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Jan Term Ends


...and Spring Semester Begins.

JanTerm is O-V-E-R.

Now spring semester has begun.

My research is complete and I have presented my research to the Business and Economics Department, including the Kimbrough Chair of the Department and Herb Schuette, my advisor. I won't bore you with all the details of the failing Greek economy.

BUT, I will make three points:

1. Greece has two options- It can simply raise taxes and cut spending, asking its population to suffer many years of high unemployment. Or it can seek a real bail-out from its euro partners, in which they give the Greek government enough money year after year to pay its bills without raising taxes. (Martin Feldstein, Harvard University)

2. Many Germans feel they are being forced to choose between two basic principles of their post-war economic order: economic stability and integration within Europe. (The Economist)

3. Lastly, we must realize that in the Eurozone, things will get worse before they get better. Remind anyone of the Western world economy?

ONE WORD: Eerie...

I do appreciate everyone who has followed my blog and I hope I have shed some light onto JanTerm Independent Studies (and travel) for you.

Now, the transition into Spring Semester and normal classes begins with History of Economic Thought, Taxation Accounting, and Business Law.

 Here they come, if I'm ready or not!

Bis dann in Germany, Khairete in Greece.