Think you could never go to a women's college? Think again. Women's College Advantages
Students at women’s colleges are happier with their college experience than their co-ed counterparts in almost all measures – academically and personally – because they are more engaged in the classroom and in campus activities.
Women’s college graduates are more successful than women who graduated from co-ed colleges. They
- earn more money
- are twice as likely to earn a PhD
- are more likely to enter male dominated field such as science, math or business
Salem graduates are going places! In recent years:
- 100 percent have been admitted to law school
- 85 percent have been admitted to medical school
- Many are pursuing masters and PhDs at universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Northwestern, UNC, UVA and UCLA
At a women’s college you will have every opportunity to lead and succeed both in and out of class – because women hold all the leadership positions.
At Salem you will have many chances to interact with other college students from three universities in Winston-Salem and more than 20 colleges in the area.
Women's College Advantages

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