Comenius Symposium and Keynote Address with Marc Prensky

October 20, 2011
05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Cultural Events
Salem Fine Arts Center

"Teaching Digital Natives:Partnering for Real Learning" - Based on Prensky’s latest book (Corwin, 2010), the talk addresses the critical issues of student engagement, the role of the 21st century teacher, integrating technology in ways that students find meaningful, and ways in which content and assessment can be reconciled with relevance.  The talk unites three strands of current educational discussion which have rarely been considered together. First, that our students are changing—largely as a result of their outside-of-school experiences with technology. Second, that the pedagogy we have been using in our schools, basically ―tell and test, has become less and less effective with today’s students; a better pedagogy is both needed and available. Third, that the digital technology, now coming into our classrooms, if used properly, can make a difference.  Ironically, a generation raised on the expectation of interactivity is ripe for the ―skill-based and ―doing-based teaching methods that past experts have always suggested as the best for learning, but that were rejected by the education establishment as hard to implement. The happy thread tying these together is that the same digital technology which caused the changes in our students provides the means to finally implement the most effective ways of learning.