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Rudolph Fine Arts Library

Tel: (336) 721-2738 FAX: (336) 721-2683 The Rudolph Fine Arts Library (FAC library) is located on the main level of the Robert E. Elberson Fine Arts Center and is one of three libraries on the Salem campus (Gramley, Rudolph, and Academy). The FAC Library serves as the main source for music and art reference...

Tel:  (336) 721-2738                                                                                        Fine Arts Center Circulation Assistant
FAX: (336) 721-2683

The Rudolph Fine Arts Library (FAC Library) is located on the main level of the Robert E. Elberson Fine Arts Center and is one of three libraries on the Salem campus (Gramley, Rudolph, and Academy).  The FAC Library serves as the main source for music and art reference materials on campus. Through its online network, the catalogs of other Salem libraries, as well as those of the North Carolina Piedmont Automated Library System (NC-PALS), can be accessed. 

Basic Policies

• You must have a barcoded ID to check out materials in the library. College IDs are available for registered Salem students, faculty, and staff through the campus office of public safety.
• Only on-duty library staff members are allowed behind the circulation desk and in the closed stack area.
• Eating, drinking, and smoking are not allowed.
• Please be respectful of those people working around you by turning off all cell phones and pagers, and by keeping talking and noise to a minimum.

Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday  8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday  CLOSED
Sunday  CLOSED

You may call the library information number (721-2738) at any time to check for changes in the schedule.


A valid, barcoded ID is required to check out materials. Different materials circulate for different time periods. The checkout periods are:

• Scores: 14 days, unless marked "Restricted Circulation" or "Closed Shelves."
• Sound Recordings (CDs, LPs): 3 days.
• Videos: 7 days, unless otherwise noted.
• Equipment: 3 hours and in building only.
• Reserves: in-library use only, unless faculty member designates overnight check-out --
after 7:00 PM Sunday - Thursday; after 1:30 PM Friday.
• Periodicals: in-library use only.
• All other library materials: in-library use only.

A list of reserve items may be searched by instructor name, course ID, or course name, by clicking on the "Reserves" link on the library home page.

When requesting materials from the circulation desk, please give the complete call number.  All materials in use in the library should be returned to the circulation desk at least 10 minutes prior to closing -- 15 minutes for Reserve items.

Location of Materials

Reading Room Shelves: Most of the performance scores, art and music reference books, and periodicals are found on open shelves in the Reading Room.

Circulation Desk: You may ask the library staff member at this desk for LPs, CDs, videos, miniature scores, collected works, and all other materials not shelved in the reading room.

The "Research Resources" link on the library home page provides links to full text articles and newspapers, the ARTstor Digital Library of Images, the Classical Music Library catalog of sound files of classical music tracks, and other databases appropriate for your discipline.

If you have difficulty locating or using library materials, please ask a staff member. If you need professional assistance, see or contact Dr. Rothrock or ext. 5475. Please be sure to mention how you may be reached.

Searching for Music in the Online Catalog

You may search the Salem Fine Arts Library section of the NC-PALS Catalog by author (composer), title, subject, or keyword. To limit the number of "hits" the system identifies, you may select the "Add Limits" tab just below the "Search by" tabs. Here you can limit your search to just one library or extend it to all NC-PALS libraries (the default is "Salem Fine Arts Center"), or to a specific materials type (the default is "Any").

• "All NC-PALS Libraries" will search for holdings in all consortium libraries, and Salem College will search all three (3) libraries on the Salem campus (Gramley, FAC, and Academy).

• The material type "Music Record" is limited to LP recordings (33 1/3 rpm) and 78 rpm recordings.


Students studying in the FAC

Because of the nature of music publications, it is sometimes difficult to locate particular pieces using standard online searching methods (e.g., author, title). For prolific composers, you will have more success if you use KEYWORD SEARCHING and if you think of something distinctive to combine with the composer's name, such as an opus number. You need only type the words you are looking for when searching in KEYWORD (e.g., Beethoven piano sonata). Remember to specify the type of material you want and the locations (libraries) you want the system to search.

When viewed from a FAC Library screen, the green font entries are those housed in the Rudolph Fine Arts Center Library. If you find that the item you want is a circulating item owned by another library in the NC-PALS consortium, you may select that title and "request" it directly from the owning institution by clicking on "Request Title." All you will need is your Salem College ID card barcode number. After "logging in," follow the instructions to complete the request (all sections are not necessary unless ordering journal articles) and then submit. An onscreen message will tell you that your submission was successful.

If neither the FAC Library nor the other NC-PALS libraries have the material your need, you may submit an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Request form to Gramley Library. 

fine arts center circulation assistant

Should the "Request Title" or "Interlibrary Loan Request" links be down, paper forms are located at the reference and circulation desks in Gramley Library. A librarian or on-duty student assistant will be available to assist you.  Alternatively, email your request to


The FAC Library is staffed by a professional librarian and student assistants. All are trained in library operations, and will be able to assist you.