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Student Blogs.

Salem students are involved in a number of overseas study trips during January Term 2011. Follow their experiences in their blogs.

Week One
In the first week of my Jan term, Young Women's Activism, I learned a lot! In the class we are reading two books, Listen Up!, which is an anthology of women's stories, and Manifesta by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, who we are actually going to meet when we travel...
Week Four
We went to our host family's home this weekend and it was so much of fun. We made dumplings and watched movies all night; it was a special night. At the hospital, it was regular rounds and conferences. I got to attend an interesting web conference given by Dr. Dillard...
Week Three
This week started with King Martin Luther Day celebration on Monday. My days at the internship were normal, regular days. We went for rounds, saw some new cases, talked about the cases with the doctors and read about them in journal articles. I got to attend a conference where they...
Week Two
My week started with an exciting trip to South Point mall on Saturday! Each day at the hospital, I am learning more about the health challenges faced by babies due to premature births. Besides my internship, I am also enjoying the interesting weather of Salem this week.
Week One
On these first days at my internship, I feel like a novice experiencing medical life thereby acclimating to the ambiance of the hospital. In the beginning of the week, my friends attended an internship orientation, which was very important for all the interns to attend, in Piedmont Plaza at Wake...