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Roody Volcy

Week 4
Hey!! Sadly, Jan term has come to an end as the last days of classes are over, and we are preparing mentally to begin spring semester.
Week 3
Hey! Hope all is well with you! This week was a lot slower. Thankfully, it was only three days for me. Monday was MLK Jr. Day. I was fortunate to attend a breakfast with President Pauly and other students...
Week 2
Another week has gone by, and I am falling in love with starting my weekend on Thursday! Class is still going well. I am truly learning new things and am excited for what is in store for us. This week we watched two documentaries...
Week 1
Hello again, I am a week in, and I love it! Class is going very well, and I am learning interesting things. My only complaint is that class is too early and too long, but he makes up for it by giving us Friday off...