Natasha Gore

Adjunct Instructor NFPM

Professor Gore is originally from Charlotte, NC. She was persuaded to join Salem faculty by the board chair for not-for-profit management, Dr. Doug Borwick. He suggested she create a new course in the program and she decided she could not pass up that offer.

Professor Gore has had the opportunity to travel and do extensive language studies in Antigua, Guatemala. She remembers her time there was a humbling experience — to live with a family who does not understand your language, but can speak through their culture.

For students interested in not-for-profit management,, professor Gore explains that the discipline is a lifestyle choice that may include some sacrifices, but it results in an infinitely fulfilling path to creating a better world.

In her free time, professor Gore enjoys ballroom dancing whenever she’s given the opportunity and she also enjoys lending her acting talent to community theatres, specifically the Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance.

Professor Gore is an animal lover, but sadly, she was never allowed to have pets while growing up. Now she has a dog and a cat named Basil and Pepper, respectively. Their unconditional love makes her day at the beginning when she wakes up and at the end when she returns home exhausted.


Masters, Public Affairs and Nonprofit Management – UNC Greensboro
Bachelors, Public Relations – NC A&T State University
Bachelors, Print Journalism – NC A&T State University



Not-For-Profit Management