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Meet a Salem Coach: Soccer Assistants

Here is a look at the six Salem College assistant coaches and some of their interests.

Name: Sara McCormack
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
soccer assistantsYears at Salem: 2 years
College you attended: Pfeiffer University
Family Members: Parents- Jan and Monte Siblings- Garth, Catherine (sister in law), Christy, Chance (brother in law), Kevin, Ashley Nieces- Kaydence and Kylee Nephew-Bentley... and my boyfriend Chip.
Favorite Food: Any kind of Mexican
Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans or the Sandlot
Your Favorite thing about coaching at Salem: The girls on the team
Best Memory of coaching at Salem: Beating Covenant and winning the regular season championship

Name: Mike Hollman
rencecoachHometown: Flint, MI
Years at Salem: 7
College you attended: Ferris State
Family: Norman (father), Georgia (mother), Bill (brother), Patrice (sister)
Favorite Food: Thai
Favorite Movie: How to Train a Dragon, Blind Side

Name: Rence Callahan
Coaching Title at Salem:  Volunteer Assistant
Hometown:   Point Marion, Pa
Years at Salem:  2  
College you attended:   University of Virginia
Family Members:  Barbara (wife), Lawren (daughter), Jay (son)
Favorite Food:  Bulla Basie (Fish Stew) 
Favorite Movie:  Animal House
Your Favorite thing about coaching at Salem:  Watching a great group of women play great soccer!
Best Memory of coaching at Salem:  last year’s second half at Agnes Scott in regular season

Name: Graham Lyles
Coaching Title at Salem: Assistant coach, volunteer
Winston-Salem, NC
Years of Salem:
~1.5 yrs
College you attended:
University of Pennsylvania
Family Members:
Melisa (wife); Oliver and Sam (dogs)
Favorite Food:
Buffalo CHAM
Favorite Movie:
Favorite thing about Coaching:
Seeing the energy and commitment that the players bring every day.
Favorite Memory:
After away loss, the home win vs Covenant in 2012.   Watching a player return after season ending lower leg injury to lead her team in offensive production the following year. 

Name: Kenny Morris
Coaching Title at Salem:Assistant Soccer Coach
Winston-Salem, NC
Years at Salem:
College you attended:
Concord University
Family Members:
Cheryl & Harry Morris(mom & dad) Trey Morris(brother) Katie Pepper(girlfriend)
Your favorite thing about coaching at Salem:
is just being part of a team, and doing my part in helping the team reach all their goals.My best memory of coaching at Salem was winning the conference last year.

 Name: Thomas Moore
Coaching Title at Salem:
Assistant Coach
Hometown: Winston-Salem
Years at Salem: one
College you attended: NC State/ UNCG 
Family Members: Connie Russel- mom, Jeff Russell- stepdad, Ben Russell(14)- Brother, Nathan Russell(12)- Brother, Alex Moore(26)- Brother, Taylor Moore(16)- sister
Favorite Food: the beef tenderloin my grandma makes for Christmas dinner.
Favorite Movie: Anything made by Mel Brooks
Your Favorite thing about coaching at Salem: Coaching soccer with a group of people who are truly dedicated to each other.
Best Memory of coaching at Salem: Winning the regular season championship in front of our home fans.

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