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Finalists: International Literary Awards 2010

Fiction Finalists Lois Taylor, Seattle, WA Only Children Midge Raymond, Seattle, WA Code 4 Connie Weber, Bothell, Washington Goodnight Noises Everywhere Laura Giovanelli, Winston-Salem, NC Other Women JoeAnne Hart, Gloucester, MA Rare Offering Onnesha Roychoudhuri, San Francisco, CA Moonlight Sonata Leslee Becker, Ft. Collins, CO The Positive Hour Jon Gugala,...

Fiction Finalists

Lois Taylor, Seattle, WA
"Only Children"
Midge Raymond, Seattle, WA
"Code 4"
Connie Weber, Bothell, Washington
"Goodnight Noises Everywhere"

Laura Giovanelli, Winston-Salem, NC

"Other Women" 

JoeAnne Hart, Gloucester, MA
"Rare Offering"

 Onnesha Roychoudhuri, San Francisco, CA
"Moonlight Sonata"  

Leslee Becker, Ft. Collins, CO
"The Positive Hour"
Jon Gugala, Chicago, ILL
"The Barbeque" 
Kathryn Schaefer, Minneapolis, Minn.

Barbara Krasner, Somerset, NJ
"The Guardian"


Poetry Finalists

 Janet Trail, Greensboro, NC
"A Block Away"   

Lorraine Brown, Mashpee, MA
"Returning After Fifty Years"
Rachel Patterson, Wayne, PA

Jeanne Emmons, McCook Lake, South Dakota

"First Dream"

Kathryn Ridall, Sobrante, CA

"Miniature Rooms"

Alison Pelegrin, Covington, LA
"Stupid Praise"

 Sandra Winters, Winston-Salem, NC
"Aw, Go Away Now and Again" 
Mary E. Sanger, Bronx, NY

 Sandra Winters, Winston-Salem, NC
"Calving Under the Moon" 


Marjorie Kennedy, Seattle, WA
Nima Kianfar, Lincoln, NE
"5th Motivation for Yesterday" 
Gail Gehlkin, Irvington, AL
"Reading the Daily Paper"

Creative Nonfiction Finalists

Casey Clabough, Appomattox, VA
"The Skeleton Woman" 

 Lydie Raschka, New York, NY
"Finding a Home in Books" 

Deborah Milstein, Brookline, MA
"At the End" 
Angela Tung, San Francisco, CA
"An Old Man on the Frontier Loses His Horse" 
Michael Varga, Norcross, GA
"Addicted to Chad"


Michael Palmer, Salt Lake City, Utah



 Eson Kim