International Business Major

The departments of modern languages, business and economics offer the major in international business. Rooted in Salem’s liberal arts tradition, this major affirms the benefit of co-curricular programs, emphasizes a global society and prepares a student for professional leadership roles. The major is designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in combining study in modern languages with a preparation for careers in the global market. Such careers may involve activities in sales, marketing analysis, financial transactions and correspondence in various kinds of enterprises with a global scope, including banks, import-export companies, international firms, manufacturers and the travel and tourism industry.

The international scope of 21st-century business requires professionals with knowledge and skills that are both broad and deep. The Business Department at Salem attracts motivated young women like you who want a high-quality liberal arts education, intensive and hands-on business training and opportunities to travel the world to apply your knowledge.

Your Programs

You may choose from among four majors within the Business and Economics Department:

Along with an individualized approach to learning, these programs are widely respected for their practical orientation, emphasis on leadership, study abroad opportunities and caring teachers who bring decades of professional experience in senior executive levels of business management.

Your Commitment

You belong in the Business and Economics programs if you are committed to hard work, aren't afraid to take risks and understand that, above all, it's about results. You will be highly motivated and usually go above and beyond what's simply required to complete an assignment or course. You'll be required to fulfill an internship as well as complete a research project before you graduate. You'll also explore learning opportunities and experiential education programs that may take you to Europe, Asia or South America.

Your Faculty

Professors in the department bring a combined 150 years of high-level experience in the academic and business world. Their professional savvy is matched only by their ability and passion for teaching young women like you in a professionally-oriented program. They take a highly personal approach to teaching, and as a result are able to readily address your individual needs.

Your Experience

When you graduate with a degree in business administration, accounting, economics or international business, you'll be equipped with the broad-based knowledge that comes from a liberal arts program as well as with specific business skills and experiences. As a result, you will have many options for how you use your degree. You may:

  • Work for a corporation, the government or a not-for-profit institution

  • Start your own business

  • Enter one of the many fine management-training programs and graduate schools in the country that have accepted Salem students.

The goal of this major is to provide students with a working knowledge of a modern language and of the culture and history of the countries where the language is spoken, along with a foundation in accounting, business and economics. Students will be able to prepare for graduate school, professional school or corporate training programs by combining their courses in modern languages with work in courses offered by the department of business and economics. Study in modern languages and culture is available in French or Spanish. Students who elect this program are strongly advised to spend at least a term studying in a foreign country to increase their language proficiency and knowledge of the foreign culture. Students interested in this major should consult with the department faculty as early as possible, preferably in the first year. Internships are available in the international departments of various businesses. They may be taken during the January Term, in the Salem Signature or during the summer. These internships offer the student an opportunity to apply what she has learned in the classroom and to explore career opportunities.

International Business Major (B.A.)

The major in international business requires 16 to 17 courses, including one international internship. At least two of the required language courses and at least three of the required business and economic courses must be completed at Salem. All majors will be expected to demonstrate an appropriate level of oral and written proficiency in their chosen modern language. Five courses are required within a selected modern language area, five courses in business administration, two to three courses in economics, three courses in accounting and one international internship.

Marketing Assistant, Medical Quality Enhancement Corp

Accounting Practice, Farquahason, Pointon & Lepzets CPA

Program Development, Sara Lee Center for Women's Health

Economics Internship, Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission

Brokering/Investments Intern, Smith Barney

Operations Intern, Provident Bank

Management Trainee, Himalayan Bank Ltd

Marketing Intern, Shukuminet Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Market Research, Algean Corporation

Business Management Intern, Abercrombie and Fitch

Treasury Services Product Solutions, Wachovia

Programming Intern, International Visitors Council

Small Business Management, Erwin and Sons Direct Imports

World Development Intern, Krispy Kreme

Sports Marketing, Pensacola Pelicans

Recent Graduate Schools:

American University, MA n Economics

University of Bristol, Eng, MA in Economics

Wake Forest University, MA in Accounting

Harvard University, John F Kennedy School of Government, MA in Public Policy

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law

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