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2014-2015 Forms

Below is a list of forms that may be requested from you. You should only submit a form if we ask for it by letter or email. The request you receive will have the document listed exactly as you see it below. This list is alphabetical.


·         2013 Tax Return Transcript

·         Acknowledgement of Loan Eligibility Notification

·         Admission to a Degree Seeking Program

·         Authorization to Release Confidential Information

·         Clarification of Asset Value Reported on FAFSA - Dependent Student

·         Clarification of Asset Value Reported on FAFSA - Independent Student

·         Clearance of Lifetime Loan Limit Problem

·         Direct Loan Entrance Counseling

·         Direct Loan Entrance Counseling Addendum for New Borrowers

·         Direct Loan Instructions

·         Direct Loan Master Promissory Note

·         FAFSA on the Web Worksheet

·         Federal Direct Loan Response Form (Student)

·         Federal PLUS Loan Response Form (Parent)

·         NC Need Based Scholarship Residency Form

·        Low Income Form

·         Parent PLUS Application Request

·         Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note

·         Pell Grant Eligibility

·         Requesting a Tax Return Transcript

·         SAP Policy and Appeal Form

·         Sign FAFSA Online with PIN

·         Student Loan Exit Counseling

·         Use IRS Data Retrieval - FAFSA Correction Required

·         Use IRS Data Retrieval (Video Tutorial)

·         Verification of Dislocated Worker Status

·         Verification of Name, SSN, and/or Date of Birth

·         Verification Worksheet 1

·         Verification Worksheet 3

·         Verification Worksheet 4

·         Verification Worksheet 5

·         Verification Worksheet 6

·         Verify Status as Unaccompanied/Homeless Youth