Fleer Center Leadership Council is comprised of Fleer student representatives interested in working on behalf of the Fleer student population.  The Council meets monthly for approximately an hour. Students are welcome to bring their lunch to the meetings.  All Fleer students are welcome to attend.

Fleer Leadership Council 2016-2017

President – Melissa Thompson

Vice President – Chastity Sullivan

Secretary/Treasurer – Mitzie Woisin

Members-At-Large – Kim Turner-Kendricks, Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Pat Berryhill

Honor Council 2016-2017

Elizabeth Kilpatrick

Kimberly Turner-Kendricks

Orientation Co-Chairs 2016-2017

Fall 2016 – Kim Dobesh, Jacqueline Yokeley, Mitzie Woisin

Spring 2017 – Jacqueline Yokeley, Skye Harvey

Commencement Committee 2017

Alisha Whicker Ramsey

Jackie Yokeley

Fleer Center Advisory Council 2016-2017

Majorie Plowden

Phone Team  Leader 2016 – 2017

Anne Donovan

Alpha Sigma Lambda Leadership Roles for 2016-2017

President – Kim Dobesh

Vice President – Jackie Yokeley

Sec/Treasurer – Alisha Whicker Ramsey

At-Large – Samantha Hicks, Christy Chestnut, Pat Berryhill

Fleer Student Accomplishments

Salem College Fleer Student Shanta Fletcher was awarded a scholarship by the Professional Women of Winston-Salem. She was recognized in the Winston-Salem Journal on November 4th for this award.

Rozita Nelson is a Communications and Not-for-Profit student and the Executive Director for The Power of T.E.E.N.S. organization. The Power of TEENS, Inc. received it's very first public acknowledgement in October of 2014 through the Project We Care Initiative, designed to thank the individuals and organizations within the city of Winston-Salem for their outstanding civic and community performance and lasting contributions to our great city.

Teri Hairston C’14 is the winner of the 2013 Women’s Writing Award for Poetry with her poem, “An Indiscretion.” She will be receive her award at the Winter Stage and Studio Event on December 7 at LaVenson Press Studios, and her piece will be published in the first issue of Firefly Ridge Literary Magazine, which debuts at the Winter Stage & Studio Event. LaVenson Press Studios’ mission is to inspire women to self-define through writing and publishing.