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Week 2 in Argentina

Hello! We are in our second week in Argentina and the highlight of this week would probably be our trip to Mendoza. Mendoza is located about 12 hours northwest of Buenos Aires. We took a double decker luxury bus and rode all night, waking up the next morning in Mendoza. We had a free day in Mendoza, but instead we all decided to plan a spontaneous trip to the Andes mountain range. We took a three hour bus ride and took a short hike to see Mt. Aconcagua, which is the highest peak in the Americas. It was very chilly and we were at a very high altitude, but it was definitely a break from the Argentine summer heat. It was a humbling and breathtaking experience.  We went to an olive oil production site, took a poterry class, explored the city, and visited a cathedral. We did so many things in Mendoza that it is hard to even recall them all, but it was definitely an amazing experience and a break form the busy Porteño (someone who was born in the city of Buenos Aires) lifestyle.