F686 2008 Foundation fundamentals / Sarah Collins, editor.
HV6245 .G79 2009  Guinn, Jeff. Go down together : the true, untold story of Bonnie and Clyde / Jeff Guinn. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2009. 
HV6626.2 .S67 2007  Stark, Evan. Coercive control : the entrapment of women in personal life / Evan Stark. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.

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May  2009

Call Number Author/Title
E338 .H69 2007 What hath God wrought : the transformation of America, 1815-1848 / Daniel Walker Howe.
E185.625 .I76 2008  In search of the Black fantastic : politics and popular culture in the post-Civil Rights era / Richard Iton.
KF5075 .K98 2008 The age of impeachment : American constitutional culture since 1960 / David E. Kyvig.
E183.8 .I7 M428 2007 The Israel lobby and U.S. foreign policy / John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt.
KF8742 .Z9 H64 2007  The Supreme Court : an essential history / Peter Charles Hoffer, Williamjames Hull Hoffer, N.E.H. Hull.
ML1255 .B87 2002 VOL.3, PT.A  The symphonic repertoire / A. Peter Brown.
BH301 .C84 C665 2007  Creation : artists, gods and origins / Peter Conrad.
HE7583 .U6 I57 2008 The Internet and American business / edited by William Aspray, Paul E. Ceruzzi.
DA110 .A44 2007  Medievalism : the Middle Ages in modern England / Michael Alexander.
ML1255 .B87 2002 VOL.3, PT.B  The symphonic repertoire / A. Peter Brown.
BF575 .B3 L36 2007  Shyness : how normal behavior became a sickness / Christopher Lane.
JQ1789 .A15 A95 2008 The quest for democracy in Iran : a century of struggle against authoritarian rule / Fakhreddin Azimi.
DS779.47 .K87 2007 Charm offensive : how China's soft power is transforming the world / Joshua Kurlantzick.
HJ8106 .W75 2008  One nation under debt : Hamilton, Jefferson, and the history of what we owe / Robert E. Wright.
HC260 .P6 P47 2007 Hunger : a modern history / James Vernon.
HC60 .R487 2007  Does foreign aid really work? / Roger C. Riddell.
FOLIO PN1584 .S74 2008  Performing arts management : a handbook of professional practices / Tobie S. Stein and Jessica Bathurst.
JC328.7 .G43 2008  Fixing failed states : a framework for rebuilding a fractured world / Ashraf Ghani, Clare Lockhart.
Q175 .J69 2007  The joy of science : an examination of how scientists ask and answer questions using the story of evolution as a paradigm / edited by Richard A. Lockshin.
RA564 .A334 2007  Addiction treatment : science and policy for the twenty-first century / edited by Jack E. Henningfield, Patricia B. Santora and Warren K. Bickel.
BX4915.2 .F83 1998  The magnificent ride : the first reformation in Hussite Bohemia / Thomas A. Fudge.
LC89 .A78 2007 Congress and the classroom : from the Cold War to "No Child Left Behind" / Lee W. Anderson.
QC773 .R67 2008 Hiroshima : the world's bomb / Andrew J. Rotter.
HD2769.15 .G58 1999 Global civil society : dimensions of the nonprofit sector / Lester M. Salamon ... [et al.].
P107 .P548 2007  The stuff of thought : language as a window into human nature / Steven Pinker.
QE26.3 .A53 2007  New theory of the Earth / Don L. Anderson.
QA22 .R86 2007 How mathematics happened : the first 50,000 years / Peter S. Rudman.
PN2291 .C65 2007  Theatre management : producing and managing the performing arts / David M. Conte, Stephen Langley.
TP9 .M94 2007  The 100 most important chemical compounds : a reference guide / Richard L. Myers.
HD31 .H25 2007  The future of management / Gary Hamel ; with Bill Breen
QH362 .M55 2008  Only a theory : evolution and the battle for America's soul / Kenneth R. Miller
HG2040.15 .S45 2008  The subprime solution : how today's global financial crisis happened and what to do about it / Robert J. Shiller.
Q182.3 .J65 2008  The ten most beautiful experiments / George Johnson.
HC110 .P6 W53 2008  Closing the food gap : resetting the table in the land of plenty / Mark Winne.
BX8568 .B4 E54 2009  Religion and profit : Moravians in early America / Katherine Carté Engel.
BF575 .L7 C23 2008  Loneliness : human nature and the need for social connection / John T. Cacioppo and William Patrick.
HC106.5 .B347 2008  Unequal democracy : the political economy of the new gilded age / Larry M. Bartels.
HD7125 .G465 2008  When I'm sixty-four : the plot against pensions and the plan to save them / Teresa Ghilarducci.
PS1999 .H422 Z58 2008  Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins : Black daughter of the Revolution / Lois Brown.
E540 .N3 R45 2008  Freedom for themselves : North Carolina's Black soldiers in the Civil War era / Richard M. Reid.
D2025.5 .U64 E53 2008 The end of the West? : crisis and change in the Atlantic order / edited by Jeffrey Anderson, G. John Ikenberry, Thomas Risse.
BF720 .S63 R43 2008 How infants know minds / Vasudevi Reddy.
E183.8 .S65 G73 2008  Reagan, Bush, Gorbachev : revisiting the end of the Cold War / Norman A. Graebner, Richard Dean Burns, and Joseph M. Siracusa.
GB5014 .S58 2008 Global catastrophes and trends : the next 50 years / Vaclav Smil.
PR504.5 .S74 2008  Invitation to poetry : the pleasures of studying poetry and poetics / Lisa M. Steinman.
HD62.6 .F69 1997  Striking a balance : a guide to enhancing the effectiveness of non-governmental organisations in international development / Alan Fowler.
BP189.43 .R46 2008  Friends of God : Islamic images of piety, commitment, and servanthood / John Renard.
JZ4841 .N34 2006 NGO accountability : politics, principles and innovations / edited by Lisa Jordan and Peter van Tuijl.
DS5.95 .G67 2008  When Asia was the world / Stewart Gordon.
LB3051 .K667 2008 Measuring up : what educational testing really tells us / Daniel Koretz.
GR268 .A73 R49 2007  Arab folklore : a handbook / Dwight F. Reynolds.
HM1101 .S864 2007  Worst-case scenarios / Cass R. Sunstein.
PL248 .T234 H891 2008 A mind at peace / Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar ; translated from the Turkish by Erdag Göknar.
D769.8.A6 M88 2008  Historical memories of the Japanese American internment and the struggle for redress / Alice Yang Murray.
BR744 .F73 2008  The good women of the parish : gender and religion after the Black Death / Katherine L. French.
GE197 .M45 2008  Greasy rider : two dudes, one fry-oil-powered car, and a cross-country search for a greener future / Greg Melville.
Q147 .B56 2008  The Chicago guide to your career in science : a toolkit for students and postdocs / Victor A. Bloomfield and Esam E. El-Fakahany.
PN1993.5 .U6 J198 2008 The decline of sentiment : American film in the 1920s / Lea Jacobs
QH84.8 .N36 2007  Life in the soil : a guide for naturalists and gardeners / James B. Nardi.
GR580 .G65 2007 Haunting experiences : ghosts in contemporary folklore / Diane E. Goldstein, Sylvia Ann Grider, Jeannie Banks Thomas.
HD31 .D773 2008  Management / Peter F. Drucker, with Joseph A. Maciariello
REF PN1995.9 .F54 M39 2007  Encyclopedia of film noir / Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell.
DB2105 .F83 2002 The crusade against heretics in Bohemia, 1418-1437 : sources and documents for the Hussite crusades / Thomas A. Fudge.
RC469 .G78 2008  A guide to assessments that work / edited by John Hunsley and Eric J. Mash.
U264 .R48 2007  Arsenals of folly : the making of the nuclear arms race / Richard Rhodes.
HQ792 .U5 C46 2007  Children at play : an American history / Howard P. Chudacoff.
DS38.3 .K45 2007  The great Arab conquests : how the spread of Islam changed the world we live in / Hugh Kennedy.
HV6768 .F57 2008  Economic gangsters : corruption, violence, and the poverty of nations / Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel.
BX1406.3 .O79 2008  The faithful : a history of Catholics in America / James M. O'Toole.
BR1644.5 .U6 S74 2008  The fire spreads : holiness and Pentecostalism in the American South / Randall J. Stephens.
FOLIO N7410 .M48 2007  Oceania : art of the Pacific Islands in the Metropolitan Museum of Art / Eric Kjellgren.
ML410 .R66 E94 2007 Sigmund Romberg / William A. Everett ; with a foreword by Geoffrey Block, general editor.
ML2054 .K46 2008  Musical theatre : a history / John Kenrick.
RA485 .C62 2007  Hubbub : filth, noise & stench in England 1600-1770 / Emily Cockayne.
HG5095 .M86 2008  Chain of blame : how Wall Street caused the mortgage and credit crisis / Paul Muolo, Mathew Padilla.
PT405 .S334 2008  Memory matters : generational responses to Germany's Nazi past in recent women's literature / Caroline Schaumann.
QE882 .P8 T46 2008  The legacy of the Mastodon : the golden age of fossils in America / Keith Thomson.
JUV GAI  The graveyard book / Neil Gaiman ; with illustrations by Dave McKean.
HG177.5 .U6 G44 2007  The Foundation Center's guide to proposal writing / Jane C. Geever.
BQ7604 .P69 2007 Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism / by John Powers.
U241 .C37 2006  Counterinsurgency and the global war on terror : military culture and irregular war / Robert M. Cassidy.
HD8072.5 .G74 2008  The big squeeze : tough times for the American worker / Steven Greenhouse.
JC328.2 .N46 2008  United we fall : ending America's love affair with the political center / Phil Neisser.
UA23.6 .H47 2008  Rumsfeld's wars : the arrogance of power / Dale R. Herspring.
PS3553 .H277 Y68 2005  You remind me of me : a novel / Dan Chaon.
DS371.3 .T354 2008  The Taliban and the crisis of Afghanistan / edited by Robert D. Crews and Amin Tarzi.
BQ9270.2 .Z46 2008  Zen ritual : studies of Zen Buddhist theory in practice / edited by Steven Heine and Dale S. Wright.
DA566.9 .B565 A3 2008  Speaking for myself : my life from Liverpool to Downing Street / Cherie Blair.
QA611 .A3 R53 2008  Euler's gem : the polyhedron formula and the birth of topology / David S. Richeson.
F1232 .S232 F69 2007  Santa Anna of Mexico / Will Fowler.
E185.93 .S7 C76 2008  Gullah culture in America / Wilbur Cross ; foreword by Emory Shaw Campbell.
QA802 .C76 2007  Mechanics from Aristotle to Einstein / Michael J. Crowe.
LB1585.3 .T35 2007  Taking science to school : learning and teaching science in grades K-8 / Committee on Science Learning, Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade ; Richard A. Duschl, Heidi A. Schweingruber, and Andrew W. Shouse, editors ; Board on Science Education, Center for Education, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education.
BV5082.3 .H37 2008  Mystics / William Harmless.
F454.B66 M67 2007  Boone : a biography / by Robert Morgan.
DA47.9 .I73 B49 2007  Ireland : the politics of enmity, 1789-2006 / Paul Bew.
ML410 .L798 R55 2008  Frank Loesser / Thomas L. Riis ; with a foreword by Geoffrey Block.
BL505 .M33 2008  Resurrection : the power of God for Christians and Jews / Kevin J. Madigan and Jon D. Levenson.
QC981.8 .G56 L983 2008  Six degrees : our future on a hotter planet / Mark Lynas.
PL2919 .A58 C431 2008  The song of everlasting sorrow : a novel of Shanghai / Wang Anyi ; translated by Michael Berry and Susan Chan Egan.
PL2948.3 .J53 B45 2008  Beijing coma / Ma Jian ; translated from the Chinese by Flora Drew.
BF1576 .B25 2007  The devil of Great Island : witchcraft and conflict in early New England / Emerson W. Baker.
LC66 .G65 2008  The race between education and technology / Claudia Goldin, Lawrence F. Katz.
PS3053 .A2 2007  I to myself : an annotated selection from the journal of Henry D. Thoreau / edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer.
GV1785 .A1 E52 2008  The dancer within : intimate conversations with great dancers / photographs and text by Rose Eichenbaum ; edited by Aron Hirt-Manheimer.
GV1469.15 .C393 2007  Exodus to the virtual world : how online fun is changing reality / Edward Castronova.
DB2176 .W56 2007  Flag wars and stone saints : how the Bohemian lands became Czech / Nancy M. Wingfield.
F3442 .M33 2007  The last days of the Incas / Kim MacQuarrie.
BR520 .K53 2007  The great awakening : the roots of evangelical Christianity in colonial America / Thomas S. Kidd.
QA273 .M63 2008  The drunkard's walk : how randomness rules our lives / Leonard Mlodinow.
HB501 .S764 2008  Economics for everyone : a short guide to the economics of capitalism / Jim Stanford ; illustrations by Tony Biddle.
QA273 .H354 2008  Handbook of probability : theory and applications / Tamás Rudas, editor.
QA300 .S376 2008  Mathematical analysis : a concise introduction / Bernd S.W. Schröder.
HG3881.5 .W57 S74 2008  Beyond the World Bank agenda : an institutional approach to development / Howard Stein.
E457.2 .C76 2008  Rebel giants : the revolutionary lives of Abraham Lincoln & Charles Darwin / David R. Contosta.
QK26 .G75 2008  Flower hunters / Mary Gribbin & John Gribbin.
E176.1 .L457 2008  The anti-intellectual presidency : the decline of presidential rhetoric from George Washington to George W. Bush / Elvin T. Lim.
BF408 .O35 2007  Smart world : breakthrough creativity and the new science of ideas / Richard Ogle.
DR501 .E27 2007  The early modern Ottomans : remapping the Empire / edited by Virginia H. Aksan and Daniel Goffman.
PR448.H65 Q44 2007  Queer people : negotiations and expressions of homosexuality, 1700-1800 / edited by Chris Mounsey and Caroline Gonda.
RC49 .H333 2008  The cure within : a history of mind-body medicine / Anne Harrington.
PR4753 .P58 2007  Thomas Hardy : the guarded life / Ralph Pite.
GT2850 .J66 2007  Feast : why humans share food / Martin Jones.

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April 9, 2009

Call Number (Location)   Author/Title
FOLIO S555 .N8 M34 2003 The North Carolina State Fair: The First 150 Years/ Melton A. McLaurin
HF 54155 .R239 2009  Strategic Communications for Nonprofit Organizations:Seven Steps to Creating a Successful Plan/ Sally J. Patterson & Janel M. Radtke
HB 171 .S713 2008 Economic Facts and Fallacies/ Thomas Sowell
BF 637 .R48 M43 2008 Beyond Revenge:The Evolution of the Forgivness Instinct/ by Michael E. McCullough
HQ 536 .T455 2007 Marriage and Cohabitation/ by Arland Thornton, William G. Axinn, and Yu Xie
HV 6521 .T723 2008 True Crime: An American Anthology/ edited by Harold Schechter
PQ 7087 .E5 O9 1997 The Oxford Book of Latin American Short Stories/ edited by Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria

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March 2009

Call Number (Location) Author/Title
ref Z 6941 .M23 17th ed Magazines for libraries
ref Z 1224 .C6 V.271 Contemporary authors.
ref Z 1224 .C6 nrs V.117 Contemporary authors. New revision series
folio BP 184.3 M64 2005 Salaat from A to Z : a unique way to learn & teach Salaat / Mamdouh N. Mohamed.
BF 698 .S36 2009 Theories of personality / Duane P. Schultz, Sydney Ellen Schultz
PS 3507 .R87 A3 1959 C.2 Advise and consent, by Allen Drury ; drawings by Arthur Shilstone.
E 748 .E93 K36 2007 Senator Sam Ervin, last of the founding fathers / Karl E. Campbell.
JZ 1252 .L56 2007 Winners without losers : why Americans should care more about global economic policy / Edward J. Lincoln.
ND 1300 .L8 1985 Act of portrayal : Eakins, Sargent, James / David M. Lubin.
BM 155.3 .G65 2007 The origins of Judaism : from Canaan to the rise of Islam / Robert Goldenberg.
BQ 4132 .B37 1998 Buddhism without beliefs : a contemporary guide to awakening / Stephen Batchelor.
HD 9000.5 .L33 1998 World hunger : twelve myths / by Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins.
ref LB 2846 .A45 2008 The almanac of American education, 2004 / edited by Deirdre A. Gaquin and Katherine A. DeBrandt.
PS3602.A777 L334 2008  The lace reader : a novel / Brunonia Barry.
KF4520 .M494 2008  Liberty's blueprint : how Madison and Hamilton wrote the Federalist papers, defined the constitution, and made democracy safe for the world / Michael I. Meyerson.
HB119 .G74 A3 2007 The age of turbulence : adventures in a new world / Alan Greenspan.
ref AY67.N5 W75 2009 World almanac & book of facts
PR55.T63 A3 2008  The thing itself : on the search for authenticity / Richard Todd.
PR6057.A319 N48 2003 Neverwhere : a novel / Neil Gaiman.
ref AY64 .I552 2009  The Time almanac / Borgna Brunner, editor ; in cooperation with Information Please.
SB435.6 .K4 M33 2003 The Green Belt Movement : sharing the approach and the experience / Wangari Maathai.
HN65 .L37 2007 Getting a grip : clarity, creativity, and courage in a world gone mad / Frances Moore Lappé.
TX392.L27 1991 Diet for a small planet / Frances Moore Lappé ; illustrations by Marika Hahn.
RC552 .E18 B388 2006 Battling eating disorders [videorecording] / a Meridian production.
DD901 .D78 F570 2004 Fire storm over Dresden [videorecording] / Big Little Picture Company.
E185.61 .Y68 2007  You don't have to ride Jim Crow! [videorecording] / produced by Robin Washington ; presented by New Hampshire Public Television ; distributed by Wombat Media.
REF LC4031 .S875 2008  Students with disabilities and special education law.
HQ1034 .U5 P65 2007  The politics of same-sex marriage / edited by Craig A. Rimmerman and Clyde Wilcox.
HD2365 .G575 2007  Global capitalism unbound : winners and losers from offshore outsourcing / edited by Eva Paus.
LC212.23 .H3 E18 2009  The children in room E4 : American education on trial / by Susan Eaton.
HC106.83 .E26 2008  The economists' voice : top economists take on today's problems / Joseph E. Stiglitz, Aaron S. Edlin, J. Bradford DeLong, editors.
TP573 .U6 M58 2008 Brewing battles : a history of American beer / Amy Mittelman.
GV1469.25 .S425 A9 2008 The making of Second Life : notes from the new world / Wagner James Au.
HD8072.5 .R45 2000  The future of success / Robert B. Reich.
PT2613 .R338 Z758 2008 Günter Grass and his critics : from The tin drum to Crabwalk / Siegfried Mews.
BL640 .G55 2008  The political origins of religious liberty / Anthony Gill.
JZ4984.5 .N67 2008  Human rights at the UN : the political history of universal justice / Roger Normand and Sarah Zaidi ; foreword by Richard A. Falk.
PS688 .B47 1996  The Best American essays.
PS688 .B47 1989  The Best American essays.
PS643.S5 B44 2008  The best American short stories.
NA7208 .D68 2002  American house now : contemporary architectural directions / Susan Doubilet and Daralice Boles.
PS3553 .H277 A8 2001  Among the missing / Dan Chaon.
PS688 .B47 1986  The Best American essays.
E477.67 .D33 1981  To Appomattox : nine April days, 1865 / Burke Davis.
CMC LB1044.9.P49 Z55 2008  Using picture books to teach comprehension strategies / Joanne M. Zimny.

January 2009

Call Number (Location) Title / Author
B2430 .R554 .S56 2003 Paul Ricoeur / Karl Simms.
BF173 .F673 v.3 Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939. Collected papers. Authorized translation under the supervision of Joan Riviere.
BM729 .W6 W69 2007 Women remaking American Judaism / edited by Riv-Ellen Prell ; with a foreword by David Weinberg.
BQ4310 .E66 1998 Going to pieces without falling apart : a Buddhist perspective on wholeness / Mark Epstein.
BQ4430 .D47 E67 2005 Open to desire : embracing a lust for life using insights from Buddhism and psychotherapy / Mark Epstein.
BQ4570.P76 E67 1995 Thoughts without a thinker : psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective / Mark Epstein ; foreword by his Holiness the Dalai Lama.
BR515.G89 2007 Providence and the invention of the United States, 1607-1876 / Nicholas Guyatt.
BS1424.A48 2007 The book of Psalms : a translation with commentary / Robert Alter.
BS2460 .J8 M49 2007 Judas : the definitive collection of gospels and legends about the infamous Apostle of Jesus / Marvin Meyer.
BS2555.52 .P47 2007 Introduction to the synoptic gospels / Pheme Perkins.
BS2860 .J832 D33 2007 The thirteenth apostle : what the Gospel of Judas really says / April D. DeConick.
BT375.3 .S66 2008 Stories with intent : a comprehensive guide to the parables of Jesus / Klyne Snodgrass.
CC78 .H44 2007 The age of everything : how science explores the past / Matthew Hedman.
D639 .W7 J36 2008 Mobilizing Minerva : American women in the First World War / Kimberly Jensen.
D645 .M38 2007 The Wilsonian moment : self-determination and the international origins of anticolonial nationalism / Erez Manela.
DC34.5.B55 T46 2007 Black France : colonialism, immigration, and transnationalism / Dominic Thomas.
DK510.763 .S494 2007 Russia--lost in transition : the Yeltsin and Putin legacies / Lilia Shevtsova ; translated by Arch Tait.
DS124 .B46 2008 Jews in the early modern world / Dean Phillip Bell.
DT633 .T95 2007 An African republic : Black & White Virginians in the making of Liberia / Marie Tyler-McGraw.
E125 .N9 R47 2007 A land so strange : the epic journey of Cabeza de Vaca : the extraordinary tale of a shipwrecked Spaniard who walked across America in the sixteenth century / Andrés Reséndez.
E169.1.L539 2003 Inventing modern : growing up with x-rays, skyscrapers, and tailfins / John H. Lienhard.
E183.7 .H595 2008 The myth of American diplomacy : national identity and U.S. foreign policy / Walter L. Hixson.
E184 .A1 W455 2004 My soul looks back in wonder : voices of the civil rights experience / Juan Williams ; foreword David Halberstam ; afterword Marian Wright Edelman.
E184 .A75 C515 2008 The myth of the model minority : Asian Americans facing racism / Rosalind S. Chou and Joe R. Feagin.
E185.92 .B76 2007 Race in the American South : from slavery to civil rights / David Brown and Clive Webb.
E322 .A4 2007 My dearest friend : letters of Abigail and John Adams / edited by Margaret A. Hogan and C. James Taylor.
E392 .O94 2007 Mr. Jefferson's hammer : William Henry Harrison and the origins of American Indian policy / Robert M. Owens.
E457.25 .L55 E46 2007 The madness of Mary Lincoln / Jason Emerson.
E457.4 .G84 2008 Lincoln and Douglas : the debates that defined America / Allen C. Guelzo.
E856 .B53 2007 Richard M. Nixon : a life in full / Conrad Black.
E902 .R625 2008 The collapse of fortress Bush : the crisis of authority in American government / Alasdair Roberts.
F229 .A875 2007 The Atlantic world and Virginia, 1550-1624 / edited by Peter C. Mancall.
F316.2 .C58 2007 From yellow dog Democrats to red state Republicans : Florida and its politics since 1940 / David R. Colburn.
F445.A1 C86 2007 Seprate Peoples, One Land/ Cynthia Cumfer
F592.7 .L496 2007 Lewis & Clark and the Indian country : the Native American perspective / edited by Frederick E. Hoxie and Jay T. Nelson.
GR550 .Z56 1994 Fairy tale as myth/myth as fairy tale / Jack Zipes.
GR550 .Z58 1997 Happily ever after : fairy tales, children, and the culture industry / Jack Zipes.
GT2853 .U5 E34 2008 The early American table : food and society in the new world / Trudy Eden.
GV1783 .S46 2007 The people have never stopped dancing : Native American modern dance histories / Jacqueline Shea Murphy.
HD9566.D82 2008 Over a barrel : the costs of U.S. foreign oil dependence / John S. Duffield.
HE356 .U55 D43 2007 Hip to the trip : a cultural history of Route 66 / Peter B. Dedek
folio HF5382.7 .N45 1999 Cyberspace resume kit : how to make and launch a snazzy online resume / Mary B. Nemnich, Fred E. Jandt.
HG4661.S53 2008 Siegel, Jeremy J. Stocks for the long run : the definitive guide to financial market returns and long-term investment strategies / Jeremy J. Siegel.
HQ1236.5 .U6 B76 2008 Wives, mothers, and the Red Menace : conservative women and the crusade against communism / Mary C. Brennan.
HQ1587 .F35 2007 Women in early modern Europe, 1500-1700 / Cissie Fairchilds.
HQ18 .U5 H42 2008 Victory girls, khaki-wackies, and patriotutes : the regulation of female sexuality during World War II / Marilyn E. Hegarty.
HQ536.C45 2005 Public & private families : an introduction / Andrew J. Cherlin.05.
HQ77.95.U6 R83 2005 c.2 The riddle of gender : science, activism, and transgender rights / Deborah Rudacille.
HT1126 .B47 2007 The comparative histories of slavery in Brazil, Cuba, and the United States / Laird W. Bergad.
HV5187 .C65 2007 Liquor in the land of the lost cause : southern white evangelicals and the prohibition movement / Joe L. Coker.
HV6431 .S641 2008 The terrorism ahead : confronting transnational violence in the twenty-first century / Paul J. Smith.
JA71 .P339 2007 How to map arguments in political science / Craig Parsons.
JC573.2 .U6 R54 2008 Rightward bound : making America conservative in the 1970s / edited by Bruce J. Schulman, Julian E. Zelizer.
JK1896 .S64 2008 Suffragists in an imperial age : U.S. expansion and the woman question, 1870-1929 / Allison L. Sneider.
JK516 .C529 2008 The presidency in the era of 24-hour news / Jeffrey E. Cohen.
JK609 .M124 2008 Presidential leadership, illness, and decision making / Rose McDermott.
KF228.K589 S59 2007 The Battle over the Meaning of Everything Evolution, Intelligent Design, and a School Board in Dover, Pa.
KF8742 .M32 2008 Lincoln and the Court / Brian McGinty.
ML2075 .B475 2007 Beyond the soundtrack : representing music in cinema / edited by Daniel Goldmark, Lawrence Kramer, Richard Leppert.
ML3508.8 .N48 C44 2008 A trumpet around the corner : the story of New Orleans jazz / Samuel Charters.
ML410 .M9 A661 2007 W.A. Mozart / Hermann Abert ; translated by Stewart Spencer ; edited by Cliff Eisen.
ML410 .V4 B9 2008 Verdi / Julian Budden.
ML420 .L33 K37 2008 Never sang for Hitler : the life and times of Lotte Lehmann, 1888-1976 / Michael H. Kater.
ML421 .B4 F76 2007 The Beatles : image and the media / Michael R. Frontani.
folio N6494.P7 P75 1984 v.1 Primitivism in 20th century art : affinity of the tribal and the modern / edited by William Rubin.
N6797 .C63 A4 1988 John Constable, R.A (1776-1837) : an exhibition : paintings, drawings, watercolors, mezzotints.
folio N6797.M57 A4 1983 Henry Moore, 60 years of his art / William S. Lieberman.
N6953 .R4 H86 2007 Rembrandt : his life in art / Patrick Hunt.
NA2543.S6 H69 2006 Dr. Kimball and Mr. Jefferson : rediscovering the founding fathers of American architecture / Hugh Howard.
folio ND446 .M3 1982 Mauritshuis : Dutch painting of the golden age : Royal Picture Gallery, The Hague.
folio ND547 .W49 1966 Wildenstein and Company (New York, N.Y.)
folio ND621.N2 P25 1982 Painting in Naples, 1606-1705 : from Caravaggio to Giordano / edited by Clovis Whitfield and Jane Martineau.
ND1356.5 .H68 1995 Impressions of France : Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, and their rivals / John House ; with contributions from Ann Dumas, Jane Mayo Roos, James F. McMillan.
folio NE1325.A5 A4 1999 One hundred famous views of Edo / Hiroshige ; introductory essays by Henry D. Smith II and Amy G. Poster ; commentaries on the plates by Henry D. Smith II ; preface by Arnold L. Lehman.
NK4364.A55 2005 Antique trader stoneware and blue & white pottery : price guide / edited by Kyle Husfloen ; contributing editors Bruce and Vicki Waasdorp, Gail Peck, Steve Stone.
P96 .I5 V65 2008 The KOD system : current stage of development / Johann Vielberth in collaboration with the research associates of the eufo-institute.
PA6807.A5 A38 2007 Virgil. Aeneid / Virgil ; translated with notes by Frederick Ahl ; with an introduction by Elaine Fantham.
PA6825 .P613 The art of Vergil; image and symbol in the Aeneid. Translated by Gerda Seligson.
PG7158.K286 A2 2007 A wall of two : poems of resistance and suffering from Kraków to Buchenwald and beyond / Henia Karmel and Ilona Karmel ; introduction and adaptations by Fanny Howe ; translated from the Polish by Arie A. Galles and Warren Niesluchowski.
PL8014 .E22 W66 2007 Women writing Africa. edited by Amandina Lihamba ... [et al.].
PL872 .E3 J379 2008 Japanese Women Poets: An Anthology/ Hiroaki Sato
PN1995.9 .S26 C567 2002 DVD Close encounters of the third kind [videorecording] / Columbia/EMI Presentation ; a Phillips production ; written and directed by Steven Spielberg.
PN1997 .R65 2003 DVD Le roi danse [videorecording] = The King is dancing / un film de Gérard Corbiau
PN2101 .B68 2008 History of the theatre / Oscar G. Brockett, Franklin J.
PN239.P64 C36 2008 Presidents creating the presidency : deeds done in words / Karlyn Kohrs Campbell and Kathleen Hall Jamieson.
PQ7087.E5 N494 2006 New World, New Words
PQ8173 .F55 2007 The flight of the condor : stories of violence and war from Colombia / translated and compiled by Jennifer Gabrielle Edwards ; foreword by Hugo Chaparro Valderrama.
PR4172 .W7 1991 Wuthering Heights / Emily Brontë ; with an introduction by Katherine Frank.
PR6019.O9 A6 1992 James Joyce. New York : Gramercy Books., 1992.
PS3334 .W39 Z69 2007 Harriet Wilson's New England : race, writing, and region / edited by JerriAnne Boggis, Eve Allegra Raimon, Barbara A. White.
PS338.N4 A48 2008 Black feminism in contemporary drama / Lisa M. Anderson.
PS3558 .A423 Z463 1994 A drinking life : a memoir / Pete Hamill.
PS3568 .O855 E95 2007 Exit ghost / Philip Roth.
PT1160.E5 T84 2006 Twentieth-century German poetry : an anthology / edited by Michael Hofmann.
PT921 .T38 2003 The hard facts of the Grimms' fairy tales / Maria Tatar.
QA13 .A877 2007 Assessing mathematical proficiency / edited by Alan H. Schoenfeld.
QA135.6 .L47 2007 Lessons learned : what international assessments tell us about math achievement / Tom Loveless, editor.
QA8.4 .B76 2008 Philosophy of Mathematics: A Contemporary Introduction to the World of Proofs and Pictures/ James Robert Brown
QC178 .C29 2008 Gravity, black holes, and the very early universe : an introduction to general relativity and cosmology / Tai L. Chow.
QD453.3 .D85 2008 Chemistry for environmental and Earth sciences / Catherine V.A. Duke, Craig D. Williams.
folio QE718.P38 2007 The world encyclopedia of fossils and fossil-collecting / Steve Parker.
folio QH31.B23 M34 2007 The art and science of William Bartram / Judith Magee.
QH31 .C33 L98 2007 The gentle subversive : Rachel Carson, Silent spring, and the rise of the environmental movement / Mark Hamilton Lytle.
QH541 .T49 2007 Theoretical ecology : principles and applications / edited by Robert M. May and Angela R. McLean.
QL698.5 .P45 2004 Pelikan, Judy. The music of wild birds / illustrated and adapted by Judy Pelikan ; from Field book of wild birds and their music by F. Schuyler Mathews.
QR201 .F62 B486 2008 Foodborne microbial pathogens : mechanisms and pathogenesis / Arun K. Bhunia.
SB403.2 .L66 2000 Christopher Lloyd's garden flowers : perennials, bulbs, grasses, ferns.
folio TH146 .C52 c.2 Building construction illustrated / Francis D. K. Ching.
TP548.H66 2007 The chemistry and biology of winemaking / Ian Hornsey.
Curriculum Materials Collection  
CMC LB 1576 .C854 2008 Using picture books to teach writing with the traits. K-2 : an annotated bibliography of more than 150 mentor texts with teacher-tested lessons / Ruth Culham & Raymond Coutu.
CMC LB1050.45 .O26 2007 Teaching word recognition : effective strategies for students with learning difficulties / Rollanda E. O'Connor.
CMC LB1050.455.A54 2008 c.2 The content-rich reading & writing workshop : a time-saving approach for making the most of your literacy block / Nancy Akhavan.
CMC QA11.2 .H367 2007 Hands on history : a resource for teaching mathematics / edited by Amy Shell-Gellasch.
juv PAU Paulsen, Gary. The legend of Bass Reeves : being the true and fictional account of the most valiant marshal in the West / Gary Paulsen.
Reference Collection  
ref HA12.5 .U63 2007 51st ed. United Nations. Statistical Office. Statistical yearbook. Annuaire statistique. New York [etc.] United Nations. [1948]
ref LB1771.W6 2008-09 Requirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools.
Special Collections  
CAGE E99.C5 M763 1992 James Mooney's history, myths, and sacred formulas of the Cherokees : containing the full texts of Myths of the Cherokee (1900) and The sacred formulas of the Cherokees (1891) as published by the Bureau of American Ethnology : with a new biographical introduction, James Mooney and the eastern Cherokees / by George Ellison.
CAGE NA111 .H69 2007 Buying time for heritage : how to save an endangered historic property / J. Myrick Howard.

 Most Recently Received - December 1, 2008

Call Number (Location) Author/Title
D769.8 .A6 S661 2008  Life behind barbed wire : the World War II internment memoirs of a Hawai‘i Issei / Yasutaro (Keiho) Soga ; translated by Kihei Hirai ; with an introduction by Tetsuden Kashima.
D774.M5 L6 1967  Incredible victory.
DA714.D391 1993 A history of Wales / John Davies.
DG209.P68 1987  Roman Italy / T.W. Potter.
DP302.B55 L43 2007 Basque nationalism and the Spanish state / André Lecours.
DS518.15.K36 2007 China rising : peace, power, and order in East Asia / David C. Kang.
folio DU625.F4 1969  Hawaii; a pictorial history, compiled and designed by Joseph Feher. Accompanying text by Edward Joesting for part one, by O.A. Bushnell for part two.
E185.18.S53 2007  Becoming African in America : race and nation in the early Black Atlantic / James Sidbury.
E207.P63 W3 1962 The fighting elder: Andrew Pickens, 1739-1817.
E415.7.B87 2007 The age of Lincoln / Orville Vernon Burton.
E836 .N53 2007 A matter of justice : Eisenhower and the beginning of the Civil Rights revolution / David A. Nichols.
E866.D43 2007 Write it when I'm gone : remarkable off-the-record conversations with Gerald R. Ford / Thomas M. DeFrank.
F187.C5 R675 2007 John Smith's Chesapeake voyages, 1607-1609 / Helen C. Rountree, Wayne E. Clark, and Kent Mountford ; contributing authors, Michael B. Barber ... [et al.].
F209.B46 1971  The American South; a brief history.
F769.J3 B47 1978 Along the ramparts of the Tetons : the saga of Jackson Hole, Wyoming / by Robert B. Betts.
GV1196.4 .S63 W74 2003 DVD Wrestling with manhood [videorecording] : boys, bullying and battering / producer, Ronit Ridberg ; written & directed by Sut Jhally.
HB103.K47 D37 2007 John Maynard Keynes / Paul Davidson.
HB849.44.L36 2007 More sex is safer sex : the unconventional wisdom of economics / Steven E. Landsburg.
HB97.3.S56 2008 The mind of the market : compassionate apes, competitive humans, and other tales from evolutionary economics / Michael Shermer.
HC107.N8 A95 1999  The Carolinas : yesterday, today, tomorrow : an exploration of social and economic trends 1924-1999 / by the Duke Endowment produced by George B. Autry, Ferrel Guillory, authors and editors ; Leah D. Totten, managing editor ; Adam S. Mitchell, associate editor, researcher.
HC59.72 .P6 E17 2001 The elusive quest for growth : economists' adventures and misadventures in the tropics / William Easterly.
HD7125.H333 2007 Pension puzzles : social security and the great debate / Melissa Hardy and Lawrence Hazelrigg.
folio HD9685.D9 M3  Duke Power : the first seventy-five years / by Joe Maynor.
HQ1593 .O33 2007  Women's agency in early modern Britain and the American colonies : patriarchy, partnership and patronage / Rosemary O'Day.
HQ77.9.B67 1994 Gender outlaw : on men, women, and the rest of us / Kate Bornstein.
HQ798 .A512 2007 DVD 5 girls [videoreording] / producer/director, Maria Finitzo ; editor/co-producer, David E. Simpson ; executive producer, Gordon Quinn
HV636 2005 .L8 T43 2007 Book + DVD When the levees broke: a requiem in four acts [videorecording] / HBO Documentary Films and 40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks present a Spike Lee Film; with: Teaching the levees [kit] : a curriculum for democratic dialogue and civil engagement / Margaret Smith Crocco, editor ; [authors, Lucia Alc�ntara ... et al.].
ML270.2 .F74 1980  French Baroque masters : Lully, Charpentier, Lalande, Couperin, Rameau / James R. Anthony *. ... [et al.].
folio N5272.2 .O7 P53 1979 William & Mary and their house.
folio N5279.2.T49 O42 1979  Old master paintings from the collection of Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza / organized and circulated by International Exhibitions Foundation, Washington, D.C., 1979-1981 ; introd. by John Walker ; catalogue by Allen Rosenbaum.
folio N6766 .T7 1988  The grand tradition : British art from Amherst College / Frank Anderson Trapp.
folio N6797.M57 A4 1979  The Moore collection in the Art Gallery of Ontario / Alan G. Wilkinson.
folio N6847.5.P58 B68 1989  Gauguin and the School of Pont-Aven : prints and paintings/ Caroline Boyle-Turner in collaboration with Samuel Josefowitz ; foreword by Douglas Druick.
N8835 .Y43 2006 CD-Rom Year in review 2006 / Americans for the Arts & Public Art Network
NA735.C35 R3 1945  Architects of Charleston [by] Beatrice St. Julien Ravenel. Introduction by William Watts Ball. Photographs by Carl Julien.
folio ND553 .P5 M362 1971 Homage to Picasso for his 90th birthday. Exhibition for the benefit of the American Cancer Society, Oct. 1971. Joint exhibition of paintings and works on paper: years 1901-1924, Saidenberg; years 1924-1971, Marlborough.
folio ND853 .H6 A4 1987  Ferdinand Hodler : landscapes / introductory essays by Stephen F. Eisenman and Oskar B�tschmann ; catalogue by Lukas Gloor ; translations from the German by Danielle Nathanson ; edited by the Swiss Institute for Art Research, Zurich at the Zurich Publishing House.
P94.5.Y72 C43 2008 c.2  The changing portrayal of adolescents in the media since 1950 / edited by Patrick Jamieson, Daniel Romer.
PA4025.A2 M46 2007 The Iliad / Homer ; translated by Rodney Merrill.
PN1995.9 .F36 L339 2007 DVD Labyrinth [videorecording] / the Jim Henson Company and Lucasfilm Ltd. presents a Jim Henson film ; produced by Eric Rattray ; story by Dennis Lee and Jim Henson ; screenplay by Terry Jones ; directed by Jim Henson
PN1995.9 .J8 T845 2008 DVD 12 angry men [videorecording] / an Orion-Nova production ; story and screenplay by Reginald Rose ; produced by Henry Fonda and Reginald Rose ; directed by Sidney Lumet.
PN1997 .W663 2005 DVD The women [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; produced by Hunt Stromberg ; screenplay by Anita Loos and Jane Murfin ; directed by George Cukor
PR2885 .S64 v.36 Shakespeare Studies v. 36
PS153.N5 L467 2007  Telling narratives : secrets in African American literature / Leslie W. Lewis.
PS153.N5 N49 2007  The new Negro : readings on race, representation, and African American culture, 1892-1938 / edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Gene Andrew Jarrett.
PS228.G38 H47 2007  Queering the underworld : slumming, literature, and the undoing of lesbian and gay history / Scott Herring.
PS3501.S475 A6 2008 Collected poems 1956-1987 / John Ashbery ; [Mark Ford is the editor of this volume].
PS3513.E46 Z48 2006 Selected letters of Martha Gellhorn / edited by Caroline Moorehead.
PS3525.A946 A6 2008  Later novels and stories : The château, So long, see you tomorrow, stores and improvisations, 1957-1999 / William Maxwell.
PS3551.L357 T46 2003 Ten little Indians : stories / Sherman Alexie.
PS3554.Y5 E9 1984 Explorations / by Wilma Dykeman.
PS3563.O874 Z58 2007  The Cambridge companion to Toni Morrison / edited by Justine Tally.
PS3566.R54 L33 1986 The laws of ice / Reynolds Price.
PS3568.O855 A6 2008 Novels & other narratives, 1986-1991 / Philip Roth.
PS3568.O855 E94 2006 Everyman / Philip Roth.
Q1 .B47 2008  The best American science and nature writing.
Q141.M5 2007 Mind, life, and universe : conversations with great scientists of our time / edited by Lynn Margulis and Eduardo Punset.
QA76.9 .D3 K358 2003  Access 2003 for dummies / by John Kaufeld.
QC971.7.A1 B66 2007 Aurora : observing and recording nature's spectacular light show / Neil Bone.
QH104.5.A6 B7 1965  The Appalachians, by Maurice Brooks. Illustrated with drawings by Lois and Louis Darling and with photos.
QR82.E6 Z56 2008 Microcosm : E. coli and the new science of life / Carl Zimmer.
R605.N49 2008 Comprehensive guide to traditional Indian medicine for the West
R853.H8 H67 2007  Sentenced to science : one black man's story of imprisonment in America / Allen M. Hornblum.
RA395.A3 R45 2007 A second opinion : rescuing America's healthcare : a plan for universal coverage serving patients over profit / Arnold S. Relman.
RA778.O583 2008 Optimizing women's health through nutrition / edited by Lilian U. Thompson, Wendy E. Ward.
folio SB466.U65 W52 1996  The gardens of Colonial Williamsburg / by M. Kent Brinkley and Gordon W. Chappell ; photography by David M. Doody ; additional photography by Tom Green and the staff of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
CMC LB1576.F475 2006  Boy writers : reclaiming their voices / Ralph Fletcher.
SIEWERS ND237.G616 E45 2007  Old Salem brought to life : the paintings and story of Pauline Bahnson Gray / written by Aurelia Gray Eller and Paula W. Locklair.
ref HD8051 .A63 2008 Spec. Ed. Employment, hours, and earnings (3rd Ed.)
ref JA51 .S7 2009 The Statesman's yearbook 2009 (145th Ed.)

 Most Recently Received - October 25, 2008

Call Number (Location) Author/Title
B132.Y6 C638 2007  A student's guide to the history and philosophy of yoga / Peter Connolly.
B2430.D454 C65 2002 Gilles Deleuze / Claire Colebrook.
BL1202.K56 2007 A survey of Hinduism / Klaus K. Klostermaier
BL1225.H3 L87 2007 Hanuman's tale : the messages of a divine monkey / Philip Lutgendorf
BL1285.835.U6 R63 2007 Hare Krishna transformed / E. Burker Rochford
BL2525.M393 2007  Interfaith encounters in America / Kate McCarthy.
BL65.M4 B33 2007  Prescribing faith : medicine, media, and religion in American culture / Claire Hoertz Badaracco.
BP65.F8 R691 2007  Secularism confronts Islam / Olivier Roy ; translated by George Holoch.
BS2860.J832 P34 2007 Reading Judas : the Gospel of Judas and the shaping of Christianity / Elaine H. Pagels
BT892.E97 2006  Expecting the end : millennialism in social and historical context / edited by Kenneth G.C. Newport, Crawford Gribben.
BV600.3.E56 2007  The megachurch and the mainline : remaking religious tradition in the twenty-first century / Stephen Ellingson.
CS1129.B552 2008  The Bin Ladens : an Arabian family in the American century / Steve Coll.
CT275.M32 A3 2005  Uphill both ways / Seth C. Macon
D16.9.G59 2006  The theft of history / Jack Goody.
DA681.H65 2008 London rising : the men who made modern London / Leo Hollis
DS79.76.W663 2008  The war within : a secret White House history, 2006-2008 / Bob Woodward
DS795.7.A2 M48 2008  The last days of old Beijing : life in the vanishing backstreets of a city transformed / Michael Meyer.
E188.D4 2008  America's hidden history : untold tales of the first Pilgrims, fighting women, and forgotten founders who shaped a nation / Kenneth C. Davis
E901.1.O23 A3 2007  The audacity of hope : thoughts on reclaiming the American dream / Barack Obama.
F264.O95 T97 2004 c.2  Blood done sign my name : a true story / Timothy B. Tyson.
GE197.F76 2008  Hot, flat, and crowded : why we need a green revolution-- and how it can renew America / Thomas L. Friedman
GR105.C45 2007  Cinderella in America : a book of folk and fairy tales / compiled and edited by William Bernard McCarthy.
GT2850.P65 2007  The omnivore's dilemma : a natural history of four meals / Michael Pollan.
GV1788.5.K37 1998  Teaching beginning ballet technique / Gayle Kassing, Danielle M. Jay.
HF1379.F559 2007 Power and plenty : trade, war, and the world economy in the second millennium / Ronald Findlay, Kevin H. O'Rourke.
HQ759.M861 1997  Waiting in the wings : portrait of a queer motherhood / Cherríe Moraga.
HT1322.R42 2007 The slave ship : a human history / Marcus Buford Rediker
JZ1318.G59 2007 Globalization, development and human security / Anthony McGrew and Nana K. Poku
JZ5578.A63 2007 Women building peace : what they do, why it matters / Sanam Naraghi Anderlini
LB2331.B679 2005  Discussion as a way of teaching : tools and techniques for democratic classrooms / Stephen D. Brookfield, Stephen Preskill.
LD4721.R32 K45 2005  Prologue to prominence : a half century at Roanoke College, 1951-2003 / by George Keller.
ML3470.O4 2007  Oh boy! : masculinities and popular music / edited by Freya Jarman-Ivens.
ML3534.L456 2007 Gender in the music industry : rock, discourse, and girl power / Marion Leonard
ML410.S4 C3 2007  The Cambridge companion to Schumann / edited by Beate Perrey.
MT50.K85 2009  Tonal harmony : with an introduction to twentieth-century music / Stefan Kostka ; Dorothy Payne.
MT70.T633 2006 [DVD] Tocar y luchar [videorecording] : only those who dream achieve the impossible / a film by Alberto Arvelo.
PJ7694.E3 P64 2001  The poetry of Arab women : a contemporary anthology / edited by Nathalie Handal. New York : Interlink Books, 2001. 
PL788.4.G4 E3 2003  The tale of Genji / Murasaki Shikibu ; translated by Royall Tyler.
PN161.W832007 Writer's Market 2007
PN161.W832008 Writer's Market 2008
PN2266.A2 B4 2006-07  Best plays theater yearbook
PQ7084.5.D73 1991  Dramaturgas latinoamericanas contemporáneas : antología crítica / [recopilada por] Elba Andrade, Hilde F. Cramsie.
PR1127.V47 2007  Versions of Blackness : key texts on slavery from the seventeenth century / [edited by] Derek Hughes.
PR3588.A68 2007  Approaches to teaching Milton's shorter poetry and prose / edited by Peter C. Herman.
PR478.M6 C36 2007  The Cambridge companion to the modernist novel / edited by Morag Shiach.
PR6007.U47 R4 1938  Rebecca / Du Maurier, Daphne
PR6045.A97 B7 1993  Brideshead revisited / Evelyn Waugh ; with an introduction by Frank Kermode
PR9199.3.M635 C47 1996 Cereus blooms at night / Shani Mootoo.
PS153.C45 P37 2007  Beyond literary Chinatown / Jeffrey F.L. Partridge.
PS153.M4 L54 2007  The Latino body : crisis identities in American literary and cultural memory / Lázaro Lima.
PS153.N5 C345 2007  The Cambridge companion to the Harlem Renaissance / edited by George Hutchinson.
PS153.N5 J393 2007  A freedom bought with blood : African American war literature from the Civil War to World War II / by Jennifer C. James.
PS3505.O375 T55 2007  Tilt 68 : a novel / Sarah Colton.
PS3515.E37 Z822 2007  Ernest Hemingway : a literary life / Linda Wagner-Martin.
PS3537.T669 L6 c1 Love is eternal; a novel about Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln / Irving Stone
PS3537.T669 L8 1937 Lust for life / Irving Stone
PS3552.U344 Z465 2004 Miles gone by : a literary autobiography / William F. Buckley Jr.
PS3576.A35 B44 1995  A beggar at Damascus gate / by Yasmine Zahran.
Q182.3.R69 2007 The NSTA ready-reference guide to safer science / Kenneth Russell Roy
QC173.55.F475 2007  Einstein's space-time : an introduction to special and general relativity / Rafael Ferraro.
QD471.F565 2008  Why there's antifreeze in your toothpaste : the chemistry of household ingredients / Simon Quellen Field.
QD565.W75 2007  An introduction to aqueous electrolyte solutions / Margaret Robson Wright.
QE524.B74 2007  Super volcano : the ticking time bomb beneath Yellowstone National Park / Greg Breining.
QH545.P4 C38 2002  Silent spring / Rachel Carson ; introduction by Linda Lear ; afterword by Edward O. Wilson ; [drawings by Lois and Louis Darling].
QK96.P38 2005  The naming of names : the search for order in the world of plants / Anna Pavord.
QL737.C432 W48 2007  In defense of dolphins : the new moral frontier / Thomas I. White.
R727.4.L58 2008  Stay healthy, live longer, spend wisely : making intelligent choices in America's health care system / Davis Liu
SH383.2.D65 2007  Leviathan : the history of whaling in America / Eric Jay Dolin.
TD193.H58 2007  Elements of environmental chemistry / Ronald A. Hites.
TP155.2.E58 M48 2007  Methods and reagents for green chemistry : an introduction / edited by Pietro Tundo, Alvise Perosa, Fulvio Zecchini.
TP155.2.E58 S44 2007 Green chemistry and catalysis / Roger Arthur Sheldon, Isabel Arends, and Ulf Hanefeld.
TX715.A242 2007  African American foodways : explorations of history and culture / edited by Anne L. Bower.
folio TX715.B485 2004  The new best recipe / by the editors of Cook's illustrated ; photography, Carl Tremblay, Daniel J. Van Ackere ; illustrations, John Burgoyne.
Z1037.A1 B88 2008  Reading begins at home : preparing children for reading before they go to school / Dorothy Butler with Marie Clay.
Browsing Collection
MORTENSON  Three cups of tea : one man's mission to fight terrorism and build nations-- one school at a time / Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.
mystery TRUMAN Murder at the Washington Tribune : a capital crimes novel / Margaret Truman
Curriculum Materials and Juvenile Collection
CMC LB1044.88.B37 2008  Kids, cameras, and the curriculum : focusing on learning in the primary grades / Pat Barrett Dragan.
CMC LB1576.B455 2007  That workshop book : new systems and structures for classrooms that read, write, and think / Samantha Bennett ; foreword by Cris Tovani ; illustrations by Ann Loring.
juv 428.2 Pet  The perfect pop-up punctuation book / Kate Petty, Jennie Maizels.
juv 599.4 Mar  Little lost bat / Sandra Markle ; illustrated by Alan Marks.
juv 634.9 God  Fire / Celia Godkin.
juv 745.092 Gov  Extraordinary ordinary people : five American masters of traditional arts / Alan Govenar.
juv 796.420 Wea  Jesse Owens : fastest man alive / Carole Boston Weatherford ; illustrations by Eric Velasquez.
juv 811 Stu  Down to the sea in ships / Philemon Sturges ; illustrated by Giles Laroche.
juv 811.54 Cle  Dogku / Andrew Clements ; illustrations by Tim Bowers.
juv 811.6 Pao  Silver seeds : a book of nature poems / by Paul Paolilli and Dan Brewer ; [illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher].
juv 812.6 Sch  Good masters! Sweet Ladies! : voices from a medieval village / Laura Amy Schlitz ; illustrated by Robert Byrd.
juv E  Mr. Putter & Tabby write the book / Cynthia Rylant ; illustrated by Arthur Howard.
juv E  Patches lost and found / by Steven Kroll ; illustrated by Barry Gott.
juv E  Moon plane / written and illustrated by Peter McCarty.
juv E  Tough Boris / Mem Fox ; illustrated by Kathryn Brown.
juv E  Duck & Goose / written & illustrated by Tad Hills.
juv E  Hurry! hurry! / Eve Bunting ; illustrated by Jeff Mack.
juv E  When you were born / Dianna Hutts Aston ; illustrated by E.B. Lewis.
Reference Collection
ref PN161.W83 2009  The Writer's market.
ref PQ7082.N7 W546 2007 The Columbia guide to the Latin American novel since 1945 / Raymond Leslie Williams.
Siewers Archives
SIEWERS BX8566.F64 2007  Jesus is female : Moravians and the challenge of radical religion in early America / Aaron Spencer Fogleman.

 Most Recently Received - September 8, 2008

Call Number (Location) Author/Title
B2430.F724 M393 2006  The philosophy of Foucault / Todd May.
B2430.F724 M555 2003  Michel Foucault / Sara Mills. London ; New York : Routledge, 2003. 
BF441.N63 2006  Critical lessons : what our schools should teach / Nel Noddings. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c2006. 
BL1220.K733 2007  Krishna : a sourcebook / edited by Edwin F. Bryant. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
BP190.5.B63 K84 2007  Sufis & saints' bodies : mysticism, corporeality, & sacred power in Islam / Scott Kugle.
BR563.N4 A368 2007  African immigrant religions in America / edited by Jacob K. Olupona and Regina Gemignani. New York : New York University Press, c2007. 
CT275.B594 A3 2008  The prince of Frogtown / Rick Bragg.
CT275.N667 A3 2008 The girl I left behind : a narrative history of the Sixties / Judith Nies
CT788.M218 C65 2007 The ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh : a woman in world history / Linda Colley
D117.L48 2008  God's crucible : Islam and the making of Europe, 570 to 1215 / David Levering Lewis. New York : W.W. Norton, c2008. 
D13.2.W66 2008  The purpose of the past : reflections on the uses of history / Gordon S. Wood. New York : Penguin Press, 2008.
D422.J84 2008 Reappraisals : reflections on the forgotten twentieth century / Tony Judt. New York : Penguin Press, 2008. 
DA335.B65 F69 2007  Jane Boleyn : the true story of the infamous Lady Rochford / Julia Fox. New York : Ballantine Books, c2007. 
DC226.3.K34 2006  The end of the old order : Napoleon and Europe, 1801-1805 / Frederick W. Kagan. Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press, c2006. 
DR559.A39 2007  Turkey from empire to revolutionary republic : the emergence of the Turkish nation from 1789 to the present / Sina Ak*sin ; translated from the Turkish by Dexter H. Mursalo*glu.
DS119.76.M339 2008  Palestine inside out : an everyday occupation / Saree Makdisi.
DS272.A94 2008 A history of Iran : empire of the mind / Michael Axworthy
DS371.4.R37 2008  Descent into chaos : the United States and the failure of nation building in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia / Ahmed Rashid. New York : Viking, 2008. 
DS559.46.H64 2008 On their own : women journalists and the American experience in Vietnam / Joyce Hoffmann
DS79.76.G68 2008  Standard operating procedure / Philip Gourevitch and Errol Morris
E169.1.B221 2008 Dreaming up America / Russell Banks.
E176.1.B884 2007 Presidential diversions : presidents at play from George Washington to George W. Bush / Paul F. Boller, Jr
E184.A75 R66 2007  Is lighter better? : skin-tone discrimination among Asian Americans / Joanne L. Rondilla and Paul Spickard.
E185.86.M397 2007  Clinging to mammy : the faithful slave in twentieth-century America / Micki McElya.
E457.25.E67 2008  The Lincolns : portrait of a marriage / Daniel Mark Epstein. New York : Ballantine Books, c2008. 
E748.G64 A3 2008 Pure Goldwater / John W. Dean, Barry M. Goldwater, Jr
E78.N78 J57 2006  Art of the Northwest coast / Aldona Jonaitis. Seattle : University of Washington Press ; Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre, c2006. 
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Curriculum Materials Collection
CMC LB1631.K54 2008  Write beside them : risk, voice, and clarity in high school writing / Penny Kittle.
Audio-Visual Materials  
DVD PN4193.I5 W6 2007 Diane Wolkstein [videorecording] : a storyteller's story / Cloudstone Productions ; produced by Eli Rarey
Reference Collection  
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 Most Recently Received - July 30, 2008

Call Number (Location) Author/Title
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E180.S74 2008  How the states got their shapes / Mark Stein.
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folio N610.A725 v.42 Metropolitan Museum journal
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PS3515.U274 Z684 2007 Montage of a dream : the art and life of Langston Hughes / edited by John Edgar Tidwell and Cheryl R. Ragar ; with a foreword by Arnold Rampersad.
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QM26.S58 2008 Your inner fish : a journey into the 3.5-billion-year history of the human body / Neil Shubin.
QR325.D38 2006  Big fleas have little fleas : how discoveries of invertebrate diseases are advancing modern science / Elizabeth W. Davidson.
SB63.R35 A3 2008  The unlikely lavender queen : a memoir of unexpected blossoming / Jeannie Ralston.
Curriculum Materials Collection
CMC PE1112.5.K5 2007  Grammar for high school : a sentence-composing approach : a student worktext / Don and Jenny Killgallon
Reference Collection
ref HA203.C68 2008  County and city extra : annual metro, city, and county data book.
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 Most Recently Received - June 25, 2008

Call Number (Location) Author/Title
B2430.D484 P69 2006  Jacques Derrida : a biography / Jason Powell.
B818.W665 2008  Evolution for everyone : How Darwin's theory can change the way we think about our lives / David Sloan Wilson.
B945.J24 R53 2006  William James : in the maelstrom of American modernism : a biography / Robert D. Richardson.
BF408.R53 2001 Out of our minds : learning to be creative / Ken Robinson.
BF724.2.E67 2007  The case against adolescence : rediscovering the adult in every teen / Robert Epstein.
BL2566.C9 G37 2007  Crossing the water : a photographic path to the Afro-Cuban spirit world / Claire Garoutte and Anneke Wambaugh.
BX1912.9.F74 2007  Perversion of power : sexual abuse in the Catholic Church / Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea.
D117.O57 2007  The early Middle Ages : the birth of Europe / Lynette Olson.
D16.9.M299 2007  Historical knowledge, historical error : a contemporary guide to practice / Allan Megill ; with contributions by Steven Shepard and Phillip Honenberger.
DA566.M66 2007  Britain in the twentieth century / Charles More.
DK113.W66 2007  The Romanov empire : 1613-1917 : autocracy and opposition / Alan Wood.
DS485.N4 H85 1970  British India's relations with the Kingdom of Nepal, 1857-1947: a diplomatic history of Nepal.
DS553.1 .R53 1986 c.2  Accommodation and resistance : the French Left, Indochina, and the Cold War, 1944-1954 / Edward Rice-Maximin.
E169.Z83 J33 2008 The age of American unreason / Susan Jacoby.
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E78.A3 F17 2006 Alaska native art : tradition, innovation, continuity / Susan W. Fair ; edited by Jean Blodgett.
E813.D86 2006  America in the fifties / Andrew J. Dunar ; with a foreword by John Robert Greene.
F260.42.B38 A3 2003  The path of my pilgrimage : the autobiography of Marshall Brent Bass / by Marshall B. Bass with William H. Turner.
GN345.N38 2007  Practicing ethnography in a globalizing world : an anthropological odyssey / June C. Nash.
GT2853.G7 T48 2007 Food in early modern England : phases, fads, fashions 1500-1760 / Joan Thirsk.
GV1782.5.S64 2006 Dance composition basics : capturing the choreographer's craft / Pamela Anderson Sofras.
HB74.P8 C58 2007  The soulful science : what economists really do and why it matters / Diane Coyle.
HC420.3.P654 2006  The Central Asian economies since independence / Richard Pomfret.
HD2745.H84 2007  The board building cycle : nine steps to finding, recruiting, and engaging nonprofit board members / by Berit M. Lakey.
HD31.E356 2007  The definitive Drucker / Elizabeth Haas Edersheim.
HD62.6.B88 2007  The nonprofit dashboard : a tool for tracking progress / by Lawrence M. Butler.
HD62.6.L44 2007  Message matters : succeeding at the crossroads of mission and market / Rebecca K. Leet.
HD69.B7 H645 2006  Branding for nonprofits : developing identity with integrity / DK Holland.
HG4551.H23 2007  The stock market / Rik W. Hafer and Scott E. Hein.
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JK2281.T86 2008 Political communication in American campaigns / Joseph S. Tuman.
JK524.E366 2006  The electoral challenge : theory meets practice / edited by Stephen C. Craig.
LB1027.3.T66 2006  Integrating differentiated instruction & understanding by design : connecting content and kids / Carol Ann Tomlinson and Jay McTighe.
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LB1631.F668 2008  America's unseen kids : teaching English/language arts in today's forgotten high schools / Harold M. Foster, Megan C. Nosol ; foreword by Kylene Beers ; afterword by Robert E. Probst.
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LB3051.M457 2006  Classroom assessment & grading that work / Robert J. Marzano.
LC197.S67 2007  Early feminists and the education debates : England, France, Germany, 1760-1810 / Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos.
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folio ND673.T3 K556 1982  Adriaen Brouwer, David Teniers the Younger : a loan exhibition of paintings / introd. and catalogue by Margret Klinge.
ND813.G7 L619 1950  Francisco de Goya.
NE646.N5 1908 French prints of the eighteenth century, by Ralph Nevill; with fifty full-page plates.
NX180.A77 A74 2005 c.2  Art, dialogue, action, activism : case studies from Animating Democracy / editors, Pam Korza and Barbara Schaffer Bacon.
PN1990.6.U5 E84 2007 A shadow of red : communism and the blacklist in radio and television / David Everitt.
PN1992.3.U5 B36 2007  Same time, same station : creating American television, 1948-1961 / James L. Baughman.
PN1995.9.R4 W75 2007  Religion and film : an introduction / Melanie J. Wright.
PN4888.E8 H46 2007  American carnival : journalism under siege in an age of new media / Neil Henry.
PS3531.E933 Z86 2007  Revising the blueprint : Ann Petry and the literary left / edited by Alex Lubin.
PS3553.O653 Z73 2007  Teaching the selected works of Robert Cormier / Virginia R. Monseau.
PS3563.O874 B55 1994  The bluest eye / Toni Morrison, with a new afterword by the author.
PS3563.Y48 Z95 2007  Teaching the selected works of Walter Dean Myers / Connie S. Zitlow.
PS3566.A779 Z86 2007 Teaching the selected works of Katherine Paterson / Lois Thomas Stover.
PT2621.A73 E5 1966  Eisbären : ausgewählte Erzählungen / Marie Luise Kaschnitz.
QA99.P65 2006  The shoelace book : a mathematical guide to the best (and worst) ways to lace your shoes / Burkard Polster.
QC879.6.S45 2006  Atmospheric chemistry and physics : from air pollution to climate change / John H. Seinfeld, Spyros N. Pandis.
QE905.B44 2007  The emerald planet : how plants changed Earth's history / David Beerling.
QH366.2.S43 2007 Scientists confront intelligent design and creationism / edited by Andrew J. Petto and Laurie R. Godfrey.
RG651.C37 2006  Birth : the surprising history of how we are born / Tina Cassidy.
RS431.A64 C357 2007  Cancer / edited by Robert H. Bradbury ; with contributions by P. Angibaud.
SB123.57.T494 2007  Seeds for the future : the impact of genetically modified crops on the environment / Jennifer A. Thomson.
UA646.F673 2006  Divided west : European security and the transatlantic relationship / Tuomas Forsberg and Graeme P. Herd.
UC23 2003.R37 2007  Betraying our troops : the destructive results of privatizing war / Dina Rasor and Robert Bauman.
Curriculum Materials Center  
CMC LB1139.5.L35 R395 2008  Already ready : nurturing writers in preschool and kindergarten / Katie Wood Ray with Matt Glover.
CMC LB1180.K46 2007 The literate kindergarten : where wonder and discovery thrive / Susan L. Kempton ; foreword by Susan Zimmermann.
CMC PE1404.T396 2007  Teaching the neglected "R" : rethinking writing instruction in secondary classrooms / edited by Thomas Newkirk & Richard Kent.
Reference Collection  
ref HF5826.5.M45 2008  Marketer's guide to media.
ref PN1993.45.B33 2006 Dictionary of film terms : the aesthetic companion to film art / Frank Eugene Beaver.
ref Z1224 .C6 nrs v.170 Contemporary authors. New revision series
ref Z1224.C6 v.264  Contemporary authors.


 Most Recently Received - June 11, 2008

Call Number (Location) Author/Title
B2779.A39 2008 A companion to Kant's Critique of pure reason / Matthew C. Altman.
B801.C345 2006 The Cambridge companion to early modern philosophy / edited by Donald Rutherford.
BD581.H85 2006  Infinite nature / R. Bruce Hull.
BF575.H85 L56 2006 Making enemies : humiliation and international conflict / Evelin Lindner ; foreword by Morton Deutsch.
BF637.L4 H36 2006  How to get anyone to do anything / R. Philip Hanes ; with Penelope Niven.
BJ1408.5.C73 2007 Beyond moral judgment / Alice Crary.
folio BL311.N43 1968  New Larousse encyclopedia of mythology / introd. by Robert Graves.
BL312.A76 2005  A short history of myth / Karen Armstrong.
BR115.H6 C63 2006 God hates fags : the rhetorics of religious violence / Michael Cobb.
CC77.H5 L58 2007  Historical archaeology : why the past matters / Barbara J. Little.
D810.J4 H5 1985 3 vols.  The destruction of the European Jews / Raul Hilberg.
DA512.W6 C37 2006 John Wilkes : the scandalous father of civil liberty / Arthur H. Cash.
DA566.4.L39 2006 Britain since 1945 : aspects of identity / Peter Leese.
DS559.46.R68 2006 Media and the politics of failure : great powers, communication strategies, and military defeats / Laura Roselle.
DS84.T375 2007  A history of modern Lebanon / Fawwaz Traboulsi.
DS916.R63 2007 Korea's twentieth-century odyssey / Michael E. Robinson.
folio DT1974.M348 2006  Mandela : the authorized portrait / editorial consultants, Mac Maharaj and Ahmed Kathrada ; narrative, Mike Nicol ; interviews, Tim Couzens, Rosalind Coward, and Amina Frense ; editor, Kate Parkin ; picture research, Gail Behrmann.
E184.A1 O68 2008  Interracial communication : theory into practice / Mark P. Orbe, Tina M. Harris.
E184.S75 L367 2006  Latinos and citizenship : the dilemma of belonging / edited by Suzanne Oboler.
E445.G3 O36 2007 Becoming free in the cotton South / Susan Eva O'Donovan.
E449.D75 O15 2008  The radical and the Republican : Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the triumph of antislavery / James Oakes.
E457.3.H37 2007  Lincoln's rise to the presidency / William C. Harris.
E77.V35 2006  Transatlantic encounters : American Indians in Britain, 1500-1776 / Alden T. Vaughan.
E99.E7 B55 2007  Inuit women : their powerful spirit in a century of change / Janet Mancini Billson and Kyra Mancini.
E99.T77 R54 2006  When you sing it now, just like new : First Nations poetics, voices, and representations / Robin Ridington & Jillian Ridington.
F264.D9 C69 2004  Favored by fortune : George W. Watts & the Hills of Durham / Howard E. Covington, Jr.
F591.E85 2006  Beyond the Missouri : the story of the American West / Richard W. Etulain.
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GN346.C45 2007  Improvising theory : process and temporality in ethnographic fieldwork / Allaine Cerwonka and Liisa H. Malkki.
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JZ5588.E86 2007  Security first : for a muscular, moral foreign policy / Amitai Etzioni.
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Curriculum Materials Collection
CMC LB1585.3.L556 2006  Linking science & literacy in the K-8 classroom / edited by Rowena Douglas ... [et al.].
CMC P53.C286 2007  Working with English language learners : answers to teachers' top ten questions / Stephen Cary.
Reference Collection
ref F269.S764 2006  The South Carolina encyclopedia / edited by Walter Edgar.

 Most Recently Received - May 26, 2008

Call Number (Location) Author/Title
AM7.C59 2006 A companion to museum studies / edited by Sharon Macdonald.
B105.E46 S675 2007  True to our feelings : what our emotions are really telling us / Robert C. Solomon.
BD161.H35 2006  Mainstream and formal epistemology / Vincent F. Hendricks.
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BH301.I53 K45 2006  The enlargement of life : moral imagination at work / John Kekes.
BP192.H351 2007  The shiites : a short history / by Heinz Halm ; translated from the German by Allison Brown.
BS651.I82 2007  The counter-creationism handbook / Mark Isaak.
BT712.L54 2007 In the beginning : fundamentalism, the Scopes trial, and the making of the antievolution movement / Michael Lienesch.
folio BX2080.W54 1988  Time sanctified : the Book of hours in medieval art and life / Roger S. Wieck ; with essays by Lawrence R. Poos, Virginia Reinburg, John Plummer.
D113.5.M43 2000  A medieval miscellany / selected and edited by Judith Herrin ; manuscript selection and book design by Linda & Michael Falter ; with an introduction by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie.
D1056.2.M87 S56 2006  Breeding Bin Ladens : America, Islam, and the future of Europe / Zachary Shore.
D524.7.G7 B43 2006  Home front, 1914-1918 : how Britain survived the Great War / by Ian F.W. Beckett.
DA207.F57 2006  Richard the Lionheart : king and knight / by Jean Flori ; translated by Jean Birrell.
DK268.S8 M574 2007  Young Stalin / Simon Sebag Montefiore.
DS557.8.T4 W54 2007  The Tet Offensive : a concise history / James H. Willbanks.
DS835.C65 2007  A companion to Japanese history / edited by William M. Tsutsui.
DU110.W45 2006  Australia : a new history of the great southern land / Frank Welsh.
E99.O3 C721 2006  Crazy Horse : a Lakota life / Kingsley M. Bray.
E183.7.H855 2007  The American ascendancy : how the United States gained and wielded global dominance / by Michael H. Hunt.
E445.M4 P48 2006  To set this world right : the antislavery movement in Thoreau's Concord / Sandra Harbert Petrulionis.
E668.B93 2008  The bloody shirt : terror after Appomattox / Stephen Budiansky.
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F226.W26 2007  Cradle of America : four centuries of Virginia history / Peter Wallenstein.
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folio F905.S643 1998  Spectacular Alaska / edited by Dana Levy & Letitia Burns O'Connor ; essays by Charles Wohlforth ; photography by Tom Bean ... [et al.].
HC103.G676 2007  Government and the American economy : a new history / Price Fishback ... [et al.].
HD62.6.N64 2006  Nonprofits & government : collaboration & conflict / edited by Elizabeth T. Boris and C. Eugene Steuerle.
folio HD62.6.N67 2006  The nonprofit sector : a research handbook / edited by Walter W. Powell and Richard Steinberg.
HF1359.S753 2006  Making globalization work / Joseph E. Stiglitz.
HF6146.P78 L43 2007  Branded entertainment : product placement & brand strategy in the entertainment business / Jean-Marc Lehu.
HM1033.S637 2007  Social psychology : handbook of basic principles / edited by Arie W. Kruglanski, E. Tory Higgins.
HM1221.H43 2006  Today's public relations : an introduction / by Robert L. Heath, W. Timothy Coombs.
HM1221.K45 2007  Public relations online : lasting concepts for changing media / Tom Kelleher.
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HQ1111.W72 2007  Women and leadership : transforming visions and diverse voices / edited by Jean Lau Chin ... [et al.].
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HT177.N5 F74 2006 There goes the 'hood : views of gentrification from the ground up / Lance Freeman.
HV551.3.P45 2007  The next catastrophe : reducing our vulnerabilities to natural, industrial, and terrorist disasters / Charles Perrow.
HV6789.S57 2007  Governing through crime : how the war on crime transformed American democracy and created a culture of fear / Jonathan Simon.
HV8699.U5 W75 2007  Writing for their lives : death row U.S.A. / edited by Marie Mulvey-Roberts ; foreword by Jan Arriens.
HV9104.K87 2006  Judging juveniles : prosecuting adolescents in adult and juvenile courts / Aaron Kupchik.
JC423.D249 2006  On political equality / Robert A. Dahl.
JK1967.L38 2006  How voters decide : information processing during election campaigns / Richard R. Lau, David P. Redlawsk.
JK1991.S26 2006  The fallacy of campaign finance reform / John Samples.
KF390.A7 R877 2005  Art law conversations : a surprisingly readable guide for visual artists / Elizabeth T. Russell.
KF8202 2006  Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania, and the first nations: the treaties of 1736-62 / edited by Susan Kalter.
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folio ML156.7.M66 R72 2007  The music of Bill Monroe / Neil V. Rosenberg and Charles K. Wolfe.
folio ML240.C63 2006  Classical destinations : an armchair guide to classical music / [text by Matt Wills & Paul Burrows adapted from the Classical destinations television program scripts written by Matt Wills ; photography by Wendy McDougall].
ML410.B8 O95 2007  The organ music of Johannes Brahms / by Barbara Owen.
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ML3795.W54 2007  Beyond the baton : what every conductor needs to know / Diane Wittry.
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mystery PATTERSON 4th of July : a novel / by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.
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NA220.G54 1964  The beginnings of architecture / S. Giedion.
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ND621.S6 E3 1932  A history of Sienese painting, by George Harold Edgell ...
folio ND1242.S65 1929  Old world masters in New world collections, by Esther Singleton.
folio ND2920.H85 1989  The illuminated books of the middle ages : an account of the development and progress of the art of illumination, as a distinct branch of pictorial ornamentation, from the IVth. to the XVIIth. centuries / by Henry Noel Humphreys ; illustrated by Owen Jones.
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folio NE2042.E27 2006  The early modern painter-etcher / edited by Michael Cole.
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P40.5.L33 H37 2007  When languages die : the extinction of the world's languages and the erosion of human knowledge / K. David Harrison.
P94.6.C373 2007  Moving cultures : mobile communication in everyday life / André H. Caron, Letizia Caronia.
PE1408.S315 2003 Writing alone and with others / Pat Schneider ; foreword by Peter Elbow.
PN1998.3.R54 B33 2007  Leni : the life and work of Leni Riefenstahl / Steven Bach.
PN2061.B388 2007  The art of the actor : the essential history of acting, from classical times to the present day / Jean Benedetti.
PN4738.F56 2006  No questions asked : news coverage since 9/11 / Lisa Finnegan ; foreword by Norman Soloman.
PQ4088.B67 2007  Censorship and literature in fascist Italy / Guido Bonsaver.
PQ6394.A3 E5 2007  Selected poems of Luis de Góngora : a bilingual edition / edited and translated by John Dent-Young.
PQ7081.H353 2007 A companion to Latin American literature / Stephen M. Hart.
PQ7081.5.C365 2007  Contemporary Spanish American novels by women : mapping the narrative / Susan E. Carvalho.
PQ7081.5.K36 2007  Género y violencia en la narrativa del Cono Sur, 1954-2003 / Betina Kaplan.
PQ7471.A75 2007  Taking their word : literature and the signs of Central America / Arturo Arias.
PR1109.E63 2006  The English reader : what every literate person needs to know / edited by Diane Ravitch and Michael Ravitch.
PR5263.L4 1969  Ruskin, the great Victorian / Leon, Derrick.
PS153.C27 G33 2006  Sucking salt : Caribbean women writers, migration, and survival / Meredith M. Gadsby.
PS3513.I74 Z748 2006  I celebrate myself : the somewhat private life of Allen Ginsberg / Bill Morgan.
PS3537.A832 S54 1988  The silence now : new and uncollected earlier poems / by May Sarton.
PS3556.R67 S65 2004  Spinning through the universe : a novel in poems from room 214 / Helen Frost.
PT2685.O34 Z468 1984  Ich lese, ich schreibe : autobiographische Essays / Gabriele Wohmann.
Q130.T6 2006  To recruit and advance : women students and faculty in science and engineering / Committee on the Guide to Recruiting and Advancing Women Scientists and Engineers in Academia, Committee on Women in Science and Engineering, Policy and Global Affairs, National Research Council of the National Academies.
QA141.15.T271 2007  Numbers at work : a cultural perspective / Rudolf Taschner ; translated by Otmar Binder and David Sinclair-Jones.
QA460.P8 M36 2007  The Pythagorean theorem : a 4,000-year history / Eli Maor.
QA515.A53 2007  The geometry of an art : the history of the mathematical theory of perspective from Alberti to Monge / Kirsti Andersen.
QC16.E5 E515 2007  Einstein on politics : his private thoughts and public stands on nationalism, Zionism, war, peace, and the bomb / edited by David E. Rowe and Robert Schulmann.
QD40.C454 2005  Chemists' guide to effective teaching / edited by Norbert J. Pienta, Melanie M. Cooper, Thomas J. Greenbowe.
QH366.2.C64 2006  Conceptual issues in evolutionary biology / edited by Elliott Sober.
folio QK5.A38 2007  Botanical riches : stories of botanical exploration / Richard Aitken.
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folio QK658.K47 2006  Pollen : the hidden sexuality of flowers / Rob Kesseler & Madeline Harley ; edited by Alexandra Papadakis.
QL473.E93 2007  National Wildlife Federation field guide to insects and spiders & related species of North America / written by Arthur Evans ; foreword by Craig Tufts.
QP376.L577 2007  The accidental mind / David J. Linden.
RA395.A3 M418 2006  The truth about health care : why reform is not working in America / David Mechanic.
RA644.C3 H46 2007  The strange case of the Broad Street pump : John Snow and the mystery of cholera / Sandra Hempel.
SF411.36.U6 G75 2006  Pets in America : a history / Katherine C. Grier.
TR185.B86 2006  Inside the photograph : writings on twentieth-century photography / Peter C. Bunnell ; foreword by Malcolm Daniel.
folio TR647.S468 2006  Cindy Sherman / [[texts by] Régis Durand, Jean-Pierre Criqui, Laura Mulvey].
TR820.5.E895 2006  Walker Evans : lyric documentary / by John T. Hill ; with an essay by Alan Trachtenberg.
folio Z6.B651 1988  Illuminated manuscripts : the book before Gutenberg / Giulia Bologna.
Reference Collection  
ref BF31.A65 2007  APA dictionary of psychology / Gary R. VandenBos, editor in chief.
ref CT3202.D53 2007 3 vols. Dictionary of women worldwide : 25,000 women through the ages / Anne Commire, editor ; Deborah Klezmer, associate editor.
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ref Z1224.C6 v.169 Contemporary authors. Detroit : Gale Research Co., c1981- 
ref Z1224.C6 v.263  Contemporary authors. Detroit : Gale Research Co., c1981- 
CMC/Juvenile Collections  
CMC LB1631.W347 2008 Grammar to enrich & enhance writing / Constance Weaver ; with Jonathan Bush.
CMC PE65.B87 2008  The English teacher's companion : a complete guide to classroom, curriculum, and the profession / Jim Burke.
CMC PN1101.H43 2007  Reading and writing poetry across the year.