Featured Faculty: Dr. Gary Ljungquist French is one of two languages offered by the department of modern languages. Foreign study forms a valuable part of education, and the department strongly encourages students to spend their junior year abroad. The department maintains a file of the many summer, semester and year-long programs abroad in which our students can participate so that each one can choose the type of program and location which best suits her interests.
Modern Languages Program 4-Year Plan

Your Program

The study of French at Salem explores all aspects of the culture, such as language, art, literature, history, film and autobiography.

Your Experience

Because of this broad-based knowledge, you will gain a well-rounded, inclusive education that allows you to apply your knowledge to future academic or professional careers.

Your Faculty

In your French classes at Salem, you'll enjoy a great faculty/student ratio of 1:13, personalized instruction and the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of French through internships and assistance pursuing study abroad.

Your Experience

With a degree in French, you will gain a broad understanding of the scope of the French language, as well as become proficient in French. As a graduate, you can:

  • Work as a translator;
  • Work as a high school French teacher;
  • Volunteer with the Peace Corps;
  • Continue your education in graduate or law school;
  • Pursue an international business career.

A goal of any person seeking a liberal education is an understanding of the workings –phonemic, semantic, syntactic, stylistic – of language. Study of a modern language, for sake of contrast and comparison with one’s mother tongue, is highly desirable in producing such an understanding. In addition, study of a modern language is needed more than ever today for transcending cultural barriers. Study of modern languages and cultures promotes rapprochement among nations and peoples.

French Major (B.A.)

All French courses offered above the 030 level may count toward the major and, unless otherwise indicated, are conducted primarily in French. Nine such courses are required for the major and must include FREN 105 and FREN 206. At least three of the required French courses,including at least one 200 or 300-level course, must be completed at Salem. All majors will be expected to demonstrate an appropriate level of oral and written proficiency in French. During the senior year, each student majoring in French will consult with her advisor and designate a specific course for senior assessment. As part of this course, each student will complete the required components of the senior assessment of learning outcomes.

French Minor

The minor in French requires five courses above the 030 level and must include FREN 105. In addition, one civilization course and one literature course in French are required. At least three of the five courses must be taken at Salem.

French Courses (FREN)

010. French, First Level One course

Basic spoken and written French within the limits of a few simple situations. Elements of pronunciation and basic grammar, with progressive emphasis on reading. Three meetings per week plus two weekly one-hour laboratories. Fall.

020. French, Second Level One course

Continuation of FREN 010 at a more advanced level. Three meetings, two one-hour laboratories. Prerequisite: FREN 010 or proficiency equivalent. Spring.

025. Intensive Elementary French One course

A comprehensive and intensive study of the basics of French pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and structure. Practice in speaking, understanding, writing and reading French of increasing difficulty. This class covers the same material as FREN 010 and 020 combined. Designed for entering students with two or more years of French who do not meet the proficiency requirement to enter FREN 030. Fall.

030. French, Third Level One course

Speaking, understanding, reading and writing French. Review of basic elements of French grammar. Three meetings, two one-hour laboratories. Prerequisite: FREN 020 or proficiency equivalent. Fall and spring.

100. Introduction to Literature One course

Introduction to literature through the study of poetry, film, theatre and short story. Class emphasizes close textual readings, discussion, critical writing and analytical skills. Prerequisite: FREN 030, placement or permission of instructor. Fall.

101. Conversational Practice in French One-half course

An opportunity for students to speak French in an informal setting. Topics might include current events, work, cultural issues and one’s personal life. Emphasis on improving one’s speaking and listening skills. May be repeated once, for a total of one course credit toward the major or minor. Prerequisite: FREN 030 or equivalent. Offered as needed.

105. Verbal Communication One course

A course to develop fluency and accuracy in the use of spoken and written French. Includes a review of the principles of French syntax, grammar and phonology. Prerequisite: FREN 030, placement or permission of the instructor. Fall.

130. French Drama Workshop One course

Reading, analysis and presentation of plays from the Middle Ages to the modern period. Emphasis on improved oral proficiency, development of theatrical skills and creative approaches to drama. Prerequisites: FREN 030 or permission of instructor. Fall, alternate years.

200. Independent Study in French One-quarter to one course

Independent study under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Open to students with a 2.0 cumulative average, permission of the chair of the department. Independent study may take the form of readings, research, conference, projects and/or field experience. Independent study may be taken for a total of four courses, no more than two in any term. Prerequisite: previous study in French or permission of the instructor.

206. Advanced French Composition and Conversation One course

Advanced study and practice of some of the finer points of grammar, stylistics, idiomatic expression and pronunciation. Limited to 15 students. Four meetings per week. Prerequisite: FREN 105 or permission of the instructor. Offered as needed.

210. Business French One course

Practice in both oral and written forms of communication, with emphasis on their application to practical problems encountered in social or business situations. Attention to social and economic practices which differ from those of the U.S. Two meetings per week. Prerequisites: FREN 105 or permission of the instructor. Offered as needed.

216. Francophone Literature One course

An introduction to literature produced in French-speaking countries around the globe. Although the regions and topics studied may vary, the course will place special emphasis on texts produced in Africa and the Antilles. Students will address the cultural and historical realities surrounding the text with particular attention to the representation of women. Prerequisite: FREN 100-level course or permission of the instructor. Spring, alternate years.

220. Contemporary French Culture One course

Political, social, economic and cultural developments in contemporary France. Prerequisite: two 100-level FREN courses or permission of the chair of the department. Fall, alternate years.

231. French Poetry One course

Analysis, interpretation, translation and writing of French poetry. Emphasis on developing language skills and creativity. Prerequisite: FREN 100-level course or permission of instructor. Fall, alternate years.

232. French Novel One course

Reading and analysis of significant French novels of the 19th and 20th centuries with special emphasis on novels by women. Prerequisite: FREN 100-level course or permission of instructor. Spring, alternate years.

250. Special Topics in French One course

A special period, issue or theme in French literature or culture is to be studied in depth. Topic and course content will be announced prior to registration. Course may be taught in English or French. French majors will be required to do their reading and writing in French whenever possible. Prerequisite for French majors: FREN 105. No prerequisites for others. Offered as needed.

270. Internship in French One course

An opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills the student has learned in courses to real work settings; the apprenticeship aspect of the internship implies that the student has some base of knowledge and will increase her knowledge and skills by direct contact with an experienced, knowledgeable mentor. Open to juniors and seniors with a 2.0 cumulative average; may be taken only once for credit toward the major or minor; admission by application only. Fall and spring.

290. Honors Independent Study in French One-half to two courses

Independent study under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Normally open to juniors and seniors with a 3.5 major average in French. Subject to the approval of the chair of the department. Honors work may be taken for a maximum of two courses.

311. Literature and Culture in the Age of Louis XIV One course

An intensive study of France from 1643 to 1715. Emphasis on the development of comedy and tragedy, trends in poetry, women’s writing, painting, the beginnings of French opera and the role of Versailles as a hub of cultural production. Prerequisite: FREN 105 and a literature class or permission of instructor. Spring, every third year.

312. The Eve of the Revolution One course

Introduction to the thought and literature of the 18th century France. Students will examine social and political criticism at the eve of the Revolution through the study of diverse literary texts. Prerequisite: FREN 105 and a literature class. Spring, every third year.

313. French Cinema and Culture One course

A study of French culture as represented in and created by film. Study of classic films, the new wave, heritage films and feminist film. Open to non-French speakers. Prerequisite for French majors or minors: FREN 100-level course. French majors and minors will have a separate class meeting in French. Spring, alternate years.

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