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* Links are administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS), Salem’s trusted partner for student financial services.

The Business Office is responsible for billing and collecting amounts owed by students for the costs associated with their education at Salem College. We strive to make this process as easy as possible for students by offering payment plan options, the ability to view and pay your bill online, and automated processing of student refunds/disbursements.

Payment Plans

Salem College offers interest-free Monthly Payment Plans each semester that are designed to help you afford the cost of your education. Each semester’s Monthly Payment Plan allows you to break tuition and other expenses into five smaller monthly payments. The fall plan runs August through December and the spring plan runs January through May. The only cost to participate in the Monthly Payment Plan is a $50 enrollment fee per semester. These plans are offered through Salem’s trusted partner, Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

Please Note: Payment plan options administered by TMS are not available to Fleer or Graduate students.

You have two (2) options for enrolling:

  1. Online - Enroll online.
    A “Budget and Estimating Cost Sheet” is available to help you determine the appropriate amount to set up on the Monthly Payment Plan. Online enrollment is the quickest and easiest way to enroll or re-enroll.
  2. By Phone - To enroll by phone, call 1.800.279.2145.
    A representative will walk you through the enrollment process, including determining the appropriate amount to set up on the Monthly Payment Plan. Free education payment advice is also available if needed or desired.

Once you have enrolled, you will be billed monthly. Automatic deductions from your checking or savings account are available at no additional cost.

Make a Monthly Payment Plan payment online, select the button on the top left "Make a Plan Payment". 

For questions regarding the Monthly Payment Plan, please contact TMS at 1.800.279.2145 or

Student Account Center (SAC) - Billing and Payment Services

Salem College does not mail paper copies of bills to students or their parents. Bills are available through the Salem College Student Account Center. All students are automatically enrolled in Salem Student Account Center. This system allows you to view, print or download your billing statement. It also allows you to make payments online via bank draft, debit/credit card, or wire payment (for internationals only).

Each time an updated bill is posted to the Salem Student Account Center, you will be notified by email and/or text message. In addition, students have the ability to add their parents or other additional users to their account. These Shared Users will be assigned their own unique log-in credentials which they may use to view and/or make a payment on your bill. 

NOTE: Effective with the 2014/2015 academic year, any payments made by debit/credit card will be subject to a 2.99% fee. This fee is imposed by the card processors, not by Salem; Salem does not receive any of this fee. There is no fee associated with the other forms of payment-cash, check, or bank draft. Also, for security purposes, please note that we will no longer accept credit card payments over the phone.

For questions about your bill, please contact the Salem College Business Office at 336.917.5470 or

For questions regarding the Student Account Center such as log-in or technical issues, please contact TMS at 1.800.279.2145 or

Important Information About Your Bill

Financial Aid

Financial aid applications and awards are handled by the Financial Aid Officenot the Business Office. Financial aid awards include scholarships, grants, and loans. If you have submitted all required documents to the Financial Aid Office, your billing statement should reflect pending financial aid awards. If you have applied for financial aid and your billing statement does not reflect pending financial aid, you need to contact the Financial Aid Office immediately at 336.721.2808 or

Tuition & Fees

Tuition, room and board costs for 2015/2016 are as follows:

  • Traditional Undergraduate Resident Students - $37,694
  • Traditional Undergraduate Day Students - $25,870
  • Fleer Undergraduate Students - $1,494 per full-credit class on-campus or online; $1,694 per full-credit class off-site (RCC + Davidson)
  • Graduate Students - $1,206 per three-credit hour class on-campus or online; $1,406 per three-hour class off-site or online degree program

Most students should also see the following fees on their bills:

  • Student Government Association (SGA) Fee - $216/year (all billed on fall statement)
  • Technology Fee - $150/year ($75 billed on fall statement and $75 billed on spring statement)
  • Health Insurance Premium* - $556/semester

*-See separate section below for more information about health insurance.

Health Insurance

All Salem College students are required to have adequate health insurance. If you already have health insurance you must complete a Waiver Form by going to Salem College's page on On the right side of the screen select ‘North Carolina’ and ‘Salem College’ then click ‘Waive’ on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions. 

If you have not completed the Waiver Form and/or you do not already have health insurance, your bill will reflect a charge each semester for a health insurance policy that Salem College will purchase on your behalf. The benefits associated with the Salem policy can be reviewed  on Salem College's page on

If your bill reflects the health insurance charge but you already have a health insurance policy, the only way this charge can be eliminated from your bill is for you to complete the Waiver Form as indicated above.


If you were awarded work-study, you will be eligible to earn money by working on campus. Please note that work-study is not and cannot be applied to any outstanding balance on your bill. You will be paid once a month beginning in October for your work-study hours. All students will be paid either by direct deposit into your bank account or onto your reloadable educatecard Visa® Prepaid Card (see eRefund & Disbursement section). No paper checks will be issued for work-study.

To learn about work-study, including job opportunities, please visit the work-study section of the Salem College Financial Aid Office.

eRefund & Disbursement Services

In some instances students receive financial aid that exceeds the amount owed to Salem College and are due a refund. Refunds are disbursed through Salem’s eRefund system quickly and securely via a direct deposit into your bank account or a reloadable educatecard Visa® Prepaid Card.

All students should receive an email from that will require your action to select your preferred refund method. To choose how you want to receive a disbursement from your school, please use the link from the enrollment email. If you are unable to find the original email with the enrollment link, have not yet registered, or are unsure whether or not you have registered, follow these instructions

If you are due a refund and have failed to register and select your preferred refund method, your refund will automatically be loaded onto a reloadable educatecard Visa® Prepaid Card which will be mailed to your home address. Only by logging in and registering can your mailing address be changed. 

To find out more about Salem’s eRefund system, including information about the reloadable educatecard Visa® Prepaid Card.

For questions about your refund, please contact the Salem College Business Office at 336.917.5470 or

For questions regarding the eRefund system such as log-in or technical issues, please contact TMS at 1.800.279.2145 or

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