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Student Blogs.

Salem students are involved in a number of overseas study trips during January Term 2011. Follow their experiences in their blogs.

Week Three
Two cities in one week?! That was my reaction when I found out the itinerary for this past week. Let me start off by saying that I suffered from high altitude sickness the whole time I was in Lhasa but it was well worth it. The sky was blue, the...
Week Two
I must say, this past week has been the most hectic, yet adventurous and exhilarating week of my life! I climbed the Great Wall of China on what I believe was the most windy and coldest day of the year...and I survived. Really, I have a shirt that proves it!
Week One
I am in Beijing! Although sometimes it feels like I'm in Manhattan, except with Chinese characters everywhere...yes it is that advanced. I can't begin to count how many sky rises I have seen here, and of course I have already been to McDonald's and my hotel is amazing!
Week Three
Well, I was right to dread the cold weather in New York City! When my plane arrived there was snow everywhere and it didn't get above thirty for the first three days. But, in spite of the cold weather, my feminist activist week in New York was one of the...
Week Two
This week during Jan term my class focused on reproductive rights issues and sex education in schools. These are issues that I have a lot of concern and opinions about, and I was really glad to have an outlet to learn more about and discuss them. We watched a documentary...