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Kolby Kucyk

Week 4
My last week at the paper was a great one. I was sad to be ending this amazing experience so soon. It feels like I just started there. Over all I was able to make the front page a total of five times before I left. The clips I have...
Week 3
This week was another exciting week for me at the paper. I not only made the front page for the fourth time, but made the centerpiece! That means that my article was the first article people saw on the page...
Week 2
Last week was a crazy week for me. Wednesday morning Haiti suddenly became my My editor assigned me any and every story about Haiti. It was overwhelming at first but I knew I had a great opportunity on my hands.
Week 1
So far, the start of my internship has been amazing. I have loved being in the middle of a newsroom, receiving assignments, being an actual reporter...