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As Salem Academy and College celebrates 240 years of sustainability, we continue our dedication to preserving the environment by becoming an Earthwise campus. In partnership with Brady Trane Energy, the campus is implementing a series of Earthwise Campus Energy Conservation Opportunities (energy saving upgrades) that will significantly reduce our impact on the environment. These upgrades include:


Steam Plant Upgrades
By upgrading our steam plant system, the campus will create an environmental impact equivalent to removing 55 cars from the highway and reduces CO2 emissions generated from the electricity use of 29 homes for one year. 

Lighting Upgrades
By replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFL bulbs and installing motions sensors the campus will significantly reduce its energy use by an estimated 729,000 kWh which is equivalent to removing 100 passenger vehicles from the highway and reduces CO2 emissions generated from the electricity use of 63 homes for one year. 

Water Upgrades
Plumbing upgrades will significantly reduce campus water consumption at an estimated  3.6 million gallons per year. 

Fine Arts Center HVAC Equipment and Digital Controls Upgrades
HVAC and controls upgrades will allow for more energy-efficient heating and cooling at an estimated annual savings of 121,000 kWh which is equivalent to removing 19 passenger vehicles from the highway. 


Savings generated through these energy conservation measures provide resources for the following facility improvements:

-New Gym Air Conditioning
-New Academy Boiler
-New Fine Arts Center Boiler

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