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Vision and Projects

Over the past two years at Salem we have completed an incredible range of projects in support of our five-year strategic plan for the future. Here are some of them:

  • Our historic $75 million campaign was successfully concluded with a total of over $76 million and the faculty completed the design of a new, enhanced core curriculum for ours students.
  • New academic majors, minors and certificate programs have been introduced and enhanced classroom technology has enriched our learning environment. 
  • In addition, the library has been renovated to include "collaboratoriums" and other features.
  • Our wellness program continues to expand including free fitness classes in yoga for faculty, staff and students; expanded NCAA Division III varsity athletics; and expanded dining options that include the introduction of fresh herbs from our new campus herb garden.
  • New funding is also now in place for student research projects as well as international internships.

Each year, through the generosity of our donors and the dedicated work of faculty and staff, we expand our mission and enrich the depth and breadth of learning opportunities for our students. 

As president of Salem, I am blessed by our sense of history, energized by our current successes, and inspired by our future.  Our community embodies our core values of community, responsibility and excellence. Every day, in a hundred different ways, these values are visible on our campus.  Truly, Salem is the place where women learn to lead and to shine.  I see it every day, and it is the best reason of all to celebrate life at Salem.

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