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January Term '10 Blog

We asked several of our students to share their January Term 2010 experiences with us. Here's what they have to say, in their own words. Kolby Kucyk My name is Kolby Kucyk and I am a senior communication major from Wake Forest, NC. For January I will be doing...

We asked several of our students to share their January Term 2010 experiences with us. Here's what they have to say, in their own words.

Kolby KucykKolby Kucyk

My name is Kolby Kucyk and I am a senior communication major from Wake Forest, NC. For January I will be doing a departmental internship with the Knoxville News Sentinel. The News Sentinel is the daily paper of Knoxville TN with a broad circulation. One of my aspirations throughout my college career has been to pursue journalism. During my internship I will be a reporter in the news department of the paper.

From this internship I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the current state of print journalism to help me better prepare myself for pursuing a career in May. I hope to better develop my journalism skills through this experience.

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Yessenia MartinezYessenia Martinez

My name is Yessenia Martinez, and I am a sophomore double majoring in International Business and Spanish. I am originally from Houston, Texas and I consider Salem College my home away from home.

This Jan term my internship is with Old Salem Museums & Gardens partnered with the education department. I will be translating English texts to Spanish for their tour pamphlets to visitors. I'm excited to work within my community especially Old Salem which is a big part of the Salem College experience.

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Christine BarrettChristine Barrett 

My name is Christine Barrett and I am a senior at Salem College. I am majoring in Communication and I am originally from Athens, GA. For my final Jan Term, I have an internship with Spin Magazine. Spin is a music magazine based in New York City. 

With Spin, I will be doing research, conducting and transcribing interviews, and gathering music news for the magazine. There might also be opportunities to write for the magazine or its accompanying website, With this internship, I hope to learn more about the inner workings of a national magazine and hopefully make connections that will help me when I start searching for a job when graduation approaches. (And it wouldn’t hurt if I got to meet a musician or two. Fingers crossed!)

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Roody ValcyRoody Volcy

My name is Roodline (pronounced Rude-lyn) but everyone calls me Roody. I hail from the fabulous state of Florida, and I am currently a first year at Salem  College. Right now I am in the warmth of my home, but I leave on Sunday to continue my journey in North Carolina. I am deathly afraid of the freezing weather I am about to encounter, but I must face my fears because there are wonderful ladies I cannot wait to see! You really meet wonderful people at Salem, and they have become my family away from home.

What I am excited about is Jan Term. One class for a whole month and no class on Friday….!!!!! I decided to take the Religious Biography course because it is graded and I want those grades! Lol, I hope I am not put in a position where I am belittled for my religious beliefs. I am walking in there with an open mind and hopefully everything goes well. I am expecting a new understanding of religious figures and a wider knowledge base of different religions. Wish me luck! Have a Happy New Year!!!!!

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Akriti RanaAkriti Rana

My name is Akriti Rana. I am senior, international student from Nepal at Salem double majoring in Economics and Not for Profit with a Biology minor. For Jan Term I am going to Mexico for the International Business In Mexico Program at Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP). UDLAP is one of the finest private universities in Mexico. It is located in Cholula, which is a suburb of Puebla. We will be spending two days in Mexico City and then depart to UDLAP.

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Sarah MillerSarah Miller

My name is Sarah Miller and I am a junior majoring in English.  My hometown is Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, or otherwise associated with Mayberry.   My dream career is to become a successful lawyer, maybe even a commonwealth attorney.

For this January Term, I am doing an independent study that involves analyzing universal themes and symbolism in French literature.  I will be reading four texts by Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo to grasp these themes and symbols.  Towards the end of the term, I will be taking a trip to Paris for five days!  Before the ultimate trip though, I will not only be reading pages upon pages of literature but also researching the historical influences and social influences on each book.   There’s a lot of reading to do!  Wish me luck!

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