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Blog Entry #3

SNOW DAY!!!! Last week I had my first snow day on Tuesday and it was awesome!! Some of the girls and I went sledding on the academy hill. It was perfect for my first snow day! And after sledding the girls and I had a Wii party in the basement of our dorm.

After all the fun, we finally resumed classes on Wednesday which ended my five day weekend. (On Monday, unfortunately Dr. Foley came down with a cold that had him trapped in his home, poor thing) In class, we got to review another prospective professor before watching The Lives of Others. This professor is actually my favorite thus far. Although the first prospect was excellent, this professor was able to present to us her lesson without her prepared PowerPoint and still do a very effective job. It really made me happy that she could possibly be working here because I've already learned, after my first semester, that the professor can make or break a course for you.

Back to the class, The Lives of Others has been my favorite movie in my film class. I won't explain it to you guys because you have to watch it, but it was an excellent film. You should all watch it! Other than that, this week was a relatively short week so there wasn't much to report. Until next time, Ciao!