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Student Blogs.

Salem students are involved in a number of overseas study trips during January Term 2011. Follow their experiences in their blogs.

January Term '10 Blog
We asked several of our students to share their January Term 2010 experiences with us. Here's what they have to say, in their own words. Kolby Kucyk My name is Kolby Kucyk and I am a senior communication major from Wake Forest, NC. For January I will be doing...
Week 4
My last week at the paper was a great one. I was sad to be ending this amazing experience so soon. It feels like I just started there. Over all I was able to make the front page a total of five times before I left. The clips I have...
Week 3
This week was another exciting week for me at the paper. I not only made the front page for the fourth time, but made the centerpiece! That means that my article was the first article people saw on the page...
Week 2
Last week was a crazy week for me. Wednesday morning Haiti suddenly became my My editor assigned me any and every story about Haiti. It was overwhelming at first but I knew I had a great opportunity on my hands.
Week 1
So far, the start of my internship has been amazing. I have loved being in the middle of a newsroom, receiving assignments, being an actual reporter...