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Yessenia Martinez

Week 4
This week the focus is finishing the website translation and trying to meet with the Winston-Salem visitors center to learn more about tours. Part of my internship is working to have a Spanish tour in Old Salem Garden. This meeting helped to explain the need for this kind of tour....
Week 3
This week I finished the 18th and 19th century map of Old Salem Garden tour pamphlet and met with the marketing department of Old Salem. In this meeting we discussed the future of Old Salem and how Spanish speaking visitors are going to be using the information I translated. They...
Week 2
This week I received a guide book with more in-depth information about Old Salem exhibits. I'm reading this and deciding what information should go into the Spanish tour-guide pamphlet. I've finished translating the tour guide pamphlet but I will need to add anything from the guide book that would be...
Week 1
This week I was assigned to translate the Old Salem tour guide and pamphlet. The tour guide is double sided with 18th century exhibit buildings and 19th century exhibit buildings. The rest of the week I took a two day tour of Old Salem buildings and exhibits.