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Blog Entry #2

My first week of Jan-Term classes have past and I'm very happy. In our first week, we watched three films, Lord of the Flies, 1984 and Fail Safe. After Lord of the Flies, I was really concerned about the subject matter of the films we would watch in class because, although I knew the class would be focused on politics, I didn't want it to be dry or boring. However, Dr. Foley really came through with films that were able to spark an interest among my classmates and I while staying relevant to the politics of film making. 1984 and Fail Safe exceeded my expectations of films that would be interesting while relevant and forced me to research the background of each of the films making me more knowledgeable about war eras in America and worldwide.

We also had our first review of one of the professors seeking a position as the head of our new Public Policy major. Being able to help in the selection process of a new faculty member really surprised me. Although the students spend the most time with new professors it never occurred to me that some schools actually allow students to review prospective professors. I liked this first prospect who taught us our first introduction to public policy.

When I realized that many students would be off campus during Jan-Term, I was concerned that there would be a lag in the events on campus. However, our director of student activities, Brooke Barber, has really gone out of her way to have activities open for on-campus students to participate in. So, over all, I'm pretty content. Until next entry, Ciao!