David Rowell Reading: The Train of Small Mercies

November 03, 2011
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Cultural Events
Shirley Recital Hall, Salem Fine Arts Center

"The Train of Small Mercies" offers a remarkable look at a tumultuous period in history through the lens of six ordinary people living through one tragic day.

This stunning debut novel re-imagines June 8, 1968 - the day Robert F. Kennedy's body was transported by funeral train from New York's Penn Station to Arlington Cemetery for burial. 

Through the eyes of these six characters and their disparate experiences, Rowell weaves together a sweeping yet intimate account of day-to-day life.

Characters include a young black porter beginning his first day on the job on the train that will carry RFK, a young Irish nanny hoping to work for the Kennedy family, a young Vietnam vet who lost in leg in the war preparing for an interview with his local newspaper, and others.

As this fateful day progresses, it becomes increasingly evident how the biggest events of history make their impacts felt on everyday lives, and why the bonds that tie us together are the most important of all.

Rowell is currently an editor at "The Washington Post Magazine".

Gail Adams