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Christine Barrett

Week 4
My last week at Spin was bittersweet. It was kind of a slow week. My supervisor was out of town, so I had fewer assignments than I normally would. I got to transcribe a few more interviews, which is something Ive grown to enjoy doing.
Week 3
I cant believe my time at Spin is almost over! I had Monday off for the holiday and I had a really great, relaxing day exploring the city. Then Tuesday was back to work. I had to finish compiling the database I had been working on and that took basically...
Week 2
My second week at Spin was great! The week started off kind of slowly again but for the most part, I was incredibly busy all week.
Week 1
My first week in New York was great. I was here for New Years and I went to a party at a friends apartment. He lives in midtown Manhattan and I was able to see the ball drop in Times Square from his rooftop! It was a great start to...