New Foundations

As Salem College builds a new student center, to be completed by Spring 2014, you are invited to become a permanent part of Salem history by purchasing a brick paver, engraved with your own special message for future generations of Salem women to read. Consider displaying a special date or accolade in honor of a cherished classmate or professor, or a memorial for a cherished loved one.

Include Your Brick Today!

$250 each

Each paver can accommodate 3 lines of text with 18 characters per line (including punctuation and spaces). Return one order form for each brick paver along with payment and your personalized message to:

Kellie Dentler
Salem College
601 South Church Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

(336) 721-2607

Salem enjoys a unique picturesque and idyllic campus in the heart of Old Salem. Sturdy brick buildings, carefully placed on a rolling hillside setting in scenic Winston-Salem, North Carolina, have served boldly through generations as classrooms, residence halls and gathering places. Well-built and lovingly maintained, they have supported and welcomed the footsteps of many thousands of young women and girls pursuing higher education.

The brick walkways of the campus are a hallmark reminder of Salem’s excellence in educating women. These bricks remain firm beneath the feet of Salem students as they aim high and explore unfamiliar skills and concepts. These bricks echo the determination of young women as they click along the crisscross paths that lead to knowledge in the sciences, mathematics, arts, dance, music, writing, teaching and so much more. These bricks teach humility with each graceful tumble. As foundations in the May Dell, these bricks are imprinted with the pride of each graduating class. And we stand in awe, remembering others who have walked the same paths for more than 240 years.

Inclement Weather

Due to inclement weather the College will be opening at 9:30 AM on Friday, February 27, 2015.
Fri Feb 27 12:00:00 EST 2015