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Research Begins.

Now in the States, my research has begun.

Swinging...around the World Now for the Fun Part...

But, really, it's time for RESEARCH!

The main focus of my research is the interplay between Germany and Greece in the Eurozone. Since Germany carries a large weight in the EU decisions (specifically regarding the Euro), I'm spotlightin on the German resistance to how the EU handled the Greek "tragedy". I'm exploring the reasons for Germany's stance as well as their (Germany's) future risks for a bailout support.

The four main sources of research are The Economist, Financial Times of London, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. I am also searching for paperbacks with a focus on Post War German economics and the current international economic arena.


I won't bore you with the specifics...but I will tell you the top three reasons for JanTerm Independent Studies.

1. You create your own schedule.

2. You develop your own syllabus.

3. You never have to go to class.


Independent Studies during JanTerm are a great way to indepthly explore a topic you are interested in, or is related to your major. Best of all, it allows the freedom to be in your hands (and mind).

Ta-Ta-For Now.