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My Last Cold Days in Prague.

Me in Prague

Due to tremendous amounts of snow, my flight route back to the States was a random pin point of cities. I finally arrived home on Wednesday (January 12) night around 3am after multiple country custom check points in various airports (Amsterdam, Detroit, etc.).

My last two days in Praha (that's Czech for Prague), I visited Charles Bridge again. I am deeply in love with the views of the Czech Republic from there. Also, I visited the Communism museum.


Museum of Communism

  Communism: The Dream, The Reality, and The Nightmare

The museum presents a vivid account of Coomunism focusing on (then) Czechoslovakia in general and on Prague in particular. The museum room depict daily life, politics, history, sport, economics, education, the arts, media propaganda, the army, the police, censorship, judiciary institutions (including the Stalinist show trials), and political labor camps. The museum contains authentic artifacts. There is also a projection room with regular film screenings, interviews with ex-political prisoners and proaganda films. I found the pictures, paintings, music and statues came alive and brought me back into the era of Communism in all its dreariness and puffed up glory. It was an amazing experience and really helps see things from an Eastern view. I found it even more difficult to understand at first, because of the natural "I Hate Communist" view of the Western world. However, walking through the museum and experiencing Communism second-hand, I really began to believe in "The Dream". I was actually crushed by the end to find Communism was just a bad dream. It completely warps your mind...helps you see it from the Eastern European mindset. It was truly one of my favorite experiences in Prague.


I am still sad about having left Prague, and miss the highly deflated currency, but am excited to dive deeper into my research.

Until the next entry, Sbohem (Good-Bye).