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JanTerm Begins.

Me in Prague


My name is Desiree' Knight. I am a Junior from Rome, Georgia. I am a double Accounting and Economics major, with a College Honors minor.

During the past two Jan Term sessions I have taken classes at Salem. However, this year, with the help of Professor Herb Schuette, I have designed my own independent study. I will be doing two things this month. First, I will be studying the Euro, with in-depth research in regards to the current Greek "tragedy" in the Eurozone and the Germany success within that same Eurozone. Second, I will be traveling to Prague, Czech Republic to spend seven days exploring the culture and history of the city  as well as looking at the emerging Eastern European economies.

This summer I spent four weeks studying Emerging Global Economics at Oxford University in England, UK. While there I was introduced to the topics I will be studying during Jan Term. By designing this independent study, I hope to learn more about  European economies and the newly-developing Euro.

I am very excited to begin my JanTerm experiences and am glad you all are joining me! Enjoy.

Until next week in Prague.